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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Rant on a Certain Bank

Sometimes things in our lives all roil up at once or so it seems. There are so many pans on the fire here at Haven that I despair that we'll all go up in flames.

Take, for instance, the latest. My mother wrote a check to John and me and his bank will NOT honor it. What?! All he wants to do is deposit the danged check. Such a lack of regard for their customers, but then this bank is listed as the number one predatory lending institution in the country. So, now I must round someone up to watch my grandmother while I race back into the city to get this thing taken care of. Frustrating. Oh and this bank? Yup. They hold Haven's mortgage.

The good news is that my capacity to put up with baloney has reached an all-time low and I have been doing my research and plan to complain. Have you had any trouble with a bank lately for any kind of unethical behavior? You can find help right *here.*


  1. I haven't had trouble, but my brother just had an "interesting" conversation with the bank that has the mortgage on my mom's house. He called to make a different arrangement for making payments until the estate is settled. They told him that he'd have to call to make arrangements for making payments! Hello, anyone there???

  2. Oh goodness. . .I can hardly believe they would not honor the check at your own bank. Up here in Canada. . you swipe your card . .put in your pin number and then when they are sure the right person is depositing. . its not an issue. Well .. I guess I should only speak for myself.

    All the best with your effort to get the bank to be nice.

  3. you fight girl!!! these large institutions have taken advantage of us little folk long enough!

  4. You go, Girl!!! Poor bank! They should NOT have picked on you, right at the moment. -hehhhh- Serves 'em right.

    Do I have bank troubles? Actually no, never did with our Home Town Bank. And now, son works for them too. :-)))) How nice is that, hu? >,-)

    Oh isn't it goooooood to "get this stuff off your chest," on your blog, yet again?!? Sure it is!!! Goooooood that you have the loan of a laptop.

    Mmmmmm, have you figured out where to stash it, for when the owner comes round to take it back???? >,-)

  5. How very frustrating!!!

    I know there are more rules than ever before. I got a letter saying that we have made too many transfers in one month between accounts. I thought that was what online banking was for! It helps when the kids owe insurance money or whatever just to hop online and make the swap...but now we have to be aware that we don't do more than a certain amount in a month or there will be "consequences".

  6. Yes I have with a local bank here. You'd think a local hometown bank would have better customer service than the big mega-banks, but in this particular instance, my problem was not resolved to my satisfaction! #$%&)(_(~~~!!!

    I think we're fixing to move our accounts to another bank anyway. Just brush the dirt off my shoes and move on...

  7. Hi Vee! I came by two days ago and you weren't around! Glad to see you are back! Thanks for your visits, it always lights up my day when I see you!!

    YES, massive trouble with my bank. I've been with the same one for over 20 years and now they charge me a fortune in fees if I breathe wrong. They've figured out how to steal money from me on a regular basis by having so many small print items and tricks I cannot keep up.

    I'm switching banks as soon as I can, it is just SO TIME consuming to do so. But I've complained to the bank and they don't seem to care.

    Sorry you are having trouble too!!!


  8. I haven't had trouble with my bank, but from what I understand, I am fortunate. It seems the banking industry has gone a little crazy....

    I hope thinks get straightened out for you soon...

  9. We have not had any trouble lately, but have in the past. It is unbelievable the things that are popping up now days. You never know when you look at the mail what new this or that has been added to services or taken away. Let it out gal.

  10. With all the banks merging and changing policies, etc, it is so hard to keep up with all their new rules. Most are not customer friendly, that's for sure!

  11. I have never heard of such a thing. Crazy world.

    Thank you for coming by. My life is nuts right now and I needed that little perk!

  12. Glad you enjoyed your peek at the kiddos. Meg has made a name for herself in a little over 1 1/2 years. Her little photography venture is making a nice little addtion to the monthly income while she gets to be a stay home mommy. Of coarse I get to help out with some babysitting :)

    I am so sorry about your banks indifferance to you as a loyal customer. How very rude. I am sorry you have to make an extra trip with all that you have on your hands. Well you go gettem girl!

    Blessing to you and John, have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Hi Vee!
    Thanks for your wonderful comment!

    Oh banks are so frustrating sometimes. That's all you need right now with all you have going on with your Mom. My brother & I are having trouble with my Mom's bank right now. The situation can be corrected but it should have been avoided in the first place.

    You are all in my prayers!

  14. PS Love those leaves in the apothecary jar! Gorgeous!!

  15. Just me again. I added your mom to my prayer list! Hope that's ok.

  16. I never heard of a bank not accepting a check for depost? You could sign her up for online banking and then she can just make transfers online. But I would definately complain about the check because that's just crazy!


  17. rooooa rooaaa...use you best scooby voice! what is the world coming to? kind of scary, and in knowing they have your mortgage and all. geez, i'd be looking for a different institution to trust my green with.


  18. We use a credit union and they are wonderful! Been doing business with them almost 30 years!


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