Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If We Walk in the Light

Gloomy, gloomy here today as the remnants of Isaac pass by. Torrential downpours in the night and a wall of tropic air made for nasty sleeping weather. At three, I finally woke up enough to turn on the AC hoping to fall back to sleep in comfort. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. It is a good thing that I am not opposed to naps.

I had no plans for posting today when I realized that I had slipped into that dangerous no blogger's land of not particularly caring if I ever posted again, that tipping point where it could go either way. We talk about this from time to time, you and I. There is surely coming a day when I will have absolutely said all that there is to say. So I took my little break from blogging and commenting. I couldn't take a break from reading, though. You're much too interesting.

It doesn't feel nor look much like autumn yet so I have not given myself over to pumpkins nor mums nor cornstalks. My dining table continues to feature lots of tomatoes, which we love to see, but which do not have much flavor. For flavor, I am frequenting farmhouse stands to buy Early Girls or anything that looks as if it would be worthy of eating over the kitchen sink.


One recent project involved tracing a portion of scripture onto that too white lampshade. I printed off my choice, tore the paper in a random way, and taped it to the underside of the shade. I rather liked it that way and can see that if I had stayed with that method, I could switch expressions to fit any occasion: Give Thanks, Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday.

Instead, I went ahead and traced it with a permanent Sharpie to the outside. I don't think it's finished.
I need to retrace and thicken the lines a titch. Perhaps I'll add more phrases. What would you do?

Love Vee


  1. Sorry you got both lots of rain, and humidity. Don't know why but.... We have not gotten much rain, and not gotten humidity. In fact, it's kinda' nice right now, and the sun is coming out. Another early Autumn day...

    Yes. -gigggles- I will go away and stop bragging. -giggggles-

    What you are doing to your lamp shade, is so lovely. Since I never imagine doing such, I have no advice for you.

    Oh, other than the standard advice of, stopping before you really want to. :-0 'Cause it's human nature to tend to "go-too-far," in decorating.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. We had some of those downpours yesterday morning early. It was so nice to hear the rain hit the pool cover. Our yard soaked up every last bit and is calling for more. I too am in the "I don't care if I post or not" phase. I still check in, although not as much either. Glad to see you have decided to post, I always enjoy catching up with you. Great lampshade idea by the way!

  3. I love a gloomy day, well at least I do when there is a good book, a blanket, a comfy couch, and some nibbles of some sort in my future.

    Glad to see you again. You were missed. I doubt a day will come when you wont have anything else to share, at least I hope not.

    A few more phrases would be lovely on that cute shade!

  4. Re: Your comment question, in my blog...

    Nope, "Uncle" does not have hearing aid, nor does he think he needs one. -chuckle- A whole lot of that going around, in the male domain, I guess. Good luck, on your end.

    But I tell ya', the person has to admit that they NEED hearing help, before doing anything. I have needed it, for years, and this is my 2nd attempt to find a solution.

    I KNOW I NEED tv volume UP! So for the sake of his ears, I simply read the closed captioning. :-)

    But no closed captioning, to be read, when talking with live people. -sigh- I KNOW I need help hearing. So I am now trying (again) to get some.

    I used to dread this move, but now, I'm actually excited. I'm beginning, with a check up by the Ear Specialist. I figure that's a wise way to start.

    Thank you so much, for being excited, for me!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  5. I love your lamp project .... and I love that verse. Always have. You have been missed. Very much.

    This gloomy weather is getting a bit old. It is so muggy. It's that mugginess (is that a word?) that the south is so known for.
    It does make it difficult to get in the mood for autumn.

    I hope your week ends on a high note.


  6. It has been horrid weather over here too. Hot and humid...we don't usually have humid but we sure have recently...sigh. I am soo ready for Fall.

    The lamp shade is a wonderful look. Don't really have much advice, but I can say I love how it looks right now!

    Have a wonderful day Vee!

  7. Had to laugh when you talked about eating a tomato over the kitchen sink. Yep, I know the kind! I like the lamp project. In fact, I thought the torn sheet was charming, so I would trace that part too and smudge the edges.

    And I'm glad to see that your blogging vacation is over. I was needing my Vee fix, LOL.

  8. A break from anything makes it special when we understand

    The lamp is great...I have been meaning to do that on some of my shades and you have now inspired to go find a sharpie pen and get busy

    Have a great day from 100 plus degrees Texas

  9. Ugh - we're getting a ton of rain and humidity too! I want that cool crisp air!!!!!

    If I were going to do anything else to the lamp shade I'd add some kind of scroll-y thing. I like it just the way it is though.

    I think that I might go buy some pumpkins this Friday and maybe a mum or two.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  10. Ohh....don't quit. Two of my favorite bloggers quit and I really liked to keep up with them. I guess we're all different on that matter. I don't have a problem with blogging every day --- it's just that I don't have a whole lot of interesting stuff to talk about. I'm not the funny writer I thought I could be. Hence --- photography!

    Love the lamp! And I want your grey days.

  11. Glad the worst of Isaac is now past ~ and hope your area didn't suffer damage.

    I don't post as often as I'd like ~ there's just too much to do.
    Do you have a time of day you devote to blogging? Perhaps I should set a schedule (:

  12. We have that tropical humidity too! Steamy!

    I love what you did with your lamp! Great idea.

    Rachel and Sarah need a new lamp shade in there room....oh the possibilities!

    Glad you are not out of things to say yet!


  13. Hi sweet Vee! Oh my goodness...I've been having those inklings myself, not much to blog about, not inspired to create, blah-blah-blah. I think my readers want to thump me in the head at this point. With my husband searching for a job (soap biz is suffering in this economy) at 52 years old, being strapped and not getting out of this old house much, I've been in a sort of hole. I keep trying to look on the bright side of things and remember the blessings and it does help. I love stopping by here Vee. Love seeing what you're up to whether it's baking cookies or writing on lampshades ~ you've become a dear friend sweet girl!!! This weekend we are going to get a big cool down here in Georgia...I'm so excited!! hugs and love, Dawn

  14. Issac was a long drawn out storm, wasn't he? Glad it is finally passing you.

    I really like the writing on the shade Vee. I also loved seeing the torn paper/writing underneath.

  15. Vee,

    The same storm passed over us this past weekend and thankfully brought us some much needed rain, although not enough to lift the burn bans here. We were at the farm and as it moved northward it left the most amazing sky behind, made me not so fretful over the muggy hot weather.

    I love the lamp shade, what a really great idea! I hope your day is filled with joy and blessings.

  16. Hi, Vee, I'm in the same frame of mind and not quite ready for Fall. Since we got back from the beach last week, I'm still on "beach time" and haven't posted much or quite gotten into doing any Fall decorating. The weather has turned cooler, so I'm starting to think about Fall, at least. Your lampshade is so cute and a perfect reminder of what's important. I like both ways you did the lampshade.

  17. Love the lamp...and the reminder to 'walk in the light'! No storms on this side of the continent...and lots of watering required. My tomatoes had a little too much water early on in the season, and were pulled due to blight. Sigh. I now make the trek to the roadside stand to buy my fresh tomatoes.

    PS Glad you are back from your 'intermission'!

  18. We are having thunderstorms all around us this morning.

    I think the lampshade is wonderful.

  19. I love that project idea Vee, thanks for sharing it.
    I sure do know what you mean about not caring to post. I felt that way this summer and took the time to reduce posting to three times a week. Now I have decided to post most days but don't panic to have something ready.

    It's the season. Glad that Isaac has passed and you can put that one behind you.

  20. I love the shade...perfect verse...I wouldn't add any more, but then, that is just me....But I think that verse should stand out!! Great idea too!!

  21. I like your lampshade just as it is now - sometimes simplicity packs a real punch. it's a teriffic idea!

  22. Vee,
    I like the lamp just as it is. Right now. Inspiring.
    Yes, the gloomy yet humid and uncomfortable weather has gotten old for me too. But I suppose we will get done here in PA before you do, because we probably started before you did, as the storms travel.

  23. Hi Vee, love your lamp. It's an easy project that makes a big impact!

    Humid here...I think more humid than I have ever felt before...phew, it's sticky but no storms yet.

    have a great day!

  24. I enjoy stopping by your posts, Vee, so am pleased to see whenever one pops up in my blogroll. Then again, it's your life and you can write when you wish. :)

    The lamp is lovely; I'm not sure it needs anything else.


  25. I wish I could share my bumper crop of tomatoes with you. The cherry tomatoes are especially sweet, almost like eating candy.

    Several years ago I bought two lampshades for our bedroom lamps and wrote all over them - verses and quotations on love. I never blogged about it because I thought people might think it too weird. Just last year I replaced those shades with plain white ones and sent the lettered ones to the thrift store. Now all of a sudden, writing on lampshades is popular. I love the look and think I might have to do it again.

    I would suggest writing a little more on your shade - perhaps the same verse, at the same angle, but lower and higher, staggered in placement. Does that make any sense at all?

    Hopefully your gloomy day will end soon. We've had one of the driest Augusts ever - our lawn is brown and we're watering the flowers and garden beds twice daily. Good weather for roofing, which is ending today, I hope. Oh the dust and grit!

  26. Ugh on the weather! Sorry for your interrupted sleep. I do love that text on your lamp. I don't know if I'd change anything...

  27. Hi Vee, we are having the same kind of weather, warm, humid, heavy downpours. It doesn't feel like fall here, still summery. I get into that dangerous 'area' too, where a blog break feels just right. I feel I need quite a few lately. xo

  28. Hi Vee!

    Oh, do I ever understand the blogging crisis - I sometimes think that I am blogging just for blogging sake - but then I remember . . . this is my journal! I love your blog, it's never boring!

    I don't think I would change a thing with the light, it's just perfect! It reminds me of a song I sang in church as a child:

    Teach me to walk in the light of His love,
    Teach me to pray to my Father above.
    Teach me to know all the things that are right.
    Teach me, teach me, to walk in the light!

    Have a wonderful day . . . and please take a nap.


  29. Stopping in to say hi Vee. I'm afraid I'm getting in the don't care if I ever blog again mood. You are right, the longer you don't blog the more I don't feel like it.
    We've been having hot humid days here.
    Enjoy your nap. : )

  30. It is so nice to see you here this morning! Oh, but surely there will never come a time when you have said everything. Life is not's always happening...and there's always something to say about it. I so enjoy my visits here and chatting with you about everything from soup to nuts. (Is that a local colloquialism? I have heard my mother say it all my life...)

    The weather. Always something to talk about there. The sun is peeking here out today, but we have had either downpours, showers, thunderstorms, or threats of thunderstorms for days on end. And Ron is off this week. Oh well. A week off is a week off no matter what. The rain is not bothering me oh-so-much, but the humidity is killing me! It is extremely humid, as much or more than it was many days this summer. I feel like I am in the tropics. And it is so dreadfully difficult to pretend it is fall when you're in the tropics.

    Love your lampshade!

  31. What did I say?! The sun is peeking here out today? I think I meant that we're seeing a bit of sun. =D

  32. Blogging blahs seem to be wide spread. I blame an overly warm summer and underwhelming sense of adventure. The news make me want to cocoon and be protective of my space. I also find the political conversations on FB to be a more compelling time expenditure. But...I count on my blogging friends to hoist beauty and goodness into the mix to keep my world view balanced.

  33. Your lamp shade is cute and I would be careful to mess with what looks good. If it were me, if I "worked on it" to retrace or make the lettering thicker I'd mess it up, but then, I am a klutz. Clever idea. I also wanted to say that opening up your blog is so cheery and comforting and it almost, from your header, feels like I'm dropping by your kitchen door for a visit, It has a very welcoming look.

    I understand your blogging thoughts, as you can imagine, completely. I think we all suffer burn out from time to time but then get a renewed vision or something.

    Thanks for asking, so far so good. We are staying far from the city. Unfortunately I volunteered to work tomorrow, temporarily forgetting what day it was. I only anticipate possible traffic on the way home, but so far it hasn't affected us much.--thankfully!

  34. And I just wrote you about taking a break from blogging...hmmmm, maybe you were talking to me without knowing.

    The lampshade is perfect and says so much about you. The lamp is lovely, too. Isn't that hobnail milkglass?

  35. We've had rain and a lot of humidity which may be worse, and I caught my son's cold. I'm quite ready to hear, "If we walk in the light....." It's just what I want to hear today. I'm thinking about your lamp, but have no good ideas for anything else. It looks excellent as is, Vee.

  36. 1. Love the lampshade; a great idea! I think I'll do one for my G'daughter's room. When we go there I'm always looking for more light in her bedroom.

    2. Keep blogging; we all know how you feel because we've done the same...walked away for a short while and returned because WE LIKE IT! mostly

  37. It's been impossible to work on my kitchen and my blog. I'm almost finished so hopefully I can get back to posting and visiting soon.

    I love the lampshade and I think the simplicity is what makes it!

  38. O, I absolutely LOVE it just with the one saying. A big burlap flower or even a bow would be adorable on it, too. :))

  39. I've been so busy with trying to declutter, clean, get all my routine doctor visits in (what ever happened to GP MD's that treated the hole body?)..etc... that my blog reading and writing is squeezed into bits and pieces of time. I'm not sure what will happen once we have the house on the market...I'm hoping for a lot of potential buyer visits, but time will tell. Thn it will be the big job of packing! My head spins thinking about it. Ah well we have months more to go so I can't get ahead of myself.

    I love the lampshade idea!


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