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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tying Up At Least One Loose End

Thank you so much for another fun Note Card Party! Do you find yourself wandering around in your archives and getting a bit lost there? I do. It's rather like a search through Grandmother's Attic, which I used to love to do...achoo...pardon me. 


Speaking of Grandmother's Attic, this is my final post on kitchens for a while. I'm rather sick of them, especially mine. Sometimes, mine even turns my stomach. Ha! Anywho, I'm not always fair with my readers. As my mother once said, "How you make this little dump look so good cracks me up." True. She said that or something very close. 

I do it this way — I show you this, which is bad enough ↓

rather than that...↑

Let's try that again. This...↓

And not that...↑

One last time... ↓

And not that↑

This post is dedicated to Ceekay who stamped her foot so cutely during her tantrum on the 14th that I had to indulge her a little. 

Have a super day! It's a corker here and I'm mowing the lawn. What a way to spend the final day of spring.


  1. Oh Vee....I loved the full view. Makes me want to stop by and enjoy a visit in your very cozy home. I'm glad there was a bit of a floor stomping and your indulged her a little...letting a few more of us see too:)

  2. The closeups are great, but the big picture is equally so. I'm glad to see more of your home. It makes me feel like I'm visiting you - which I am, virtually.
    Enjoy the lawn mowing. We did ours on Monday evening. But it grows like crazy at this time of year. It's cooler here today, I'm wearing socks with paint-stained capris and a long sleeved shirt over my painting clothes. I look a sight! You'll see what I'm painting perhaps later today. Depends how things go.

  3. I like the full view better! Really!

    Your home is charming!

    I need to mow when I get home today! We are having a few nice days finally!


  4. Prior to blogging I thought all photos I took required the full view. Just one more thing that endears me to blogging... clever close-ups and creative cropping.
    I enjoyed seeing all views of your kitchen this morning. I have always thought it looks like a very cozy place to be

  5. I, too, enjoyed seeing the full view, but that is the nosiness in me. The close-ups are wonderful, but they don't show the whole picture. (The pun really wasn't intended. LOL)

  6. I love your kitchen, it's quaint and homey. Although I don't have a full view of it. I will accept what you've given here. haha. I think I have the exact stove that you do. Thanks for sharing little bits and pieces of your life. Love it!! ~ Abby

    1. Abby~

      I'd have to go outdoors and take a picture through the window to give you a full view of it. LOL!

  7. Well my dear...I like both views actually.
    Oh my the last day of Spring...what shall I do? We are a bit misty and dark over here in the PNW so I won't be mowing (besides, I did find a teenager to do that for me) My place is not a relaxing place for a while since we are tearing things up for the flooring guys. Oye.
    Enjoy your last day of Spring, Vee!

  8. I love your kitchen, Vee, it makes me feel warm, cozy, and knowing I am about to sit down to a delicious meal or snack. (I am so sad I missed your linky party, but this blogging break is going well, really well.) xo

  9. You're becoming a photography expert! I love the "This" close-ups because they make a very interesting and imaginative view. Happy Summer...stay cool, XOXO

  10. Love the full views of your kitchen! Especially the last one!
    Thanks for stopping by this morning.

  11. Well, aren't you the cutest thing...working in a cute way to show off that adorable, comfy, warm, wish-it-was-mine kitchen where you and John cook and eat and talk and take pictures.......we all LOVE your kitchen and you are bound to know it. !! :)) ....what's not to love about it.!!!
    AND....I am pretty sure I need a STORY sign like that....too cute.

  12. I have calmed down now!! Your kitchen reminds me of my mom's kitchen, which I know is NOT what you want....but I think of fun talks around the table with my aunts, or the fresh cookies with my girlfriends. You did some great shots!! Thank you!

  13. Hate to disillusion you Vee, but I bet you are not the only one that does that. That is called creativity and you have it galore. Sometimes it is good to look at the tricks of the trade and share how we did something. That is how we all learn from each other.
    Your intentions are to share the most joy from a great shot. Keeps those brain cells moving too. That's what I think.

  14. Well I think like most here I LOVE both the this and the that! haha. Both views are great to me. I LOVE a close up, but sometimes you just need to SEE the whole thing. Your kitchen is warm, cozy, and welcoming so therefore just IS what most would want their kitchens to be, so either view will work! Hope your day is good, don't get too hot out there mowing!

  15. Vee,
    I love this post....I always enjoy what you have to say ... I am surely glad of the tricks of good photography..we can show as little as we want.. wink, grin...
    Love, Mona

  16. I love seeing the fuller view too Vee. It helps me visualize you at home.

  17. Doesn't EVERYONE do this?!?!?!?! Zero in on a cute "spot". And do not show the surrounding "spots." Come on? Of course they do!!!! :-)

    "Auntie" sezzzzzz, I don't *trust* a woman, whose entire kitchen is Photo Ready! All the time! -gigggles-

    Happy Midsummer's Eve!


  18. Your posts are great! No wonder I had record breaking visits to my blog when I was near the top of the list of your party attendees! It's all from you. I love both views of your kitchen. Love, love the big gray and blue bowl---I have one similar, for bread baking or whatever else I need it for. Lots of similarities with my kitchen. So it's good to show it all sometimes.. brings out the "real ness" in us. It reminds me of that photo prompt a week or two ago. Hope you enjoyed the mow in spite of the heat!

  19. I love ALL the shots! And your kitchen reminds me of my Grandma's ~ cozy, comfy, looking like it smells of fresh baked bread... in other words, perfect!

  20. Well Vee, you are just like the rest of us. Most of us also don't show the whole picture on our blog posts as there are nasties laying around some days. I like your before and after shots. And I love your kitchen with all the wonderful decor that you love to have in it. It's part of you and your life, now and in the past. And, it's a cozy comfortable place to enjoy a cup of tea and a cookie or three or, a home cooked meal shared with laughter and fun moments with family and friends. Thanks for sharing the 'full view' of your kitchen. Enjoy this beautiful weather coming up the next few days. It's summer!!! Hugs. Pam

  21. So lovely to be here again. I love that quote you shared yesterday by Richard Sheridan and have oft quoted it myself.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway, Vee. I wanted to wish you the best for tomorrow's Draw. Here's hoping...


  22. Your kitchen is nice, homey and happy no matter what angle your photos are. : )
    Mine right now is empty!!!!!
    Looking forward to moving into a new one!!!!

  23. I'm with everyone else - we all show the close-ups and never mind the big picture. I do so love seeing it all though it's like being at a friends house - which I consider you to be.


  24. First of all...doesn't everyone do that? Show the close-up to focus on something interesting or pretty, and leave out or crop out the background? (I used to do wider shots, but I've found that the close-ups are often more interesting because you can focus.)

    Secondly, what's not to like about the "thats"?! Your kitchen is truly charming, and that's that! (Pun intended.) :D

  25. I am a "full Monty" kinda girl, so seeing the full kitchen first, then the close ups, help me!! I love so many things about it, the charms oozes, like good chocolate!!

  26. I think all bloggers use "crop" to focus in on the good and filter out the "normal" -- not many of us have a pristine, state if the art kitchen, anyway! LOL! I also think your kitchen is charming. Happy beginning of summer!

  27. Very fun! After spending 2 days with everything from the kitchen in the living room and den as new flooring is laid - I have huge messes. So we go to put things back and one little problem. There are air bubbles everywhere in the vinyl where it didn't lay down. Isn't this just like life???? Does this mean it all has to come back go again........

    I often take pictures and the vacuum cleaner is right below the camera at my feet!

  28. Oh heck, I always try to avoid any backgrounds in my photos since it's usually either messy with a project or just not very photographic.
    I've often tried to copy your photography style, Vee.
    So just keep doing what you're doing!

  29. The macro gets used on my camera a lot. Your home looks bright and welcoming. I enjoy seeing all of the ways you find to add creative touches. I have great ideas, but never follow through.

  30. I think all of the photos are charming! But I tend to like the overall scenes better, LOL! I think I would be quite comfortable sitting there with you, sharing a cup of tea and chatting!

  31. I do the same thing Vee! If I showed you my front staircase you'd be shocked.

  32. I agree with Auntie! I love your shots -- each and every one. And... who has a kitchen with every corner photo-ready at every moment? Can that even happen? LOL

    BTW, the second shot is my favorite. I love the collection of items that you can see -- great for a game of "I Spy!"


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