Friday, November 8, 2013

Murky Mists of Time~Photo Challenge

Laughing here at the juxtaposition of my last post on stability with this post, which appears to be anything but. The fact is that I have been lost in the genealogical mists of time since last I visited with you and so that is how my mind is bending these days. 

I am rather embarrassed by my efforts this month. I have spent a lot of time playing and trying to conquer the special lessons that Donna linked to. I have failed. If you don't think so, see this:

Moving along. These are the images I wished to work with.

and a background from Kim Klassen that will not upload but looks like a square of that top first photo — a whitish, foggy background. Though I wished to work in Photoshop, I couldn't seem to understand it properly so resorted to PicMonkey.

I'm not even going to attempt to explain what it means to me. It'll have to stand on its own: a murky, muddy mess of a thing — an attempt to share a big thought that fizzled.


I am having a lovely time away from Blogdom. It has been liberating to say the least. My hope is to wend my way back in time for my own November Note Card Party and to pop in on you from time to time, even if I don't comment. Not commenting has been the most liberating of all! 

For that reason, I am closing my own comments today. One can't expect comments when not providing any!

I am providing a link to *Donna's Photo Challenge,* but not participating this time. 

Over and out for now...

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