Thursday, June 18, 2009

One Thing I've Discovered

One thing I've discovered is that the longer one stays away from blogging the easier it becomes. That can't be a good thing! So in a purposeful effort to stay connected, even a little bit, I'm going to post weekly. Maybe.

So many of you have reminded me to take care of myself and John and to do something fun from time to time. I am not certain why I find this so difficult, especially when it's the very advice that I might give to someone in similar circumstances. Perhaps it is this: It feels as if it is a betrayal to those who are unable to do "something fun." But thinking that is a lie since both my mother and grandmother have continued to enjoy their lives even while in Rehab. So I attempt to nip that wrong thinking and focus on "something fun" for John and myself like an evening off to the lake to watch folks hit golf balls down the driving range and to partake of the best onion rings in the state.

Doesn't he look intent?! :D

After that, we are not ready to head home so soon. A stop at Giffords is definitely in order and John splurges, yet again, on one of their banana splits while I enjoy my favorite Caramel Caribou cone.

Still not ready to return home, we strike off for one of our favorite spots. Since the sunset is not cooperating quite as well as we'd hoped, I settle for taking a photo of Sebago Lake, stacks of wood being readied for next winter, and a Tufted Titmouse.

Wonder what the plural of titmouse is? Titmice? Titmouses?

Enjoy this beautiful day, Dear Ones!