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Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday Plans for a 100 Year Old

front side of invitation

Someone at our house will be 100 years old in a week's time, which is all very exciting. Nan has already received a congratulatory cupcake from a local eatery. I couldn't take my eyes from her beaming face and her beautiful smile as the waitresses gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday."
back side of invitation

Party Plans are sketchy and vague just now with all that's gone on in recent weeks. They've shifted like the sands and may of necessity shift again. My mother worked on ideas and preparations as she was able even from her hospital bed. My sister and I told each other that it was good for her to have other things to think about.

So the invitations are here and two locations are a go depending upon the circumstances of another week. We must soon be filling them in and sending them off. Great-grands have worked on a Power Point presentation featuring photos of Nan's enjoying her amazing life with appropriate musical selections. (This one actually gives me a bit of concern.)

Anyone have a suggestion for us? With our brains practically scrambled, we're feeling the need for fresh thoughts.

Edited to Add:

The rest of the story...

So many have been curious that I thought I would oblige and that way keep a better record for myself.

Nan's 100th birthday party was held at my mother's church on November 1. It was an open house from 1 to 3 with about sixty people in attendance, not bad for a gal who says all her friends are gone. Friends from her hometown traveled for over six hours that day to be with her, which made Nan very pleased. Actually, she kept saying how awful that they had traveled all that way just to see her. I sometimes have to gently chide her and try to help her see the brighter, glass half-full-side of things.

We had lots of yummy buffet food, but the lobster salad rolls were a special treat for a lady who loves seafood. We were blessed to have a professional photographer take family photos, which was a laugh since the baby of the family kept alternately rolling about all the while saying the required "cheese" or he would laugh and say, "I already said, 'cheese'"! This would make the rest of us laugh. Anyway, thought you could use a reason why I'm not posting any of those photos here.

I am posting a mosaic that makes me misty-eyed. One October morning, Nan was surprised with a visit from the "little boy" next door. The one who had grown up wishing to marry his babysitter (my mother) and who has lived all of his adult life in Colorado. He had come home for a visit and looked both my mother and grandmother up. Don't tell me that there are not master plans for this was just after my grandmother's birthday and my mother was still very, very ill. He was able to encourage my mother on a number of levels because his own wife had been through some surprisingly similar things as my mom. You can tell that this gentleman is much loved in our family.


  1. Vee she will be happy with what ever you all do. Maybe you could vidio tape her speaking about her early life of if she won't agree to that maybe tape record a conversation with her and her daughter or some others will to talk. With all the new equipment, we can now have a vocal record of our loved ones.

  2. Definitely tape or video tape her! It'll be a treasured heirloom for all of your family for generations to come! Her life, in her words!

    I'd have the little members of your family present something to her - maybe a lovely scrapbook of all of the family with their blessings, stories, and favorite things about her written beside their photos.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide to do! I'm sure she'll feel loved and blessed to be acknowledged in such a special way by the people she loves the most!

  3. W>O>W> 100 years old! Amazing! You're so blessed to still have your Nan. I'll be praying for the logistics, locations, and details to all just flow together and make it a huge happy event for Nanny, your mom, and your family!

    I agree with the recording thing, whether video or audio. It will be a treasure in the years to come!

  4. Amen to all the above suggestions.

    Hug your Nan and Mom tight, okay?

  5. I don't think I have ever personally met anyone who is 100 years old. Wish I could join your party! That is most special.

    I will pray that all your plans come together...that your mother is well enough to join in the celebrations...and that Nan is as spry and spunky as ever. May your tribute to her first 100 years be honouring to her...and inspiring to all who are there.

  6. First off, it is so nice to find posts here, and comments in my blog. So nice. I could get used to this again, you know. :-) And I'm sure you could too.

    Oh my, I don't have any ideas to add. I'm not much of a one, for thinking up these kinds of suggestions anyway. You already have that Power Point presentation {??????????} by the Grands. And there will be food, I'm sure.

    Plus, if it goes as planned, each person will have a little bit to "say." So you'll probably have some time taken up, with that. -sigh- In other words, I don't have a clue.

    Except that at 100, the Birthday Girl may not want too much planned, anyway. It could be tiring...

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia

  7. I have been to one party for a 100 year old. It was my husband's great aunt, Mabel. She was in a home then so it was basically a cake and ice cream affair. How wonderful that your dear Nan has reached this milestone. I imagine she would be happy to just be surrounded by her family and loved ones. I hope it all comes together smoothly for you. My prayers continue.

  8. Hi Vee, I've come out of "hiding" just to wish your Nan a happy birthday! If I had any advice at all, it would be to keep things as simple as absolutely possible. Relax and enjoy the celebration. Your gift to your grandmother has already been given in the special care you and John provide her each day. Let the grands finish their power point presentation. Maybe you could provide the tissues. With affection, Kathy
    P.S. All is well in Central Vermont.

  9. Definitely video tape her or tape record her memories. We did this with my great grandmother and I treasure it to this day!

  10. How wonderful! I see some good ideas in the comments! I know it will be special! WOW! HUGS to your precious Nan!!

  11. A party - what fun! I'm sure that she'll love seeing everyone and spending time with the family. Everything else will just be icing on the cake (so to speak).

    Sending your Gram love and birthday wishes for a new year of luck and happiness!

    I'm so glad that you like my snowmen. They were a work of love!


  12. What a wonderful and momentous occasion for you all! I think your Nan will feel the love and attention of the day no matter what you do.
    The power point presentation sounds wonderful and I'll join in with everyone that it would be nice if you could video tape her answering some questions about herself and her life and some memories so that future generations will know her. You don't have to wait for her party to do that of course.

    My D-I-L's grandmother recently turned 90 and they made a beautiful scrapbook of her life as a present.Relatives, past neighbors and friends sent in photos, and written memories about her, and each child and grandchild also wrote beautiful memories about her. It was all read to her for weeks afterward and she really enjoyed it.

  13. Good evening Vee, This is so wonderful. I love that the grands are all getting together to make the day extra special. I love the idea of the video. Usually these types of celebrations go by so fast and it's nice to sit back with with a nice cup of tea and enjoy them at a later date. I hope all of you have a wonderful time ♥ Please extend birthday wishes to your grand from us.

  14. How wonderful! It would be wonderful get her wisdom of all of those years written down or on tape....

    I remember asking my Mom what one piece of advice she would give me after her 80 years of living....she said, "Don't ever let anyone talk you out of doing something you want to do."

    Good advice

  15. How absolutely wonderful. She sounds like a wonderful woman to have the attentions of the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    I know you'll figure it out and it will be perfect. I agree that your mother most likely benefits from being involved in the planning.

    Becky K.

  16. How wonderful, please pass along my birthday wishes!
    I am sure whatever you do, it will be a lovely time surrounded by love ones!


  17. Wow! Happy Birthday to her! It is good for your Mother to have something to occupy her, so working on the celebrations is a good thing. I don't have any ideas - I'm a bad party planner LOL. Just bring lots of tissues, I'm sure you'll need them with the power point presentation (which I don't know how to do but my daughter uses it all time for school)!

  18. Wishing I could be at her birthday party...hope it's a wild one, and everyone gets to dance!
    Hugs to the Birthday Girl!!!

  19. We enjoyed a wonderful 100th with our grandma's - husbands and mine. My suggestions are to keep it simple, enjoy lots of visiting, and have traditional family favorites on the food department. We spent time looking at grandma keepsakes like old pictures and school report cards. Grandma played her Jews harp for us. Lots of sharing and appreciating. Blessings to her - and to your dear mother - and to you too! I have been missing you.


  20. What a blessing to have such a loving family around her to celebrate her 100th birthday. Happy Birthday to your Nan and I pray that God will continue to shower his blessings of healing on your mother.

  21. Popping my head in to say hi to you Vee. Looks like you've been very busy lately.

    100 years old is amazing...I hope I am Blessed to live that long.
    Hugs to you,

  22. Well, one thing for sure, do tell her Happy Birthday from me and my family!! My father's side seems to have those who turn 100. Let's see...my grandfather was 100, one of his sisters lived to 102 and the other to 101. At the time, President Clinton sent them a nice certificate and birthday greeting. All I can tell you is to do whatever you can do to get it in the newspaper, to the President and to your local senator, congressman and governor. It is a big deal to be that age!!! Imagine all of the history she has taken in!! Maybe it you can record her and have her tell us what the most memorable times she had were.

    God bless you all,


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