Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Cozy Stormy Day

One who lives in "the North" should never get too excited about spring. Spring is fickle and downright mean. It has me wondering how and why I get tricked every single year, year after year. I must be stupid, naïve or an eternal optimist. ッ

I was pretty bummed yesterday morning because the wintry storm meant a change of plans and I don't like having my plans changed. My sister and I had decided that it was time for another project. Last year, about this time, we worked together on white washing her fireplace. 

You can see the before and after of that project below.

This time, we were going to wallpaper her dining room wall. She has two dining room walls and was doing only one, which was a good thing since she had only 18 inches of wallpaper left when the one wall was completed. Because of the stormy weather, I stayed home and she tackled it on her own. She did a great job as you can see below. When she finishes putting this room together, I'll be sure to show you how it turned out. 

All of the above is old news for those who are Instagram friends. I keep my account there private, but sometimes entertain allowing friends to follow along. 

One person recognized my featuring my sister's home before. True. You can find the post of her living room, which my father really enjoyed for several months. The post Instagram Really? is where I shared the living room that is just to the left of the photos above. You can also see Sis's living room on my Friends page by clicking on that in my sidebar...all those plants? Hers. 

So Friday turned out to be a busy news day and I happily listened to my afternoon radio talk shows and I spent time in my cozy living room listening to the wind howl and the sump pump run. 

Sometimes things work out after all.

My son and family will be home from a week in Florida today. I have been on kitty and mail duty. I'll be glad to know that they are home and I think that they have had a good time. I know that the cat is going to be so happy to have her family home again. 

Have a good weekend!


  1. I have an idea that the weather was perfect for the Florida vacation. It's really been beautiful lately. Hope they had a good trip and that you see some sunshine soon! Love the whitewash on the bricks...really makes a difference! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  2. Your sister's dining wallpaper is really pretty and goes well with the color of the adjacent wall. I see all that snow you all have. Your home, Vee, is the perfect cozy spot. Thank goodness for sump pumps keeping basements dry. Our's has been working full time. Have a happy weekend. ♥

  3. Lovely post, Vee! I'm like you, never completely lulled into the complacent thought that spring is getting close. (It's sort of like Lucy and the football; tries to trick us every time.) Your living room does indeed look so very cozy ... the perfect place to spend a stormy day.

    Your sister did an amazing job with wallpaper and it does look gorgeous. When we built our home we had wallpaper in nearly every room. I am over it by now and, as we can, we are replacing (covering up) the wallpaper with pine paneling. It looks so much nicer!

    But your sister's wallpaper ... now that is a far different story and looks so nice with the blue walls.

    Hope your son and family had a wonderful time in Florida. I know you will be happy to see them back.

  4. Love the pattern in the wall paper. Hope your snow storms go away soon! Have a great weekend.

  5. I am chermcb on IG and I would like to follow you. I always think of you when I listen to the music from Anneof Green Gables.
    Cheryl McBride

  6. A change of plans is frustrating! I hope you find something good to do until spring decides she’s going to stay awhile! It’s going to rain in Texas so starting a hose painting project won’t happen today but I can stand inside and finish cleaning up the sewing room! There’s always something to do!!

  7. Indeed it does look cozy and warm..such long, long winters up there in the NE....a delightful post and yes, I love the whitewashed fireplace....what a lovely dining room....projects are a blessing I think!

  8. Oh, the sound of a sump pump isn't the most soothing, is it? I'm sorry you had to change your plans, but it sounds as though you made the most of it. I saw the photos of your sister's wall paper project on IG, but they are bigger and more impressive on my laptop screen.
    Have a good weekend, Vee.

  9. Wow...I really need for you to come here and re decorate, smiles.

  10. Looks great and I love the windows.
    I made your Recipe for Whooopie Pies today. Yummy!

  11. I do love the look of those white-washed bricks...I did that to mine several years ago and it made a huge difference...and YES...your sis is a woman after my own heart...wallpaper! I guess you realize it's coming back but I have always loved it. Her dining room is so very pretty and calming. Your living room makes me want to come on in and sit a spell. :)

  12. hat a difference a little paint does, the fireplace is stunning. You are a blessed with a cosy home it would be nice to sit and enjoy its warmth.

  13. I remember when you gals whitewashed the brick fireplace and what a lovely transformation it is. What a shame that you had to miss out on the wallpapering. It, too, looks lovely and I shall look forward to seeing the room totally put back together. Meanwhile it looks as though you made the best of things and had a cozy day at home.

  14. What a wonderful result! the color choice and the wallpaper are so satisfying, and I love the table and chairs and the lamp above. Do not give up, Vee! Spring will finally be here. It's been a bit - well more than a bit - back and forth here, too. But that is the norm for Spring!

  15. Vee, I was also disappointed by the weather and it interrupted my plans to go to Martha's Vineyard for a few days. We did wake up to quite a bit of snow but it melted by late afternoon. Spring does tease us for sure but warmer weather
    Must be just around the corner, I hope! Your sister did an amazing job! Looks beautiful!

  16. My six years in Colorado have taught me not to think Spring is really here until June, or at least until Mother's Day has passed in mid May. WE can get snow anytime up till then.

    Your sister's fireplace wall is so pretty looking all whitewashed. I have all red bricks for my wall, too, but I hesitate to paint it as I like the brick look. It does seem like all white decor is "in style" especially on instagram. Your sister's dining room also looks pretty with the one wall wallpapered. She is making her home shine!


    1. She likes red brick as well, but that wall was so tired looking. If the white-wash had not worked, she would have given it a solid paint. The last step would be to take it down. It was in THAT bad shape.

  17. Your sister did a great job and I really like the wallpaper. Funny how things come and go---for years no one had wallpaper and now it is making a reappearance. I remember the fireplace makeover and that really turned out great.

    I had a problem with comments coming through to my email yesterday so thanking you here for popping in and leaving a comment. xo Diana

  18. Your sister has good taste. I love the wall paper and how it looks--definitely a brightener. If it were me, I'd be just as happy to have bad weather to miss out on such a project--about my least favorite thing to do, yet I'm happy it's becoming popular again. And you have about the coziest looking house I've seen--and I place a high value on coziness!

  19. I enjoy listening to talk radio as I putter about the house too. I really like the fireplace and wallpaper.

  20. Spring can be fickle for sure. I'm sooo behind on blog visits and this coming weekend's activities will make me fall behind yet again. I like your sister's home and the nice bright window views. I'm not even aware of the news these days. Oye. Hope this week is going well and the cat's family is comfortable at home again.

  21. Even though your plans changed, it looks like you were very productive :) I agree with Podso, your sister has good taste. I love the transformation of her fireplace and oh, the wallpaper set off her dining room beautifully.

    Enjoy the remainder of your week! Hugs to you!

  22. Fickle spring indeed. Today we are getting rain, mixed with the odd gust of wet snowflakes. Our snow has definitely gone down considerably, but no patches of grass showing yet. patience, patience...
    The dining room wall looks great. I love that soft blue... and I still love wallpaper too...

  23. Yes, we had 62 degree weather Thursday and then Saturday night I was cleaning snow off of my car before I could drive home from a friend's! Believe it or not, I don't mind the colder weather, but this lack of sun is getting to me. Michigan seems blanketed under clouds for months every year. So depressing!! So looking forward to the sun!

  24. Hi Vee - so good to "see" you - been much too long. Hugs hugs hugs!

    As for that show I recommend - trust me , it ends up a vry very sweet story - I know you'd love it -Alex is a Christian kind and good man who loves his family and treats everyone so kindly - he also is a wonderful guitar player and singer, and he is cute and really funny - and always seems to do the right me. Watch it. See what he does.

    As for me? Painting and some home improvements and travelling and spending as much time as possible with that grand daughter - and watching my nieces win cheerleading competitions....lots of that kinda stuff. And yes, spring has sprung but not so much, though today was pretty but it is supposed to get cold again. It flurried snow yesterday. I am so over it.

    Hope you have a blessed Easter - hard to believe it is right around the corner. ♥

  25. Your home is so warm, friendly and pretty.
    You are handling your blog posts, IG and FB so well...I stay behind in all of it.
    However...I have been so busy cleaning around here...spring cleaning plus there's not much that gets you moving as fast as you can go than having 11 friends over for a night of Bunco, good food and so much laughter. I am cleaning places they will never know about or notice but I DO....and that makes me feel good....and feeling good about my house allows me to enjoy everything so much more.

  26. Hi Vee~

    Don't you just love having your sister close so that you can do fun things together!? I love her fireplace, and the wall paper is very pretty. I really like the look of it on just one wall. I remember when your dad lived with her, and I remember the room that was finished for him, it was beautiful!

    Your home is so cozy and warm...I love the old phone! It's the perfect space to listen to the radio and spend a stormy day!

    Hugs and Love,

  27. I just remembered that the comment I tried to leave here last week (on my phone while travelling) disappeared into thin air, so let me try again.

    First off...I wanted to say that I love the white-washed bricks from yesteryear. Amazing what a little paint can do! Your sister's go-it-alone wallpaper job turned out great!

    Is the sump pump still humming? Hopefully spring has arrived in your corner by now. :)

  28. So nice to visit this morning, I have decided to take the day off and blog with friends. You were so right when you once said that the longer one stays away from blogging the harder it is to get back to it. The change in the fireplace is so pretty, and such a big difference too! Your home is always so cozy and inviting, BTW you are not the only one Mother Nature tries to fool, yesterday it was 38 degrees, today it will be 70, what a difference a day makes.
    Alway a joy to visit.

  29. I really like the 'after' pic of the fireplace. Now I'm considering that for the new house. It looks really good! And with all the grief involved in taking off wallpaper, I will never paper another wall as long as I live. The collage is so pretty with all the glowiness. xo

  30. Love the redos! Your room looks so warm and cozy too! This weather has been so strange lately. Yesterday we have snow showers and temperatures in the low 30's and today it's sunny and in the 70's! Crazy!! Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your week.


  31. Spring surely is a fickle soul... lots of teasing going on for sure! One thing about it, the sun is staying in the sky longer, and things are bound to warm up eventually! Sorry that you missed out on a fun day with your sister, but the wallpaper turned out amazing! I for one do not care for wallpaper, had too much dealings with it in the past, but I have to admit, I really, really like the wallpaper your sister chose, it looks amazing! Glad that your family had a good time in Florida, I'm sure it meant so much to them to know the kitty and the mail were being taken care of while they were gone. It is nice to enjoy a cold rainy day at home, sounds like you made the best of it! Always a joy to visit with you Vee, blessings!

  32. Great fireplace DIY, Vee!! I love the look of painted and white washed brick. A home in our neighborhood had the exterior brick painted, and it was an amazing transformation. It looks like a different house, and in a really good way. :)

    Your sister did a good job with her dining room wallpaper, and I'm sorry you didn't get to help her. However, you have the world's coziest living room, so there is that consolation. :D It was a good day to stay in and listen to the news.

    Big hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  33. You have such a warm and cozy home, Vee. I love it. I know you enjoy the company of your sister. Spring has been a bit rainy here in GA.


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