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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Closing Out May

This post is being written on the Sunday evening before Memorial Day. I am not sad to see May go. I have explained my challenge with May before so will spare you another explanation. 

At this point in my blogging journey, I am documenting life like a journal. I used to think that this blog would not be a diary of daily details. Right. Silly me. I wanted to talk about books, current events, and ideas. Instead, I am too worried about what you think so I post current events comments on a back page. As for books, others do a beautiful job reviewing books. Ideas, I haven't had any lately. 

An overview of my dining and kitchen area. Now that's one thing I know better: this is not a pretty home blog where style is the thing. ッ

There have been a few current events. If you read a few years ago where the paper mill in town burned down, the owner has finally gotten around to the removal of the remnants. I caught the action when the last wall was standing. Cleanup is in progress.

Any old year at all, you can find the same sorts of images here. It was exhausting washing all the fence plates so I packed up a lot of them. Apparently, all that talk of decluttering has finally reached my consciousness.


The poem below was marked by John; I found it just last week. It blessed me. So like John, too. 

John and Jim

He didn't do much for Jim, perhaps,
 When he met him yesterday.
It wasn't much for John to do,
 As he hurried along life's way. 
Yet, oh, what a help it was to Jim,
 John probably never will know,
For John's on top, while Jim is down,
 And figures the world's his foe.
His friends, he thinks, have turned away,
 And some may have, that's true,
But some are loyal; they just don't know,
 The trouble he's wading through.
So yesterday, when John met Jim,
 And stopped for a glad, "hello,"
And grasped his hand and talked a bit,
 If just for a moment or so,
And told him how good it seemed again
 To see him, and have a chat,
About old times, they used to know,
 Of fishing, and this and that,
It wasn't so much for John to do,
 Not much, perhaps, to him, 
But he'll never know, what a help it was,
 And what it did for Jim. 
                       ~Orrin Alden DeMass


I am tossing in a few Memorial Day photos. My family was invited to my sister's place. Adam and Michelle, Sam, Jake and I rode over together. I very much appreciated hitching a ride. Laurel had to work. Bummer. Keanne was in New York. Also a bummer. The rest of us enjoyed a good afternoon.

Playing Ball and Bouncing 

Horse Chestnut Tree and Blooms

Thank you for visiting! 

The End




  1. I love that poem! What a true thing!

    I love your home, and I think you should look up a 'new' style going around called "coastal grandmother." I think its your style!

    Thanks for showing that particular chestnut tree. I've never seen one before. It's lovely!

  2. Well, I must say that this post is one of the nicest I've seen of yours yet. Of course, I wasn't around in your earlier days of writing, and what little I have seen, I have enjoyed, and it always leaves me wanting more. I love the picture of your kitchen/dining area. It looks homey and comfortable and very inviting. I want to come sit there and have a cup of tea with you some day. I love your garden area. You have done things that I would love to do with decorating your fence/garden area. The Memorial Day gathering at your sister's looks like so much fun. I miss our family gatherings with the extended family. It's been too long since we had outdoor games, etc. Our little kids are all grown up. No one wants to go outside and play in the heat. So your post was refreshing to me. I just wish you'd write more often. Seriously!!!! So there!!

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention the lilacs. Oh, how I wish we could grow them here! Yours are so lovely. And I've never seen a horse chestnut tree or its blossoms before! That is amazing! Wow! I loved it all!

  4. I enjoyed your post today Vee...it certainly put a smile on my face! Please be happy...

  5. Personally I have come to love your "same sorts of images" through the years. One of my favorites in this post is the last one with the old fashioned lawn mower leaning against the tree. It takes me back to a kinder, gentler and quieter time. Right back to a summer day spent outdoors sipping lemonade as my dad was mowing the lawn with that same type of mower in the background. No loud leaf blowers and huge mowers roaring away like I so often hear now. The poem you shared also harkened back to that time which is just the place I seem to crave more and more lately. So, thank you for this reprieve.
    Your home and garden are both looking lovely.
    Must say I enjoyed tagging along to your Memorial Day gathering. Especially enjoyed the trampoline fun in that sweet little bathing suit. Precious.
    On to June. May it be a happier month for you.

  6. Wonderful post, Vee! So happy to see a post from you. I enjoyed every word.

    You know, I remember a horse chestnut tree just over the wire fence around the elementary school I attended as a child. But I only remember the horse chestnuts themselves ... not the blossoms. What fantastical looking blossoms they are!

    Looks like a fun get-together at Kim's. We had a lovely day as well with friends and family at the camp.

  7. Thank you for sharing. I got a smile from it :)

  8. It looks like spring has sprung in your corner. I agree with Deanna...your place looks lovely and has that coastal grandmother' vibe. Great poem...a reminder that we can all be an encouragement to those around us. I think that message was meant for me, since it is the third such story I have come across in the last few hours. It's so fun to see kids playing ball. I rarely see that in my corner of the world anymore, and it was a favorite sport of mine. Happy June to you!

  9. So glad you got to spend Memorial Day with family. And, hitching a ride is the BEST... I do it all the time now.

  10. Vee, I always enjoy pictures of your home, both inside and out, because it is "homey", comfortable, and so interesting. Thank you for sharing pictures from both home and family. All are so special. By the way, my kitchen chairs send their greetings to your kitchen chairs. It appears they came from the same place.

    The poem -- how good it is to have a friendly conversation with people in an un-intimidating way. Just to show interest in another and to be kind.

    Farewell to May.

  11. I love your home and all your pictures!
    What a lovely poem and so true. It is those little kindnesses that mean so much!!

  12. I do remember your challenge with May. I am glad that it has passed for another year. The poem pulls at the heartstrings. Such a message it holds! I smile to think that your John took note of it and now it has also come across your path.

    Oh, the changes in blogging are many. I wonder if there are many of us who continue to blog in the same way we did when we started . . . or have our blogs followed where life has taken us? Perhaps their value lies in that?

    So lovely that you were able to gather with your dear ones this weekend! Looks like a good time!

  13. Ummm\m excuse me, your home is beautiful and delightful, smiles. I hope you have beautiful day, I have to head off to work. smiles

  14. Your home looks very homey and comfortable. I would love to sit there with you over a cup of tea! Loved the poem.

  15. Glad you found that poem. It reminds me of my Dear who will stop and take the time...
    Hooray for being picked up for a gathering. Glad you had a good visit. I love a shared food gathering. I pretend I'm stylish but when it comes down to it I'll choose the bargain instead of style. Make do with what I've got and throw in something new here and there. I've always enjoyed seeing your home and your vignettes. I'm thinking more and more about the whole decluttering thing. Finally getting our Will done makes me realize no one is going to want to sift through all the stuff I've collected over the years. Hope June goes well...

  16. I will echo the sentiments of others who commented before myself, Vee, in saying that this post as lovely. Like yourself, I do not post often about current events including politics and religion. Occasionally, like last week, I did post on a current event to vent my sadness vs. ranting and it was comforting to read comments from others. It was great to "see" you home and yard and the family holiday celebration. Decluttering is always ongoing here too. Hope to read you soon again.

  17. Geeee, I should have written this first!!!

    That, after years and years, and after seeing your comments on some blogs I follow, I am finally popping in here, with a comment myself. I'm sure you have seen my comments on some blogs, which you follow as well.

    Your blog name, and name, have not changed over the years. Mine have, many times. But name changes or not, one's style of writing doesn't change. I'm sure you remember me. ,-)

    I said this all, in a better way, on an older post, which you will find eventually. ;-)

    Glad we are both still clickin' on these keys!

    Gentle hugs,

  18. How nice to catch up with what's going on in your world and in your house! I love your cheerful kitchen with the pretty bouquet of flowers. And the fun outdoors was nice to see too. I'd want to play ball too or bring my Frisbee to throw around. And reading the poem makes me remember when John wrote a poem just for me. How time passes. I know you miss him. I'm so glad you blog and bring joy wherever you go...and in your comments on my blog. Sweet hugs, Diane

  19. It's always lovely to see a post from you, Vee. I remember the May email from you one night, and how we prayed for your dear John, and for you. What a beautiful grace note to find the poem he noted. One never gets over missing loved ones.
    Your home is cozy and welcoming, and you've surrounded yourself with the things you love. I'm glad you were with family on Memorial Day - looks like lots of fun!

  20. Hi Vee. Oh, how I loved the John and Jim poem. We never know what's going on in other's lives and how a simple Hello and a smile can mean so much to them. I'm new to your blog, but have read your comments on other blogs, especially Betsy's. I love your sense of humor and your warmth. Your yard and home are lovely. That old lawn mower reminds me of my Dad. He had one. Of course, the yards back then were much smaller than they are now! I so happy to follow you!

  21. Dear Vee ~ your home is very inviting and makes me feel comfortable just looking at your pics. We've jumped right into summer down here in s.e. FL. Heat and humidity are the norm now. The poem was emotional and convicting. Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

  22. Hi Vee,

    Thanks so much for replying to my "Help" post about not being able to comment. Here I am, and I think this might work, so fingers crossed. Hal told me this morning that he just discovered the browser I've been using, Microsoft Edge, has just added some new security updates, making things difficult for everyone. I decided to try commenting from Firefox browser, so we shall see. I love everything about your post. First of all, love seeing your kitchen from this angle (have not seen this before). Cozy and homey are at the top of my list for home decorating, and yours looks very cozy and homey. Your garden has some neat plants that I don't have here. Is the purple bloom a lilac? They will grow here, but not very well because our winters are not cold enough. Thank you for sharing the poem John had marked; it's such a good poem and a reminder to us all to take more time to notice (and care for) others. I LOVE that you shared the picture of the horse chestnut tree and its blooms. To my knowledge, we don't have any of those left in the U.S.? Does your sister live in Canada? Maybe you have those trees up north, but they all died out down here. Love seeing a post from you, dear Vee!! Have a good weekend, my friend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Yes, the purple flower on the tree is a lilac. Same old lilac. I was surprised about the horse chestnut, too, which is why I featured it here. No, my sister lives in Maine, just 30 or so miles away from me.

  23. Hi Vee. What a lovely post. I love your kitchen and dinning room. so inviting..wish I could drop by. Your Memorial Day looks like so much fun. May was a stressful month as my dearest was on a new medicine regiment. He's doing better! Yeah!
    Looking forward to a better June!

  24. Dear Vee, the poem! I love it! It really touched my heart to read it. I love the picture of your dining area. I am not for sure but is that a yellow stand mixer I spotted!!!! I love it. The galvanized tubs...girl, I have a weakness for anything galvanized. Looks like you enjoyed Memorial Day. Marty and I actually went to the movies! It's been a LONG time since he has went to a movie. It was fun. Yes May is over and here we are half way almost through the new year! WOW! I hope that your week and JUNE is wonderful to you dear Vee. I love to see a post pop up from you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. Aw Vee your haven is always so pretty and inviting ... I just loved that poem you found and also the fact that John had marked it. Such truth. Life just seems to march on with or without blogging. My blogging started out with good intentions to help keep my daughter up to date with happenings at home. It has morphed and almost fizzled out along with my mojo or lack thereof! It is useful for documenting some things I guess. Here's to June 2022 - may it be one of love, hope and caring! Hugs ...

  26. Hi Vee! I found you post that was sadly emailed to my spam box. However, it was so nice to read it and see what you’ve been up to. Wasn’t that I sweet find of the poem that John saved? That must’ve warmed your heart. How nice to be with family to celebrate Memorial Day. Just so you know, I always love getting a glimpse of your cozy home, both indoors and out. Enjoy your week, my friend. These weeks seem to fly by so very quickly, don’t they?

  27. Your home looks so warm and inviting, Vee, and the garden is beautiful as well. FYI, I always enjoy reading about books :-)

  28. I loved seeing your May! So many good things happened! Flowers are blooming, friends and family gathered, good food was enjoyed and I loved seeing your kitchen area! Praying June will be a month full of blessings for you and yours!

  29. Hi Vee! I hear you on the blog posting...it's been three months since my last post! Oh my, I'll try to do better. I have always loved seeing pictures of your home. It's so cozy and inviting, I just love it. Nothing better than being with family, and can I tell you, watching your little one on the trampoline made me laugh out load...adorable!! Have a great week, Vee! Hugs, Barb

  30. A couple of weeks late, I enjoyed seeing all your pretty pictures and the videos of your extended family. I wouldn't mind seeing posts more often from you, Vee, but I love what (and when) you do post. A slice of life, a glimpse into your world. It truly does feel like a haven in here. And John's poem was sweet. Thank you for sharing that. I hope you're having a good June!

  31. Vee, I had to take a blogging break and deal with some things. In 12 1/2 years I've never broken my schedule (weekly for first 10, then went to every other week) until now. So I put up my first post in a little over a month. I love your blog, and I don't think you should worry about what form it is taking or whether it's in line with your original intentions. Whatever you're doing is working! We all love it.

  32. That picture of the horse chestnut tree just stopped me in my tracks. I am not sure why. I've always loved trees. I need to see more trees.
    You are blessed with family - mine is very small.
    I enjoyed reading your blog actually and the pictures. I just hopped over from your comment on Coffee, Tea, Books and Me.

  33. I just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. Enjoyed those videos too.