Monday, June 3, 2013

A Little Excitement

Yes, it was a little exciting yesterday afternoon when the first of the tornado warnings started across our screen. 

Tornadoes in Maine??? Yes, very rare, but they have happened. We were told that if a tornado developed it would probably be an E-1 or lower and that we would have, at most, a ten-minute warning. Thing is, tornadoes can't get going so well as they have no place, unless over water, to really develop.

Anyway, I felt such a sense of solidarity with all of you who have been experiencing this sort of weather for several weeks now. It was stressful. Why we actually discussed a plan of action, which is pretty remarkable for the two of us! It all came to naught for which we are very grateful. 

Oh, one other minor thing...see that 74° at 5:01? That's in Portland where Channel 8 lives. It was at least ten degrees warmer inland. It usually is in the summer. We've been sweltering and are looking forward to the cooler temps arriving even as I type. The high yesterday was another 96F; today is more reasonable at 78F.

My son dropped by with some leftover plants my daughter-in-law is contributing to my garden. I hope to get those in the ground today. I still need to visit the nursery and pick up some herbs and some marigolds. My raised bed is going to mostly be an herb garden this year.

Would you believe that I still haven't finished cleaning upstairs? I've been at it for weeks and weeks. It has been further complicated by receiving a huge bag of hand-me-ups from my sister. Great items. Just wish I were her size. =D  

This is my favorite.

I can't decide if I want to wear it or cut it up and make something else from it. Currently, I'm wearing it. 

Like the tornado, this post just fizzled out... 

Have a great week!

Love Vee


  1. We shared your excitement when the warnings started coming across the television screen...we live further North Mid-Central Maine and you are so right about not usually ever having to think about that kind of weather here. You never know what you're going to get up here in New England. : )

  2. Ha! Glad your tornado fizzled out for sure. Glad you had a plan. Oh dear I have enough heat going on since I've been off HRT...I think I'd melt into a puddle with your temps. I've been cocooning around here while Dear has been away and what a mess. I see why bachelor pads are so messy. I'll be cleaning up here soon as I go out and water...

  3. Such weather possibilities, in the NE. Here, where we *are planted.*

    Glad neither one of us, actually got such though.

    What do you do? Go down cellar? What else.

    Btw, I like the new font here! Very easy to read. It looks like "old fashioned typewriter" print, to me. :-)

  4. Hand-me-ups??? Items which sis no longer is using, but are perfectly usable?

    Don't know what that white item is, but it looks pretty.

  5. I can't believe your weather!! 96??? You have had your share of weather events but they do not usually include tornadoes! I love it when someone gives me a bag of clothes! I have to remember it's okay to give what I won't or can't use to Goodwill! I have saved so many items to make quilts out of I MUST STOP!! I have enough material to quilt the rest of my life!!
    Glad your weather is cooler off! It just doesn't seem right to think of you up there sweltering!

  6. Glad the tornado fizzled! We had one twister hit in a nearby town but otherwise just heavy storms.

    Christopher was in Boston last week and was surprised at the forecast of a possible tornado there. I think it fizzled, too.

    But my daughter lives in an area of New England where there was unusual tornado damage a couple years ago. She said parts of Brimfield (where we enjoyed their flea market one May) was destroyed that year.

  7. So scary to have severe weather/tornado warnings. I have never experienced that. I am glad you are okay and will be planting plants in garden soon. So much better than it could have been. Keep cool. I only experienced humidity when I lived in France and temperatures don't get that high. But, when they do it's miserable as no one has any air conditioning (not even in shops, department stores or many hospitals) I was there for the huge heat wave in 2003. Keep cool!

  8. Glad to hear the tornado never showed up. Those warnings can make you sit up and take notice, however. A few years ago we received an automated call in the middle of the night. We were told to take cover NOW! With no basement, we weren't quite sure where to go. We sat in the small powder room for a while and finally went back to bed. Luckily it was also for naught.
    I'm curious to see what you end up doing with your sister's hand-me-ups. No doubt it will be something clever.

  9. Your comment on my Sunday post was so nice, made me tear up. I'm happy your tornadoes fizzled. Wish every summer day could be like today, cool, low humidity & clear skies.


  10. I don't like heat either, but it's good to know that the sun is shining somewhere. Mornings are now in the low 40's. We love cool weather and when the thermometer says it's in the 70's, we're getting warm. Your flowers are beautiful (below). The blouse is very pretty. I love detail which is hard to find anymore.

    This past Friday when the tornado hit Oklahoma City, our daughter and family were there. They had taken our granddaughter to an annual softball clinic she attends. The hotel was evacuated to an area on the main floor and they were still without power the next day. I'm just very thankful they were all safe.

  11. It will be about 10 degrees or so cooler in where we are moving to which will make for a much nicer summer. Of course now we will have more snow in winter!!
    We've had a few tornadoes in Maryland over the years and a couple of done some damage but it is rare.
    I like your term 'hand me ups.'

  12. No tornadoes here!

    Just had really hot weather for a few days, now cooler but still warm. We were supposed to have storms yesterday, but it only sprinkled.

    I really like your header, don't think I told you that before. Take photos and show us your herbs and flowers.


  13. Glad to hear there were no tornados!!! That is an amazing storm that went though Oklahoma...
    96* That would be nice for us... We are officially now in the 100s

  14. Vee, I feel terrible for folks in the path of those tornadoes and I completely freak out when I hear that we might get one here. It has been so hot and humid the past week, I am ready for a cool down, way too early for me. xo

  15. Hello Vee
    I'm glad the tornado didn't develop, they can be scary. Send some heat our way, the rain finally stopped and now it's in the low 50's. My tomatoes are craving for some hot sunshine. Me too!

  16. OK VEE, I am in SHOCK!!!!!!!!! Have spent 20 years of spring, summer, and fall in Maine with NEVER a hint of a tornado warning. YIKES.



    1. Really? Well I was here in 1974 when the big one cut a 17 mile path through the woods. Now that was something!

  17. Tornadoes are common here. There have even been ones in down town Atlanta which is unusual. Yes, it's very stressfull! The weather people have detailed doppler maps that can show you down to the street where the tornado is or might be developing and of course we all have sirens. But it is very scary when it gets dark and the wind picks up! Glad to hear nothing came of it for you.

  18. We heard about your tornado threat on Good morning A. this morning! How amazing! I'm so glad it fizzled. Oh....and I'm glad someone special got a surprise today! Makes me happy! ; )

  19. I am glad "your" tornado fizzled! Isn't it a vulnerable feeling to know that such a thing is a possibility and that there is nothing that you can do about it? It makes you realize just how little control we have over anything...and how much we need the One who IS in control!

    Ick...such heat. Too much, too soon. (That's my opinion anyway.)

    The white blouse, I LOVE! Those pleated sleeves are swoon-worthy.

  20. A fizzled tornado is a very good thing.

    I hope you get your sorting done before the temps continue to rise. Those are hot days so early in the summer.

    The white blouse looks like it might keep you a bit cool - is it airy?

  21. Who knew...tornadoes in Maine? Well, I'm glad it fizzled out. It sounds like we have about the same temps's lovely out here.

    My brother and niece were out in the fields of Iowa a few days ago...when a tornado formed right over them. It moved over their farm without touching anything...though their neighbours were not quite so lucky.

  22. I was quite worried about my niece who lives in Maine also, But thankfully no harm was done.
    Love your sense of humor Vee ~:)

  23. We had horrible weather on Friday. It knocked out the electricity where Bob works. No power still today. It was a pretty 74 today. Supposed to start raining again on Thursday!

  24. Hi sweet Vee!!! Long time no visit! I'm sorry about that...I've been in my own little chaotic world :) I'm so glad the tornado didn't materialize!! That stuff is way too spooky. I just love your blog banner, your yard is so gorgeous to me ~ love your hand-me-ups too :) I hope you have a great week Vee ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  25. Glad it amounted to nothing, Vee! Your header is terrific.

  26. Made for interesting conversation around the house, didn't it? Once there was a tornado ripping down one road over from my daughter's place in Dallas area. I watched the TV radar and talked with her adage was junked down in the bath tub with no way of knowing what was going on.

  27. Glad you are safe and sound. Our heavy rain did not materialize either.

  28. Today was much better here Vee. It was sunny most of the day and a perfect temperature although hot for working in the yard which we did all afternoon. We got a lot accomplished though. I'm glad the weather is clearing up and cooling down to a nice temperature this week. Enjoy it. Summer 's coming. ;)

  29. I love it when my sister sends me hand ups.

    No rain here today for a change.

  30. Tornado watches are pretty common here. I remember a time when my kids and I hid in the cellar at our old country house years and years ago. Hubby was already out working restoring power. I know a tornado went overhead because it sounded like boxcars. Thankfully, it stayed overhead! I'm also glad your tornado didn't materialize.

  31. I'm glad a tornado did not materialized, Vee. Time Magazine had an interesting article about "Tornado Alley," and most of the US, especially the plains through to the east coast, has tornado capacity! Only Bangladesh gets the same fierce tornadoes as the USA!

    That is a lovely hand me up blouse! It looks soft and cool.

  32. So glad you got through the storm with no tornadoes. Wow! 96F you are cooking, beautiful blouse from your sister. My SIL lost about 80 lbs. she had given my mother some clothes to do whatever with, I happened to stop by and guess who came home with those clothes. It seems I have also found those pounds she lost. ~smile~
    Enjoy your day.

  33. OH my...I can imagine that excitement made for interesting phone calls and emails and talking over the fence. I'm glad you are okay there and hopefully the rest of spring and summer will be clear sailing.
    My mil gives me her cast offs every now and then. I love to try them on and see what I can make work. Something new is always nice for a girl.

  34. Glad the tornado fizzled...How scary! The first night in New Mexico a storm blew suddenly in and let me tell you this California gas was downright scared. It blew sooo hard I wasn't sure we wouldn't blow right away with it. Lightening flashed, thunder roared, and the hail pounded down. 20 minutes later it was gone...soo amazing. 96 IS quite warm. Truthfully, I am dreading the HOT weather I know is coming. Enjoy your day Vee!

  35. LOL, nothing like a little bad weather to kick start the old heart, huh?! Welcome to our world. We've had our share of tornado watches and warnings the past couple of years, much more so than previously. Though it's not as bad as my college days in Kansas! Hope you get some relief from the heat soon.

  36. Being from Missouri we live with this type of weather every spring. I remember in the middle of a painting class I was teaching several years ago that we all had to run to the basement.
    The last few days have been in the upper 60's which is pretty unusual weather for us.

  37. Hurray for the fizzle.. of the tornado, not the post. Hand-me-ups? Lucky you. I love the sleeve detail on the blouse. Continue to wear it, I'm certain you are looking all summery and flouncy and Maine-y... I've never been to Maine, I just know that Sarah (as in plain and tall) wore lovely, detailed, feminine wear. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  38. Our tornado plan is to get in the inside closet with something over our heads. We have a lot of tornadoes out here on the plains of West Texas. Lubbock was hit by a large one in 1970 but hasn't been hit since.
    When we get moved to our new place, it has an awesome and very nice BASEMENT that we will gather in during bad weather. Will stock it with drinking water and snacks and a battery operated radio....oh....and an AXE.
    Glad your tornado fizzled out...:)

  39. Oh my, the weather is remarkable all over this year it seems -- and now from snow to heat and tornados. I'm thinking up there you do not have A/C so are really sweltering. Time to slow down, nap and sip lemonade don't you think?

  40. Vee
    My goodness, I can't imagine that sort of heat already. No wonder the weather is going wacky! I'm glad to hear nothing serious developed.
    Now that blouse is just too cute to cut up. Please don't do it!
    I know it looks nice on you even without seeing it..


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