Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting Something Done

So I tied my apron around my expanding waistline and got busy tidying my wee home and doing a little decorating yesterday afternoon. Since I had been feeling listless and unproductive, I asked myself what the problem might be. Turns out the problem was that I needed a change. I was tired of looking at summer flowers and lots of things lined up on the windowsill. I wanted to see some autumn color, and I didn't have spare funds to do a whole lot that was new. I will not be purchasing the $10 brown ceramic pumpkin at TJ Maxx that I saw on Sunday. Still I had old silk leaves. I could do something. (Oh the embroidery is from Tip Nut.)

(ad warning)

 ~the windowsill cleared a bit~

~the lamp with leaves added on the inside~

~same old doily wreath with leaves~

~a stepped back view~

 ~the platter corner~

 ~a fresh bouquet of zinnias~

That garage siding is going to get a facelift coming soon. Maybe work will begin today. John is waiting for material to arrive, but he has enough to get started. I remain hopeful.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Love Vee


  1. Isn't it amazing how a few home touches can provide such a boost?! I love your fall nesting. It makes me say, "Ahhhhhh...."

  2. I'm with you, all the summer stuff just seems so tired all of a sudden. Everything has taken such a hit with the heat we've all had. Your new touches of Fall color is just the perk up needed. Love the lighting in your photos, makes everything look so cozy and inviting!

  3. You are so clever! Love the fall colors. Wouldn't it be awful if we only had one season throughout the year? What would you pick. I'm torn between the re-birth of spring and the beautiful and cool autumn.

  4. I think when we create something from what we have is such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. When we shop, we see lots of new things and I often want many of them. Fortunately, I don't have the space to place them and I always ask "will this be what I want a year from now?". It's wonderful to know that you, too, find new ways to use things stored away for another year.

    You are much more creative than I. It's always a joy to visit here for fresh inspiration.

  5. Little things can make a huge difference. I love bringing in fall colors to make the home more cozy. I like the fabric flowers in your platter corner!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. I thinking putting on an apron means business!!! My mother always wore one as she worked. I am going to put mine on right now and start cleaning this house from top to bottom - it's on my wedding to do list for today so this is perfect.
    Your decorating for fall looks beautiful - love the zinnias too. You've inspired me today.

  7. Good morning Vee
    Don't forget the saying 'less is more'; a few silk autumn leaves here and there still adds color and you've made your home look very nice.
    I don't have a lot to bring out either, mostly crafted things but love looking at the china collections etc. that other bloggers have. There isn't even a fall themed teacup in the buffet but that doesn't bother me, storage space is at a premium for a small house.
    Have a good day.

  8. Gosh, who knew that a few fall leaves and fresh cut zinnias could provide such a lift for summer weary eyes. It all looks so fresh and pretty at your haven. I was just thinking the same thing about the summer decor around here. I'm ready for a change.
    Your post today brought to mind curling up with a nice cozy read. I just love your first paragraph. I have re-read it a few times already. Just delightful. Oh, and the music sets the perfect tone. Very nice.

  9. Good morning! Love what you have done...just simple touches sometimes bring such warmth. Especially love the leaves on the lamp clever. Enjoy your day!

  10. Aaah, those are pretty changes!

  11. I need to get something done today too! I love that milk glass lamp and your kitchen is so charming!

  12. HOORAY! You realized that it-is-time-for-you, to welcome some Autumn. It's best, when it feels right for each of us. Some earlier, and some later. Individual. Again. Individual.

    -happy sigh-

    Doesn't *it-rock*, that we are each, individuals???????

    And sooooo pretty, are the pics of your "doings"!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  13. Hello, Vee
    I like the autumn touches you've made to welcome the next season. In the kitchen, you have such a beautiful window to work with and a lovely view of the trees.

  14. You have inspired me to do some fall decorating as well. But I'm going to wait until Saturday since my Colonel has his reserve weekend and things will be lonely around here. He'll be gone for an extra day, tomorrow, this month. I really have a hard time with him gone ever since he spent that year in Afghanistan. Love the lamp! What a great idea! Hope you're having a good day! Thanks for the visit!

  15. Why does it always seem like I am runnning to catch up? You are ready for fall...your place all decked out...and I'm still in summer mode over here. Maybe because it is near 30 degrees Celsius over here these days (90F). Your lamp is looking better every day!

  16. Look at you, lady!

    Just what the doctor ordered~!

    You are so right- sometimes we just need to freshen up a bit.

    I love your idea about your branch hanging like that- what a truly clever idea - and look - it is!

    Well done!

  17. I love the Fall leaves. It adds just the right touch. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  18. It's JUST right. I like the leaves in the lamp shade, and especially the twig in the kitchen window.

  19. I'm a lagger when it comes to wanting to celebrate Autumn.....I'm just not ready to let go of summer yet.

  20. Thanks vee. fall is my favorite time of year.

  21. Love what you've done to the place! smile...
    That lamp shade looks great Vee!
    Oh no a siding project at your house, too? We are slowly getting to where the rest of the siding can go up once all the repair work is done...
    Don't you like how I say we even though he is doing it!

  22. Love all the fall touches around your home. I need to change things up a bit too, but have been too busy planning our homeschooling year and our daughter's wedding.
    I love the leaves in the lamp...I might have to borrow that idea from you! ;)
    Enjoy your day Vee!


  23. Catching up, sorry I've been gone too long, Vee. Love your wonderful touches of autumn throughout your home. There is a nip in the air for sure to entice us ...

    Have a great week.

    GIVEAWAY ends 9/9, don't miss this one!!

    TTFN ~

  24. Your touches of fall are very pretty Vee. I have all of my fall decorations still packed in I will just have to enjoy yours...

  25. Tying an apron round your waist is a great way to overcome inertia. And look at the great results! I'm sure there was a lot of cleaning going on as well as decorating! I love the autumn leaves on your lampshade. Much better than more words.

  26. I like what you did with the leaves. Very attractive.

  27. I love the platter corner Vee! Also the branch! You know I'm a big proponent of using what you have and I think you did a fabulous job changing things up.

  28. How such a simple thing like a few leaves can be so pretty. You did well!! : )
    Heading back up to Happy Trails in a little while.

  29. Thank you, Vee!
    I have been feeling listless and unmotivated too. Now I am inspired. Gotta do some chores yet today, but I'm going to do some tweaking, too.
    (The sunrise was a bust. Clouds, no colors. Sheesh.)

  30. I like your that I am having to stay in more with school I need to do some visual change around here...maybe that will make me more content to stay in my surroundings...thanks for the inspiration

  31. I love it all and I LOVE the music!
    I shall use your trig and silk leaf idea....both here and at home. Your platter corner is simply beautiful. My eyes never fail to go to that framed envelope.
    Can't wait to get a little FALL under my belt!! I do so love YOURS!

  32. I'm not ready to ring these changes on my home just yet....I have a terrible summer cold and it's a very muggy 84 degrees out. But I love the look you achieved with the leaves and I'll probably be doing something similar soon. I hope it cools in the near future! You seem to have so much energy, Vee! Good for you. I'm sure when my cold goes away I'll be doing better.

  33. It looks beautifully autumnal, just the right amount. I always enjoy seeing your window each season. I am in the throes here. I need to take lots of breaks, unfortunately. xo

  34. I love your kitchen window...delightful! I still am going to do the stick thing in my window - I just need to find the right one outside and then we'll be set!

    I needed to do something creative this past week that is when I made some seasonal changes in my house - simple things too, no extra money to spend, but I have plenty of Autumn items and Rachel and I had fun doing it.


  35. Vee
    You've reminded me that is is time for fall decorating with your new
    added fall touches. I always love your window scapes-I sometimes borrow your ideas! Well, actually I guess I steal your ideas.
    Please consider it flattery. I do.

  36. It all is looking great, Vee. I like your branch above your sink...looks great.
    I just can't get into it much...I keep looking at my fall wreath and then I look at the 100 degrees mark and just go clean my dining room.

  37. Hi Vee!

    I love that Fall is in the air, and I can start getting out all of my yellow, orange and brown decorations! Your decorating style reminds me so much of my sister so homey, comfy and warm! Makes me want a hot cup of cinnamon tea!

    Beautiful pictures, I love the leaves in the lamp!


  38. We are having the most lovely warm weather here. After a very cool start to summer, this weather has been so welcomed. Not too hot...not too cool.
    I love your new window look. That is often how I feel too when I am restless and most often it just means putting away one season and taking out another.

  39. Very lovely. My mother-in-law used to decorate for the seasons and holidays. I am lucky if I get Christmas decorations up.

  40. Hello, my friend - I am in so much need of change around here too. The boxes are lines up and waiting and this weekend will be time to Do All. While the son is still in residence and can move said boxes into the attic for now. I love your leaves. I went to a garden centre for tea yesterday and came home with 2 heuchera plants. Autumn shades. I like the idea of the garden also being autumn, but so help me, I planted a pink dahlia a few years ago, and it goes on forever. Pink does not go with autumn colours.

    And thanks so much for your comment - I answered it in my comments a few minutes ago - :-)

  41. I haven't done much for fall, yet. The one thing I did so far was switch out my SUMMER Susan Branch book for the AUTUMN book in the front of my cookbook basket in the kitchen.

    That's a start... cooler weather on the way here but it is to warm up again after that. Last year this time I think I had all my fall stuff out.

    This year just not in the mood, yet. I know exactly what you meant yesterday (?) about not feeling like you ever want to post again.

    I feel like that some days. Then something happens that I want to share and I get my mojo back. I'm glad you shared today's pics.

  42. It is still warm here today, but I heard on the radio that fall weather will arrive on Monday. I know I'll get into an autumnal mood when that happens! I will have to get up into my attic soon and start going through all my seasonal decorations and begin to pare them down. I still have things from 30 years ago! :)

  43. Everything looks so lovely. I love your words about your wee home. Gorgeous photographs. The mailman arrived bringing your gorgeous card and well wishes. Thank you so much Vee.

    Still trying to find my way back to a normal routine. I have been feeling unproductive myself. Thinking of getting back into the kitchen and baking an apple pie. Despite the muggy hot weather today, next week promises more September weather again.

    Happy weekend.


  44. It's always refreshing to change the colors a bit in the bowls and vases.
    Sometimes I just switch the position of two chairs for a fresh look. Take out a different throw etc.
    I get inspiration from your pictures Vee!

  45. I've NEVER liked fall; it always depressed me and made me think sad thoughts of things ending.
    It's so strange that my beloved David's life is coming to a close..... and here I am teary eyed looking at all the beauties of your fall decorations and I'm wanting to fetch what I have and start decorating for fall. Thank you Vee..... you've given me some joy.....I'm heading for the garage to get some fall decorations.

  46. I love the little touches of fall leaves in your home Vee. I haven't done anything fallish yet as I'm too busy running the roads. Maybe next Tuesday or Wednesday after my sis leaves. I'll be so bored I won't know what to do! Happy weekend to you. P.S. I love the verse on your lampshade!

  47. The reality is showing on some of our trees too (and they're already falling on the lawn). I love the branch in the window idea!

  48. I love the branch over your window! We finally had a nice break in the 100+ degree weather and it feels SO good! Can't wait to get my autumn stuff out!


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