A Haven for Vee

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Inspirational Posts

This is the new home for those posts that others have written, which have been meaningful for me. (It formerly lived in my sidebar.)

 Mother's Notes~Love Song to My Life by Gloria

A Crushing Blow~Sweet Tea and Sandals by Barbara

Resilience~God, Mom, Alzheimer's, and Me by Linda

♪ How to Wait~My Journal Reflections by Barbara

♪ Thoughts on This Weekend's March~Creekside Cottage by Deanna

It Was Father's Day~Knick of Time by Angie

What Honor Looks Like~A Collection of Days by Dayle

What I've Learned About Autism ~My Story, My Song by Paige

Things I've Learned ~ The Fancy Shack by Kimberlee

Do All Things Work Together for Good? ~Coffee Tea Books and Me by Brenda

Time ~Thinking of Home by CeeKay

Life and Death in a Cornfield ~At Home With The Farmer's Wife by Suzanne

Don't Bury Your Heart ~God, Mom, Alzheimer's and Me by Linda

Honor One Another Pt.1 ~Words on Wheels by Debbie

Honor One Another Pt. 2 ~ditto

Sarah and Sonja ~Bits and Pieces by Sonja

True Love ~Stickhorse Cowgirls by C

Share Your Burdens ~Little Birdie Blessings by Abby

🎵 The Crying Chair~Deep Roots at Home by Jacqueline