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Friday, December 23, 2022

Merry Christmas and a Bright, Blessed New Year!

 “This glorious word Emmanuel means, first, that God in Christ is with us in very near association. The Greek particle here used is very forcible, and expresses the strongest form of ‘with.’ It is not merely ‘in company with us as another Greek word would signify, but ‘with,’ ‘together with,’ and ‘sharing with.’ This preposition is a close rivet, a firm bond, implying, if not declaring, close fellowship. God is peculiarly and closely ‘with us.’”

~Charles Spurgeon 

Sitting here thinking of you and how quickly time will get away from us in these last few days before Christmas. It has been such fun visiting your blogs and homes during December. I always think that Christmas Time should be perfect; it never is. This December has had some heartache as I know it has had for many of you. Whatever the burden, whatever the sorrow, it is the reason He came. He will save; He will rescue; He will comfort. All one has to do is ask. 

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See you in the New Year, The Lord willing and the creek don't rise. (Flood watches all over the place in my corner.) You take care now...