Saturday, September 1, 2012

Knock-Out Roses

Since Ashokan Farewell was so popular, let's enjoy another by the same composer: ♫Lover's Waltz♫

~September Rose~

The flowers have been going into a slumber. I hope that they wake up. We had flowers long into October last year and I'd like them to do it all over again. My friend Diane told me that, if I do not cut back the last rose blooms, they will have more energy to come out on in the spring. Since I always cut back my rose blossoms, I must remember not to do this from now until next spring. This advice is only good for the end of the season by the way. It is still good to prune roses during the season.


I must thank all those who emailed me after reading yesterday's post. (I had many more emails than the comments I would have on a typical day and most were a lot longer.) No one was unkind; hopefully, the dialogue can remain open. If you wrote and haven't received a comment, I'm working my way through the stack.


The trouble with my blog look is ongoing and I do apologize to all who've seen it go back and forth. Perhaps the powers that be would like me to be quiet and stop writing for it so happens that every time I go to the DESIGN button to look behind the scenes or write a new post, my blog reverts back to some former nightmare. This means that I have to go through each element to return it to what I want. I've finally had the good sense to write my color numbers down. Anyone know how to resolve this or have you ever had it happen to you?

I will probably say so long until sometime next week. Do have a blessed holiday weekend!

Love Vee


  1. Good advice from your friend Vee. My rule of thumb is no more pruning after the end of August, and that goes for other shrubs too. New growth may not harden before the first frost.
    FYI , my hubby enjoys comments on my blog that you leave, they show a likeable personality so I've told him to start reading your blog too :-)

  2. Oh Dear One! I see a pretty blog background and etc. here. Yes! But your blog *wants* to be stretched out, to be viewed. Is ding-dang Blogger still messsssssin' with your settings, or whatever?

    It's fine. I don't _have_ to stretch it out. I don't bother with Sidebar stuff anyway. And I can do that 'make-print-smaller' trick, too.

    But I know you were having blogging issues, and I suppose they are still, kind-of-with-you.

    Enjoy the weekend! Forget all about ding-dang blogging. :-)))))))

    Lots of hugs...

    Wishing a happy and safe Labor Day weekend, to all... "Auntie"

  3. Well now, I should READ the post, before popping-off a comment. -grin- You know very well, that you still have blogging issues.

    Ahemmmmmmmm, I frequently tie together, an unpopular political typing, with blog issues of my own. Ahemmmmm... We KNOW "Big Bro Is Watching," but we tend to forget about it. A little... But at times, we are reminded. Perhaps... Maybe...

    Even though if we are thus called *Wearers-of-Tin-Hats*............


    Gentle hugs,

  4. I'm glad to hear that you got a lot of e-mails yesterday from your post and that none of them were unkind. Ah, sweet readers are a joy! And you were successful in perhaps nudging a few people to open up. Comments are usually a quick task, but e-mails take some thought and effort to compose. And it is more private, so people will share more of their feelings with you.

    Oh dear, I don't know why Blogger is causing you fits. You might want to copy your html language and paste it in a simple Word file, tucked away, before you do the next blog post. Then pop the language in back in there if it misbehaves. It would save you a little bit of aggravation. Though it isn't supposed to cause such an aggravation in the first place. A conservation with the Blogger technies might be in order to figure out what is going on and suggest a permanent fix.

  5. I'm another Diane friend...and we have been wanting to plant knock out roses here. They do great here in Florida and bloom several times! Don't know about the blog issues. I rely on hubby to help me! Happy weekend!

  6. I find techie stuff (when it doesn't work) to be so incredibly frustrating. Everything looks lovely here this morning, but I hope you are able to get rid of the behind-the-scenes kinks.

    And I hope that you enjoy a sweet time of rest on this Labor Day weekend. "See" you next week!

  7. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing (next week) all of the great photos you'll have to share!

    Wish I could help with your blog issues, but I'm the one who goes to you for my blog problems!!

  8. I use Scrappin Blogs for my blog background, the 3 column one.
    I think your blog looks very nice today!

  9. A lovely photo of your knock out rose. I had not heard that tip about pruning roses, but I will be following that advice this year.
    I read with interest your post yesterday. Very well said ... as always :).
    Your blog looks very pretty and fresh this morning. You know I'm not the one to answer questions about that as I learn most things from you.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  10. Happy Labor Day weekend to you Vee! Hope it's free from too much labor for sure! Blessings...

  11. Vee
    The waltz was lovely. I can just envision an elderly couple dancing to it at an anniversary celebration. Heck, I can envision me and hubby dancing to it some day.
    Your rose is beautiful!
    As you know, I'm no help at all when it comes to anything technical.
    Have a good weekend!

  12. I love knock out roses--just wish I had more sunny spots to plant them!
    Loved your post yesterday! Amen Amen Amen I love Rubio too! I like Ryan too! There is some up and coming quality in conservative candidates who represent at least what used to be American values. Praying for the Jewish Americans to wake up, the veil to be lifted so they can SEE that the current President is NOT their friend! Have you read The Amateur? "C" recommended it to me. It is quite eye opening and I believe it is true.

  13. My knock outs have been really pretty this year.

    Glad there were no ugly emails...did you lose any followers over that post? If they can't afford you YOUR opinion, just wave and go on.

    I am having some blogger is that, this morning, for some unknown reason, I've lost my tool bar at the top with DESIGN and etc....grrrr

  14. Lovely Rose, not much of a green thumb here. No time. Anything that blooms cheers me.

    As far as your post yesterday...
    Vee, you rock!! Go girl!

  15. Oh my... I went back and played the music. Wonderful!! I so love Appalachian folk music.

  16. Gosh, Vee- sure is a pretty pink flower!

    as for your blog woes, I am hoping and praying they stop for you- that is NO GOOD at ALL!!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, my friend! ♥

  17. Ater having a lazy summer, my roses are putting back out and I am so excited!! We are already seeing signs of autumn here. I think it's going to be a pretty one.

    How wonderful that everyone was kind in sending you email regarding your political post. I know politics can bring out the bear in many people. Personally Im glad football season has kicked off. It's great to have something entertaining to talk about. =)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Thanks for the tip on roses. As for the blogging problem, given you're undoubtedly clicking on "Apply to Blog", I'm afraid I don't have a suggestion.

  19. These glitches can be a real pain! It looks great to me!

    I did plan to email you yesterday about your post, but didn't have time to sit down and write out the email I wanted to send.

    Suffice it to say, I agree with your insights and I am thankful to you for posting sections of the speeches. We didn't see any of it!


    ps - lovely music this morning, again!

  20. Sept. 2nd...

    -chuckle- This morning, I woke to a wee bit of messin'-with-my-blog. Not much. Just that my added "words," after my header pic, have been moved a bit off center. After I had worked, and worked, and worked, to get them centered.

    Not much of a "messin'-with" though...

    Oh and I finally saw the First Day Of School Pic of your Grands. Precious. I wish them both well, with this coming school year.

    Gentle hugs,
    Wishing you a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. "Auntie"

  21. What a pretty rose! I love roses, but have never been very successful at growing them.

  22. Still having problems with Blogger, Vee?

    I remember you having some before my blogging break and you were considering even switching to Wordpress. So sorry to hear that.

    That rose is beautiful and how perfectly apropo!

  23. I've been having lots of blog format problems using Internet Explorer and have switched to the Safari browser when I blog, as I didn't care for Google Chrome when I tried it. Blogging keeps us on our toes, doesn't it? Hope we never get too old for it :)

  24. I'm sorry you're having blog problems again. I'm afraid I can't help you at all and I just hope mine doesn't start acting up. I hope to change my header photo soon so you never know. Enjoy the Labour Day and don't work too hard! Sister and I are off to enjoy Fredericton tomorrow then on to Moncton again this week. I'm exhausted!! But, having fun! :)

  25. I love Knock Out roses!!!! I haven't been 'dead heading' mine and they're looking puny,,,,,,I need to work on them, but it's too hot.

    Your post yesterday was Right On !and I say AMEN!!!!!

  26. Hi Vee!

    Incredible roses Vee! You must have a green thumb, all your plants look like they have been treated with such great care.

    Big hugs, Edie

    PS Fab post on Friday!! LOVED it'!

  27. Beautiful photo, what a great touch of joy and color you have added to my Monday!

  28. Oh dear Vee, let us hope that what ever has crawled over the bloggers liver resolves itself by the time you decide to come back and join the blogging fun. It is so frustrating when we don't know where the problem lies. I had one friend call me this morning. She had been trying to resolve one issue for 3 hours and finally called me and I was able to tell her how to fix it quickly.
    I am unable to find a current help line on blogger that is for bloggers like us.

  29. I'm back...and reading over your posts from the past week. Eight step plans...and politics...and blogger issues...and treats from Canada. Coffee Crisp was my favorite though the years...though I don't eat many candy bars these days.

    I never knew that one mustn't cut the roses back in fall!

  30. Hehehe, I tend to stay away from politics as I get enough people who don't agree with my theology. :)

    Although it doesn't take much guessing to know where I stand.

  31. Oh Vee, I just read your post concerning politics and I am right now in front of my computer desk giving you a standing ovation!

  32. Hi Vee!

    What a beautiful rose - I love them, but have never had good luck grown them! My flower pots seem to love this cooler weather, and I will be sad when it is to cold for blossoms.

    I think your blog is beautiful, I love change - it gets me in trouble too... ;0)


  33. I've had guests for nearly three weeks so I am quite behind on blogging and reading blogs. I think yours looks lovely, but I've missed the back and forth. Hang in there!

  34. I deadhead religiously and only prune in March. I love to see October roses. Your September one is lovely. We have had a bad year with ours because of the wet summer.


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