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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hands On Hodge Podge ツ

Welcome to this week's edition of The Hodge Podge...

1. When and where were the best fireworks you've ever seen? 

The first ones I saw at age six or so remain the highlight. My sister was very little and screamed throughout. Poor kid. My parents were with friends so couldn't leave. I, on the other hand, was enthralled, though I held my hands over my ears until it ended. 

Speaking of fireworks...do you know your hot buttons?

Who doesn't? 

The things people can say and/or do to set you off?


When was the last time someone pushed one of your hot buttons?

I'd like to introduce whoever was setting off fireworks after midnight to the toe of my boot.

2. Have you hosted any outdoor summer parties this year? Attended any? What makes for a great outdoor party?

No to the first two questions. For one thing, the weather has been spectacularly uncooperative this year so when the sun shines there is serious work to be done. We have no time for play.

A great outdoor party = no mosquitoes and no booze

Everything after that is just fine as long as friends and family are there.

3. What does freedom mean to you?

Yesterday, I listened to a presentation meant to put my freedoms in perspective in terms of cost to the millions of others who purchased them for me: every soldier, ancestors who braved the ocean and wilderness, et cetera, et cetera. The ultimate sacrifice is, of course, The Savior Who died on that cruel cross. The talk was sobering. It puts "earn this" in focus and reminded me just how precious those freedoms are. The  culmination of debt owed is so great that it is impossible to earn this beyond recognizing the cost, standing up for our freedoms, pushing back against those who would remove them, and living this good life with God's help.

On that note, I am grateful for our great heritage so that we can celebrate this country and its freedoms with friends and family, watch fireworks, and eat BBQ.

4. July is National Cell Phone Courtesy month...what annoys you most about people's cell phone habits?

Texting or talking when one is already involved in a conversation is seriously annoying and incredibly rude.

5. What's your current summer anthem?

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

As mentioned, this summer is an intense work session every day that the weather allows. I still have outside work to do at my late husband's estate and both my kids are moving this month. They spent the holiday weekend painting a barn and doing final spiff-ups in anticipation of closing later in the next couple of weeks. I spent mine helping them in my little way. The fourth itself was quiet and uneventful; perhaps, we'll celebrate July 8th, though it does not have quite the same ring to it. 

Thank you for reading today...

Looking forward to reading about your day. You can find Joyce and her participants right *Here.*


  1. I agree with both the fireworks after midnight and cell phone/text use while in the middle of a conversation. Have a great week Vee!

  2. No "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" for you this year. Perhaps you can put your feet up on those icky weather days, since you are working so hard when the sun shines!

    Lots of changes coming up in your July. It is crunch time for the movers! How well I remember the excitement combined with exhaustion!

  3. My day was probably about as quiet as your was and it seems I had the same wonderful experience last night as I was "lulled" off to sleep to the booms and pops of neighborhood fireworks...at least until midnight. I love what you wrote of freedom...so well put...I couldn't quite put my true thoughts and feelings in words so I will just say, "yeah, what SHE said". Your back yard looks like a peaceful and beautiful retreat.

  4. Our day was quiet here at home, not so much outside. I went to sleep with fireworks still going off locally. Such as people who live across the back fence locally. We can also hear the fireworks from the larger town near us and the small town but they usually aren't a bother and are over well before midnight.

    My daughter has been trying to get me to fly to Massachusetts but I'm physically not up to it right now. So she surprised me by messaging that she and the kids are going to drive here starting Thursday, arriving Friday. They will stay in that great vacation town of Cleveland, Ohio to rest overnight. ;)

  5. Hi Vee, I really enjoyed reading your answers to the Hodge Podge questions -- I always do. :) This photo of your yard is sooo pretty. Our yard looks horrible right now, and I can't think about working on it until next week (getting ready for my niece's wedding shower on Sat.) As far as fireworks go, we had a bunch going off in our neighborhood last night; poor Duncan was so afraid. I love what you wrote about freedom and totally agree.

    Take care of yourself and I'm wishing you good progress on your work list.

    Warm hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. One of our area's most popular fireworks displays is on July 3, and our neighbors set off fireworks that same night. Although the neighbors were done by 9:30 or so, the good-nights and slamming car doors of departing guests persisted for awhile. After that there was all the traffic returning from the "big" fireworks in the neighboring town. Sleep was slow in coming that night.

    On the other hand, we got home from our friends' party about 9:45 last night, the neighborhood was quiet and we went right to sleep. Go figure.

    Enjoyed reading your answers and agree with them. I was so proud of my teenage granddaughters when they went with us to my dad's graveside service and family gathering afterward. Their phones stayed in the car (with no prompting from anyone) for the duration. Several hours.

    Nice to have a stretch of decent weather, isn't it? Praying for you with all that must be accomplished.

    Hope you can celebrate on July 8! That's a festive day to me, as it was my dad's birthday, and my daughter and son-in-law got married on that day.

  7. I love that area in your backyard. So pretty! And except for yesterday which was gorgeous, we've had pretty rainy weather here too. This morning we had a thunderstorm but now the sun is out. More and severe storms tomorrow, I hear. I think the more you say July 8th the better it will sound. :-) I totally agree with your about people doing fireworks after midnight. In fact, it annoys me when neighbors do fireworks after 10 o'clock. Doesn't it seem like 10 o'clock is a reasonable time to wrap it up?? The local golf course once had a very long-lasting night party that we could hear (all too well) from two miles away. Not fun. Hope you get some good weather, especially because summer is too short as it is. xo

  8. What a weekend go right you, your kids and their families. Your backyard picture is beautiful. We are on our way home after 5 days camping. Hope to find our backyard as pretty. Always enjoy reading your responses to the questionnaire.

  9. We had a normal weekend, but went to my parents house yesterday for swimming and grilling. Once it got dark we did fireworks in the drive way. They were pretty good this year!

    I'm one to not hold too many expectations for holidays. I try to take them for what they are. Some kids with us, some with inlaws. I try to just enjoy it however it comes. Maybe you and your kids can make your gathering a 'hurray we're ready to move' party! Sparklers and fireworks work well for celebrating anything! :)

  10. Your ans are good for me too!
    We had rain but they still boomed fire works late in the night.

  11. Here in the land where it doesn't get dark till late those fireworks go on and on after I'm in bed. I'm with you on the cell phone angst. It really is hard work getting an estate in order or this old house for that matter. Your backyard is looking spiffy! Hope the rest of the week goes well and a celebration comes together for the weekend. Tuesday holidays just throw me off!

  12. I know what you mean about "making hay when the sun shines"!!! In fact, we finally have a few days stretch of sunshine here and they are actually baling the hay today as I type. Sounds like you are very busy these days with all the changes and settling to do. Think of you often Vee.

  13. I always love your answers...Just wondering if you WERE wearing boots after midnight?! lol
    It has been a busy summer season for us here, too. Yesterday was almost anti-climatic as I SAT in the afternoon for the first time in quite a while
    Have a wonderful week. xo Diana

    1. 🤣 Yes, she sleeps with her boots on... Hahahahaha...

  14. I had a quiet fourth too. It was just me and the pups, since the kiddo was out of town and John was down in Tucson. Also... no fireworks this year, because of the fire danger, which makes me happy because Bubba gets scared to death. Sorry about those after midnight fireworks by your house though. That would have set me off too!

    By the way, thank you for letting me know about the flower app. That'll come in handy :)

    Also... I wouldn't be able to let those clothes go either (referring to the post about making John's clothes into quilts) and I hope you don't mind me saying that I think it was rude of them to ask, especially this soon.

    hugs, my friend,

  15. Enjoyed reading your answers. I agree with your cell phone answer and I like you song choice.

  16. Hi Vee, I love the photo of your backyard. We had a quiet day at home for the 4th. I enjoyed what you shared above about freedom. I did watch fireworks on tv and then was awakened by rude neighbors hours after going to bed with their fireworks! All the best to your son and daughter. Moving is no fun! lol Have a good evening.

  17. I always enjoy your answers and I totally agree with number 4. Love your backyard photo. Take care and don't work too hard!

  18. Your plants are certainly enjoying the rain from the heavens, Vee. They look so perky. We need rain terribly. It rains all around us, but eludes us. We did get 1/8 inch today.
    We were in the grocery the other day and a woman with a baby talked on her phone up and down every aisle. I learned more than I wanted to know about her!
    Good luck with closing up all the loose ends. ♥

  19. Great answer on freedom! I think we forget that we lived a very, very long time without cell phones and somehow managed just fine.

  20. Fireworks seem to last for days now. Not sure when we got away from July 4th only. Sometimes I am in a conversation and the person I'm talking to gets a text, but tries not to look at their phone. I can tell I've lost them though, because now all they can think about is who sent the text and what's in it. I find that annoying too.

  21. Well... Vee, your hodgepodge made me smile. I think if we were neighbors we could create quite a ruckus by our likemindedness on many things. Your back yard is such a dream.

  22. Totally agree with the us of phones, most annoying and so very rude. Your garden is looking beautiful.

  23. I enjoyed all your answers, as always. And your backyard scene looks so green and lush!

  24. Sounds like you'll have more work than play this summer. Take care and pace yourself! Sweet hugs, Diane

  25. I always enjoy reading your answers to the Hodge Podge questions. This time I found your response to after midnight fireworks fanatics especially amusing.
    Your yard looks so green and pretty. Hope you are finding moments among all the work to enjoy it.

  26. You certainly are a busy Vee - It's hard to justify doing things outside of getting what needs to be done, I totally get that. I think that's why my husband has taken to camping. He continues to mention how much he loves the trailer and getting away. In his younger days he rarely would take time to do anything but work - finally I convinced him going on a family vacation once a year would do him and the family some good - we made a tradition of doing so and still do today. He's also in a good place to where he doesn't have to kill himself working anymore
    . I hope you find some time to enjoy life and take care of YOU.
    Have a nice weekend

  27. What a beautiful backyard to enjoy! I am on the deck watching the kitten try to get the dog to play...apparently he is not in the mood! haha...What gets me most about the cell phones are people that think they have to talk loudly in them, or they are too busy on the phone to pay attention to someone they are blocking isles at the store...but the one that really gets me is the ones that take the conversation (and cell phone of course) to the bathroom with them (in a public place)!!!! I have mine with me all the time when I am out. If I am at dinner with friends, I will not answer it. I only take it out and lay it on the table to be sure I don't miss a call that might come in several times, I worry then so I get up and leave the table to answer. No texting or anything at the table. I might grab it in the mist of a conversation to pull something up to show that other person, if that is what we were talking about. I have seen parents taking kids to dinner and while the kids eat, or are waiting on their food, both parents are on the phone. GET OFF AND SPEND TIME WITH YOUR KIDS! HAHA...now, I guess the last time my button was pushed was a min ago! haha....Great post.

  28. Fun answers. You do have a lovely back yard.

  29. We had a quiet holiday too in Nashua, NH, but did enjoy hit dogs and coleslaw for lunch and then watermelon later in the evening. Fireworks were viewed along the riverwalk near the mill apts.

  30. We had neighbors across the street shooting off fireworks after midnight. I'm getting grumpy in my old age, but I just don't understand some people! Your garden looks so pretty and patriotic! Wishing I lived near enough to help you out.

  31. Your answers always have me smiling. :) Enjoy that lovely backyard this summer...and remember that 'all work and no play makes Vee a dull girl'. LOL

  32. I love the new look of the blog, Vee, the header looks just perfect for summer. And I love fireworks.

  33. Your yard looks so pretty. My beloved patio has really suffered thru our hard times here...I keep forgetting to water my container garden and no new plants...maybe next summer....
    and thank you for reminding me that Roses Bloom Again...I KNOW they will but I am in the stage when I doubt MY roses will ever ever bloom again....

  34. We had a family barbecue for the 4th of July but no fireworks as our area has a fire restriction on. That did not stop some illegal fireworks and I'm glad they did not set our hills ablaze with them! It has been unusually hot in the west this summer...and so dry. I had a terrible cold and almost pneumonia for the last few weeks--really tied me out and now I'm glad to be feeling better again and able to enjoy summer. Hope you get a little fun time too, Vee.

  35. Amen and amen on everything here. We are kindred spirits for sure. Your yard looks so pretty!

  36. I know what you mean about all the work needing to be done outside! Your yard looks amazing! Your fireworks story reminds me of our son when he was 2 and we took him to the first outdoor fireworks show, and he cried the entire time, they hurt his ears and scared him. We were all glad when the fireworks ended, lol! Hope you get to enjoy some nice summer weather soon!