Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Unlikely Star

How glad I am that Diane told me not to snip back the spent rose blooms. It's so pretty. Doesn't it look like a star? I'll have a few more perhaps before the rose bushes are ready to retire for the season.

I was out mowing yesterday afternoon so got to appreciate the west side of the garage being accomplished from a lot of angles. Much better! I'd do a before and after, but I don't want to take away from the pretty. =D

This is a little view into the forest primeval. ☺

*Foliage report* for a certain someone who cares about such things: Very Low in my corner.

What have you discovered lately at your own home that delights you or surprises you? Feel free to share!

Love Vee


  1. It's nice to hear of another woman who mows the lawn, which I'm about to do here this morning. I love the exercise and being outdoors and time to think. I am thinking about our knock out roses going crazy and should I pluck off the dead ones. I need your perspective to see the stars and the beauty!

  2. Good Morning, Vee. Everything is looking good around your home. We are pleasantly surprised that our gardenia bush is loaded with sweet smelling white blossoms again! With the cool weather, we can open the windows and enjoy the fragrance.
    God bless your day!

  3. It is amazing the things you might observe if you slow down enough to look. I thought the spent rose was a perfect star. Valerie

  4. Spent rose blooms... Yes star-like and pretty. Aren't they referred to a 'Rose Hips'? And isn't there something like 'Rose Hips Tea,' to be made, with them?

    A Star pattern, like when one cuts through an apple, "across the middle." :-)

    The/your forest primeval. ☺ Ohhhhh I love that!!!!! Do the 'Grands' think there are Unicorns in there? ,-) Like in Harry Potter?

    Nope, that wouldn't be good. They might take off on a quest of their own, and get lost in the Forest Primeval. Ding-it, how careful we have to be! -sigh-

    (Who is still making discoveries, on this ding-dang-New-Blogger!)

  5. I use to mow the lawn, now I only do it occasionally. Just sharing! Great photos Vee. Your yard still looks inviting. We have alot of dead grassy areas from all the heat this year. Great job on the siding. Have a lovely day!

  6. Hello Vee, great pictures, the old rose star is so pretty I think to.Love your primival forest to, bet there are fairies in there, wonderful. Blessings Francine.

  7. I love looking at all of your Maine plants. I would love to see New England.

  8. I love the star from the spent rose, I will have to check my own to see if I have any. The cool weather has brought my garden back to life and I have zinnias in full bloom

  9. Oh, that new look on the wall is SO much cheerier!

  10. A website for fall foliage reports?!! I'm in love with Maine! Trees, fall foliage, autumn festivals...all of the things I've been missing.

    Your back patio looks so welcoming.

  11. What a transformation. I bet you feel like you're in someone else's yard (: It's beautiful, rose stars and all.

  12. Oooo...I (not much of a gardener) did not know that roses did that. They are quite pretty and Look like something that could be used in dried arrangements. I wonder...

    So nice to see your yard/house/garage from all different angles as you mow. I know that you are thrilled with how everything is coming together. Your patio looks so inviting. Do you sit out there until it gets too cold?

    Mowing is an observing/thinking time for me too, although I was only called upon to help a couple of times this year.

  13. I love watching my hydrangeas turn from blue to a sage green as fall nears. They are my favorite flower and also were my daughter, Kelly's; she carried a bouquet for her wedding. There's also a quietness that is creeping in as the days grow shorter and the nights chillier. Being in tune with the seasons makes me appreciate each one. Your star is just exquisite, XOXO

  14. Mowing the lawn is something I help out with - can't do the whole thing by myself. The views around your place are mighty pretty. That patio looks like a perfect place for tea on a sunny fall afternoon.

    Around here, I noticed the roses are giving me another round of blooms. And one strawberry plant is not looking at the calender - it has a couple of blossoms. The tomatoes just won't quit. Wish I could share them with you.

  15. Hello, Vee

    Your deck looks so pretty and the side of the garage turned out beautifully. What delights me here? Included on the list would be picking tomatoes and finding blooms on the geraniums.


  16. Last time I mowed the lawn it was 2000, I was in-between jobs, was in good shape and had a wonderful natural tan. (sigh) And it was an old fashioned push mower. Your yard and deck and siding all look great. xo

  17. I always loved mowing the lawn. It is great exercise! Your yard looks great.

  18. I just love to mow! To me it so relaxing, and what better way to view your yard?! Your space looks so lovely. We are enjoying the last of Autumn's rose blooms here. All but three of the 34 rose bushes we moved from Alabama survived... my red running rose is 7ft tall now! Leaves are slowly starting to turn here. I love when the color just tints the edges of the leaves. I bet you guys have some beautiful fall foliage up there. ENjoy your day.


  19. I've always done the yard work and enjoyed it. It's also a good way to meet all of your neighbors. : )

    Every time I'm away from my house for a while, and walk back inside, it delights me. I've always felt like that no matter how many houses I've lived in.

  20. Vee... Alaska was in full on fall color and we were amazed to see our Utah mountains had turned bright orange in the nine days we were gone. Breath taking change; we left in summer heat and came home to first snow on the mountains and such a blast of autumn.

  21. A fellow lawn mower! :)

    I am delighting in seeing certain trees start to change is a huge maple along our property line that firsts changes color near the top! That is what I can see from my deck. I am delighting in the crow of the rooster - I have surprised myself that it doesn't make me crazy to hear him.

    Lots to be thankful for a delighted about!


  22. Thanks for pointing out that the spent rose blossom becomes a lovely star. I'm not sure I've paid enough attention to them ... until now :). Will begin checking my own as they fade.
    I think I spotted a very healthy looking Christmas cactus in your photo. My own spent the summer on the porch until I went to re-pot it last weekend and discovered that it had become waterlogged to the point of no return :(. That was a surprise, but not a nice one.
    Your garage is looking so nice and your patio area looks like the ideal spot to sit with a cup of warm cider.

  23. I looked out today and saw that the Spiderwart is blooming! I know...I should take a photo! Enjoy your day, my friend!

  24. That's not a 'Norway' pine tree, is it? My SIL has one and I would
    love to plant one in my yard.
    Yes, your rose star is unique-great
    photo fodder!

  25. Everything is looking lovely Vee...

    Here in our rental house, I am always delighted to see the deer and turkeys outside....but no too fond of all of the spiders we have here in the woods!

  26. Just over from Podso's blog and find out you two decided to mow today, hope you had fun! We have no grass, so I get my jollies from pruning all the shrubs we planted instead:-)
    I love looking over the garden at all the plants for changes now as much as I do in spring.

  27. Hi Vee

    I so love all the glimpses of your lovely home. Everything always looks so neat and tidy. It makes me feel calm:)


  28. Love all the lush green in the forest primeval Hmmm, home surprises you ask? SPIDERS!!! But they do NOT delight me. What does delight me all the fall wild flowers in full bloom along the roadside.

  29. The view on your back deck is so bright! I love the look of the new siding on the garage don't you? I don't have roses so don't see the stars that you do. Very pretty. I am delighted that my impatiens are still blooming beautifully. We had a little rain today but the sun will come out tomorrow again.

  30. I believe you will get rose hips if you let them be. Then you can make tea.
    The siding look fabulous, much much better than that old brown stuff.

    I am delighted every morning when I roll up the shade and look out at the sunrise and the sky. I will never tire of my farm view.

  31. Hi Vee!

    Your garage certainly is looking spiffy! I love the bird sanctuary in your back yard - just gorgeous!! You really have a lovely yard!

    I love being in my yard. Just being outside in my yard, brings joy to my soul, it's one of my favorite get-a- ways... :0)

  32. your backyard looks lovely, Vee! I flew home from Colorado to Brooklyn today and was happy to get a big welcome for my cat and to see my fig tree was still alive. :)

  33. It's looking lovely over there.

    Mowing lawns usually falls into my list of duties. I actually don't mind the task...but sometimes find it hard to fit into the schedule.

    I am quite enjoying sitting out on the patio at this time of year...soaking in the last of summer. Our eating outdoors will soon come to an end!

  34. Oh, my, Vee...everything is looking sooo pretty.
    Mowing has always been pretty much my job...I love it.
    What I am lovin' most about my place is that we got an awesome 3/4 inch rain tonight....sooo thankful.

    NOW, please, please, pa lezzzzzzz join me in Oct's Copy Cat Challenge. You will just love it. Something simple works best....I just know you will look forward to it ea month, like I do, if you will just give it a try.:)))
    Between it and your note card party, I get excited...and that's a GOOD THING. :)Q

  35. O and I forgot to tell you that just this evening, before the rain, I decided to cut all the spent roses on my KnockOuts...when I saw all the pretty little stars, I told Mr. Sweet I just didn't wanna cut them off. How strange that you had this post up about the little stars...:)

  36. Your house is looking real spiffy! Love the outdoor sitting area.

    As for my home, I'm enjoying looking at my kitchen window and seeing some green again! The grass is coming back even tho we still need more rain. Also, love the changes in the trees down in the woods now. It looks different almost every day. Fall is definitely here!

  37. Sept. 27th


    Re: my complaining about Yahoo mail box post...

    What did you do??????????????? That you wonder about now?

    I contacted my geek, and he said he would never give his phone no. Said they will not check it, so give local police number or something. But! This message tells me that *they* will give me a safe-word into my mail. So, they want my real phone number. they aren't going to give my safe-word into my mail, to the local police. Yish...

    Still in another working Yahoo mail box, with him..........

  38. Your home and yard are looking lovely! This is not the prettiest time around here, but you are inspiring me to look around this weekend for something to appreciate. Thanks.


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