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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October in the Rain

The leaves of brown came tumbling down remember?
In *October, in the rain...

*Okay, it's supposed to be September. Please forgive the edit.

My home is in such a state of untidiness, but I must say that having a cozy home to return to after each hospital visit made me appreciate all over again the need for beauty and restful vignettes in my home. While I've not had the time to do the decorating that I usually do, I did race out to the yard a few days ago to gather some of the nicest leaves, place them individually in a paper towel, and press them with heavy books. Today they "float" in the apothecary jar and are so restful to the eye. And instead of using a platter as I usually do, I've been using this book entitled "How to Find Flower Fairies" opened to an autumnal page. That special little fairy featured on the right is John's newest great-grand. Isn't she adorable?

Just before my mother went to the hospital, she gave me these mums. I placed them in her bicycle basket on my chippy, white fence. They've brought me a lot of comfort. (Plates on the Fence courtesy of Manuela's wonderful idea.)

For more information on my mother, please see the side button entitled "Behind the Scenes." Prepare to be amazed!

I'm on my way to a blog near you just as soon as Nan has her breakfast. I can scarcely wait.


  1. I have missed you, Vee! Love your post...can't wait to see more! Have a wonderful day! Nice to see you this morning!

  2. What a beautiful sentiment (and changing the month really doesn't matter). Isn't it amazing how the most simple of things bring such comfort to our lives. The leaves in the jar are beautiful as afre the mums in the bicycle basket. I am off to read your other post that I missed earleir this week. I hope things are well with you and starting to settle down.
    Happy Wednesday, Jennifer

  3. SO, so, so very glad to see a post from you! Enjoy your day, your post brightened mine.

  4. I'm so glad you are here...today. I've been wondering how you are coping...and how your mother was faring.

    I just read the update on your sidebar...and am so happy for you all...and will keep on praying for your mom. We know that what looks impossible to us...is not impossible with God! I have to keep reminding myself of that.

  5. So glad for you, and for your whole family! For the latest you tell us, in your 'Behind The Scenes' link, I mean.

    Has this 'Behind The Scenes' link been here, all this time? If so, I've been MIA there. -sigh- Please remind "the slow among us" [me] of things like this. I could have read updates, instead of pestering you, in snail mail. :-)))) Nahhhh, I still like to send you snail mail.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs! And so super that someone loaned you a laptop for a couple of days. S-u-p-e-r that! :-)

    And can't hardly believe that Blogger went and trashed your blog! Super n-o-t cool on that! Grrr... Why would they do that? I have old blogs sitting there, still. Able to be gotten to and read and etc.

    More hugs.........

  6. Dear Vee,

    What a lovely display of autumn in and out of your home!
    I am so glad to hear that your Mom is doing better and praying that she will continue to heal!


  7. Hi Vee, I was so happy to see a comment from you and thought that it might mean you had posted on your blog. Nice to see that you had!

    I read your sidebar update (has that always been there?) and was so happy to learn that what you thought would happen didn't and that your Mom is in rehab! I pray that she will continue to get better!

    You have plates on your fence! Isn't it fun to do that. Love the mums too!


  8. Just such a lovely vignette...thank you for sharing!

  9. Vee,
    First of all when I saw a comment from you I was thrilled, so I had to come right away and see what you were up to. Oh Vee, I read the updates, and I am so thrilled at the doctor's report. The Lord has answered all the prayers, and your precious mom must be thrilled.

    Wonderful news for two special ladies.

  10. Hello sweet Vee!!! It's so good to see you here dear friend!!!! I do hope that you are holding up well...I'm so very glad to hear your mother is mending, prayer is so amazing!!!! Hugs and love across the miles Vee, xxoo, Dawn

  11. Hi Vee,
    What a lovely idea to put fall leaves in a apothecary jar and the mums are just beautiful.
    Now I am off to read all about Mom.
    Take care and I am glad your home safe and sound.

  12. Hi Vee,
    I'm back from reading all bout Mom.
    My goodness gracious she and you all have been through so much. Bless her heart, she is a very strong lady.
    I will keep her in my thoughts.
    Hugs to you and Mom,

  13. Have just been behind the scenes Vee and am praising God with you and praying for continued healing.

    Take care of yourself and don't worry about visiting us until you are ready. I remember you anyhow.

    I am glad that my post was a help to you today, maybe it was just for yu that I got the inspiration to post it just now.

  14. Vee, Soooo glad you shared behind the scenes. What a journey you all have been on. Enough said here...prayers going up. PTL !
    Tell John if he goes here:


    He can see all the antic's. Tell him not to miss the scarwy makeup one:) ...and congratulations on the precious little new beauty.

    So great to see your imprint of fall all around your place. Beautiful!

  15. Dear Vee, I did read about your Mom. Sometimes things do happen to quickly it is hard to believe. It just keeps you on a roller coaster. Your family is on my prayer list. The fall leaves are beautiful.

  16. Mrs. Vee! (jumping up and down with excitement that you're here!) So good to stop in and see you've posted! I did. not. see your behind the scenes button. I'm such a doof! Glad you pointed it out. Glad to read the updates. Praising God for the most recent update!

  17. Oh Vee. . .lovely leaves and views of autumn.. .
    Nice to have you back here this morning.

    Off to read about your mom's update.

  18. Just got back from your "behind the scenes." Yes, you have our prayers. I am amazed at this story. Give Nan my best and tell her we are all inspired. C

  19. Dear Vee, It's so good to see you here. The news about your mom is absolutely incredible! I'm so happy for all of you. Congratulations to John on the latest grand. You must be so tired after going through all of this. When my hubby was so sick last year it took a while to snap back. Take care of yourself Vee. Your leaves are so pretty. I just love them and may just do something like that my self. God bless you. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  20. Flowers in a jar...perfect! No whisking off on a stray breeze like they usually do when scatter around.

    You are such an amazing trooper. I hope all the irritating details of life get flooded over with joys instead.

  21. I read all the updates on your Mom ..praise the Lord! It is such encouraging news! I will certainly keep her in my prayers Vee!

    Congratulations to John on a new great grand! What a blessing that is to see more generations be born.

    our leaves have not yet begun to turn ... just a hint of less green in them...maybe in another week?

  22. Rejoicing with you on the good news about your mom!! You all have been through so much - want you to know that you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

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