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Thursday, June 18, 2009

One Thing I've Discovered

One thing I've discovered is that the longer one stays away from blogging the easier it becomes. That can't be a good thing! So in a purposeful effort to stay connected, even a little bit, I'm going to post weekly. Maybe.

So many of you have reminded me to take care of myself and John and to do something fun from time to time. I am not certain why I find this so difficult, especially when it's the very advice that I might give to someone in similar circumstances. Perhaps it is this: It feels as if it is a betrayal to those who are unable to do "something fun." But thinking that is a lie since both my mother and grandmother have continued to enjoy their lives even while in Rehab. So I attempt to nip that wrong thinking and focus on "something fun" for John and myself like an evening off to the lake to watch folks hit golf balls down the driving range and to partake of the best onion rings in the state.

Doesn't he look intent?! :D

After that, we are not ready to head home so soon. A stop at Giffords is definitely in order and John splurges, yet again, on one of their banana splits while I enjoy my favorite Caramel Caribou cone.

Still not ready to return home, we strike off for one of our favorite spots. Since the sunset is not cooperating quite as well as we'd hoped, I settle for taking a photo of Sebago Lake, stacks of wood being readied for next winter, and a Tufted Titmouse.

Wonder what the plural of titmouse is? Titmice? Titmouses?

Enjoy this beautiful day, Dear Ones!


  1. Glad to see you and John out having some fun. Ken and I hit some golf balls around last week.
    We are taking a driving vacation in a couple or three weeks and heading up to Maine. :-)

  2. So very good to know that you are having some special moments and so very good to hear about them!

  3. Vee,
    I am thrilled that you listened to all the advice to care for yourself in the process of caring for others. I know you had to feel a bit of rejuvenation after your wonderful outing.

    A side note, my dad's surgery went well this morning, he back over at the other hospital this afternoon and may have to have some grafting done tomorrow.

    Have a blessed afternoon.

  4. How nice to see you enjoying some of the fun things in life...good company and good food...beautiful scenery and a little bird watching.

    And it sounds like your sense of humour is still intact...I'm still chuckling about the plural of 'those birds'!

  5. I know that it's hard to unwind with so much going on but I'm glad that you found some time to do just that.
    Your Mum and Nana would be sad if they thought you weren't making time for yourself. Right??
    Those Onion Rings look AWESOME!!!!!!
    I love onion rings. :)
    I'm so glad that you aren't giving up Bloggin. :) It wouldn't be the same without you.

  6. Hello Dear Vee!
    So happy to see you again, thank you for sharing...even a little bit! Do take care of yourself!

  7. Loved the part about the mice. So good to hear from you. Blessings

  8. Hi Vee - good to see you out and about! It's refreshing, isn't it,to get out with John and do something different and think about yourself for a change!

    I'm thinking about the blogging once a week myself. I catch myself spending way too much time on the computer when I have SOOO much other stuff to do. I read blogs daily even tho I don't post daily.
    I need a break from it all, too. It's easily addictive!

  9. I too am so glad you and John have time together, Vee. What a nightmare the pasty few weeks must have been for you both. And what a blessing your Mum and Gran are together now too.
    I know how easy it is to stop posting, and like you, the thign I miss the most is reading, but there simply is no time sometimes. But my special friends are in my prayers daily, so please know that.
    And those onion rings??? My life is incomplete without them!

  10. Thanks for the smile!

    Keep up the great work...

  11. Soooo glad to hear from you!!!!

    You're being reminded {by others} to take care of yourself and John, hu?!?!? Not just by "selfish me"? Well, that's impressive! I had the feeling that all your blog friends were into this "we-must-be-martyrs" mind set.

    See I just do not understand how people can have been conditioned to think; "It feels as if it is a betrayal to those who are unable to do "something fun."" This sounds {to me} as if you think that as long as anyone is suffering, you must too. -shakes head-

    I don't understand. Even while knowing that many people, have been so conditioned. -sighhhhhh-

    But I'm very glad that you shook free from such conditioning, to go for a little fun time away!!!

    Aunt Amelia

  12. I love the bird pics.
    Keep on caring for yourself!

  13. Vee, I am so pleased to see your photos and read your post. The best of times. Still including your gran mum in my thoughts. hugs Margie.

  14. Caramel Caribou--two thumbs up! Now that's living.

  15. Nothing like onion rings and ice cream to soothe a troubled soul--especially when shared with your beloved. I know how hard it is to take some time out (I spent a few weeks going back and forth to a hospital/nursing home myself last summer) but the old cliche rings true about self-care--if an emergency happens when flying you put the oxygen mask on yourself first so you can more readily take care of others. Dear Vee, I don't see a martyr at all but a loving, devoted daughter/granddaugher. I look forward to hearing from you now and then but please know you are daily in my prayers. ~Kathy

  16. Hi Vee,
    It is so great to hear from you, I am glad that you and John took some time to rest and enjoy a great fun day! I so enjoyed the pictures.
    Know that I am still praying for you and your family.

  17. Always enjoy reading what you two are up too. Sounds like you both were enjoying the simple things of life this day....good to hear Vee!

    Stay Blessed~~~~~

  18. Oh Vee, such a a lot for you and your family to recover from right now. . I trust you will take care and not feel like you "have to" blog. . .time will take its course. . and blogging will still be here .. but of course it is lovely to have updates. .
    take care,

  19. What a nice evening out! Treasure those moments and enjoy an occasional splurge into life.

  20. It's so good to see you checking in this morning. I'm glad to hear that Mom and Nan are not letting the stay in rehab get them down. Hooray for you and John for taking an evening and having some fun.

    I loved the views but most of all the view of those ONION RINGS!!!! Wow, they look delicious. I bet they use buttermilk in the batter.

    Take Care.

    - Suzanne

  21. It is great that you are remembering to take a little time out fot yourself. Taking care of others can be overwhelming and stressful even if you don't want it to seem so. It looks like you enjoyed such a lovely evening. I love the pictures of the birds. What a beautiful ended to a nice evening out! :)


  22. Vee, if there is one thing being an intensive care surgical nurse for many years taught me is that we can't continue to do good for others if we don't take care of our body minds and spirits from time to time. A little fun relaxing time was probably just what you and John needed to recharge your spirits.

    I'm continuing to pray for you and your family!

    Hugs, Pat

  23. Just drop in when you can...when you feel like it. We are okay with that. Even just a little bit of Vee will do.

    We are not going any where friend. Glad you and John are taking some time to "smell the roses" eating an ice cream cone, watching a sunset...digging into the best onion rings ever :D

  24. Happy Midsummer's Eve, to all!

    Aunt Amelia

  25. Vee,
    I am glad to have cleared that whole gel thing up. Have a wonderful weekend.

  26. Sounds like a relaxing time. Glad you got out and enjoyed this time together. :)

  27. So glad to see that you are out and about. Hope that your Mum and G-Mom are doing well.

    Enjoy Father's Day with John and the kids!


  28. So nice to see you and John out enjoying a fun day and some yummy food. I think sometimes when those closest to us are suffering it doesn't seem quite right to be out having fun, but on the flip side it is a bit of a lesson in remembering to enjoy life while we are still healthy and able.

    Beautiful photo of the titmouse.

  29. Vee,
    I wanted to wish John the happiest of Father's Days ever! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family. Still praying!

  30. Beautiful pictures Vee, and some nice times. Do take care and stay strong. It is a hard time but try to take some comfort for yourself - it is important to keep your strength up or you are no good to anyone (that is what I always told my Mom when she was worn out and she always said she felt better after a good nap or a little break from the stress). Best wishes to your mom and grandma for recovery. xo Terri

  31. We have been where you are trying to take care of loved ones and all it incures. It is very draining. You two needed to get away for even a little while to refresh your batteries so-to- speak. It was good of you to get away,..you'll come back with more stamina and a clearer view into how to handle things than if you had stayed at home. These times of life sure do tug on our heart strings and emotions though. The love you all share makes life so beautiful though. You take care of yourself. We love hearing from you and will be glad for any little time you have for this blog,..but take care of yourselfs and your family first of course.Jody

  32. Good that you are having fun. We all need t recharge our batteries regularly.
    That old condemnation comes from the enemy and is a lie.. Give it space in your life and it will grow, ignore it and it will diminish.

  33. Good for you Vee, your relationship is very important so I am glad you found some time out for fun just the two of you!



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