Saturday, September 29, 2012

Projects Big and Small

He worked through the rain. Up and down the ladder. Got soaked. 

I checked on him often, though I tried to stay out of his way.

My task was to putter about the house. Funny how the simplest things bring back the sweetest memories like this little screen door that always reminds me of the last Thanksgiving when our family was all together. That won't be repeated until Glory.

It was so gloomy that I declared it not too early to put out the harvest lights.

This was only a test... You can see the difference in the wood color from where the windows once sat and where the new window will set.

I finished my utilitarian runner made from mattress ticking on one side, painter's cloth on the back and some gingham edging. I had some fun with creating an easy quilting pattern. Prior to this, I had used lots of linens none of which fit the space. Now my mind is filling with all those sorts of places that could use a tailor made piece — the top of the fridge is next!

Still checking on him... No pressure, Honey! In fact, he is taking the weekend off and perhaps Monday, too. 

Have a lovely weekend... any projects you'd like to discuss?

Love Vee


  1. -sigh- Men... Don't want to quit a project... -sigh- Even through the rain...

    Hope he takes a nice, long weekend off. And didn't catch a chill. Mmmm, do people still say that? "Catch a chill"

    You did sweet inside puttering.

    Oh yes, I'm keeping little ambiance lights on, all day, in these dark, dreary, rainy days. Have to! This dark, dreary, rainy-ness is try to get-to-me. MUST fight that off!!! ,-)

    Happy Full Harvest Moon,

  2. I love your blog Vee ~ it's some homey, like going for a visit with family.

    That's quite a project for your husband all by himself!

    Have a good weekend.

  3. We're having a bit of rain here too! Cool temperatures are settling in and it feels so cozy. The air conditioning is still kicking on now and then. It won't be long until the furnace is put into action!

    Your hubby is doing a great job. You have a gem. Mine isn't that much of a handyman, so we have to hire most things done. We repainted our garage door hardware a couple of days ago. Took it all off and sprayed it with Rustoleum hammered black paint. The original finish was fading fast. I tell you, our original painters during construction sure did a lousy job. So we're having to go behind and get things done right. The hardware looks much better now! We also had the yard plugged and seeded to get the grass thicker for next year. I think we're all caught up now with improvement projects!

  4. Bless his heart...that John! So many things that you share about him remind me of my own husband. It's just so hard to put aside that project when you're on a roll.

    Your runner is fabulous! I love your choice of fabrics. And what a great way to get the size and design you need: custom work!

    Projects this weekend...being part of a panel discussion on homeschooling at a local library...and hosting a more-than-family gathering tomorrow. It's been one of those weeks when you just go from one thing to the next hardly taking a breath. On Monday, I will breathe.

  5. Working high up like that on a rainy day......he is tenacious! Hope he does relax the next two days. It is still rainy here but mild. xo

  6. Love how you puttered and then kept checking on your handiman!!! I love days like that.

    Your runner is beautiful - makes me want to get at some of my "unfinished" sewing projects. Guess I'll wait for a rainy day too.

  7. Glad things went well going up and down that ladder! I've got a few projects that I'm planning out. We've got some more forced travel on Dear's part which translates into chosen travel (tagging along) on my part clogging up our October. Honestly, I might have to skip Fall decorating and head straight to Christmas!

  8. I am puttering today, and I love it!

    I may sew a skirt for Rachel, too! Yea! That would be my project, but Tim is starting a rehab of a horse trailer. This is an interesting new thing that has happened this year. He works so hard, too, just like John. I'm thankful for our good men!


  9. Ps - I love your runner project! What a great idea! I never thought of doing something like that for the top of cabinets and the fridge! Wowza the wheels are turning now!


  10. We are pulling our shutters down and painting them. Weather will probably slow us down today. Today very dreary perhaps a good day for fall decorating (nope not too early for harvest lights) looks like you all have been busy

  11. At least your hubby is a man to finish a job, mine does too but I know of a couple who don't.
    Nice runner and I like the idea of one for the top of the fridge. I use a towel on's tall so it can't be seen.

  12. Oooooo...progress both inside and out. I like it! GREAT IDEA...why did I never think of making something for the the top of the fridge? You could pull it off and launder it when arms are short and I can never reach the corners when cleaning the top of the fridge.

  13. Ladders make me nervous!
    Your runner project is very pretty - just right for this in-between time of year. I love your description of your homey day!

  14. G'morning...everywhere I am looking this morning, people are describing their rainy days as GLOOMY. I just can't see "rain" and "gloomy" in the same sentence. :) Rainy dark wet days are my joys. I love them to pieces.
    It rained off and on all night here....still drippy and wonderful this morning.
    I had a piece of homemade Coconut Pie for breakfast and about 3 cups of coffee.
    I am a lot like John...once I start a project, I don't want to stop 'til I'm finished. :) Hope he enjoys his time off.....

  15. Vee,
    It is such a blessing to have a good and godly husband. I also am so thankful to have one that can fix, repair, build like yours! We are truly blessed.
    Love ticking fabric. Your runner looks great. Still haven't unboxed my sewing machine.
    The mums in your last photo are my very favorite kind of mums.

  16. I am looking forward to seeing the after photo of your garage. The new placement for the window looks perfect. I just know it is going to look great!
    Your table runner is charming. I am most impressed with your custom made linens. The one for the top of the fridge sounds like a wonderful idea.
    We have a rainy morning here today too. Harvest lights are so nice on these mornings. I am in the process of emptying and re-organizing every closet and cupboard in my house. A big job, but feels so good when it is done.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  17. We're at the cottage in OOB, rain here too! Hoping to get more tomatoes!

    I think finishing projects is a real guy thing! Especially on the outside of the house!

    Love your custom runner!!

  18. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we do a lot of outside projects in the rain...LOL! This weekend, I have another apron to give away and by Monday, put October's up on my blog. I always love that, as much as baking, because the apron chooses another person to enrich my life. XOXO

  19. I laughed because you said "I decided it was time to put up the harvest lights," but I think JOHN is actually putting up the harvest lights!

    I loved the dancing driftwood scarecrows in front of the bank downtown. They are so full of life (for scarecrows, that is).

    Shall I pack my long Johns for the trip east?



  20. He is a very hard worker!! Love your ticking runner Vee.

    No projects here. Saving my energy for the new house....

  21. I like your table runner, very pretty, but practical! ;)
    Wedding plans are taking center stage over all other home projects, as we are only 3 weeks away from the big day. I am hoping it will calm down after that, but then there is Christmas! :)


  22. John is quite heroic! Me - hmmm. I looked at the dust and then thought I would potter about in the garden pulling up things, and start to put the garden to bed. So I have been emptying hanging baskets and ruthlessly hacking. It is very satisfying. Only, coming in to see the dust is still in place is not enchanting. Right. Tomorrow. Maybe.....

  23. I had to scroll down to see what the old window(s) looked like. It's going to look nice when it's done. Rainy and cold here today. Not a nice day so staying inside. We may go to town later on as there is a craft show going on. No projects here. All is on hold until hubs is done work. Another month and he'll be free!! I like your new runner. Ticking is a favourite of mine. Stay cozy inside with your little lights.

  24. You have to love a man who finishes what he starts .... whether it be a good time to or not. I know you are anxious to see the finished project yourself. =) Your home is so cozy and welcoming. It is definitely a good time to add those harvest lights. I was considering that myself.

    Enjoy your peaceful weekend! <3

  25. Your guy finishes his projects and that is good. I imagine you were a bit anxious while he was doing it though.

    Your runner is very attractive.

  26. We're having a break from our 'big' project up at Happy Trails.
    Ken is busy now with a small project - cleaning up his side of the garage. : )
    I like those rainy puttering around the house days.

  27. Hi Vee,

    Just back from vacation and trying to catch up on all these wonderful posts - going to take all week!

    WOW your project is really coming along - what a sweetie he is!

    As for our projects we have a huge list but for now it is just filling up the fridge and doing the vacation laundry and resting from our "rest!" LOL!!

  28. Picking away at my craft room. Couldn't get in there all summer because it's an uninsulated attic, way too hot. Glad the garage is progressing. Like your new runner. ~ Abby

  29. I am vicariously living through your puttering posts, I am still required to stay quite, so I am doing a little beading project. Everything is looking great!

  30. I love your ticking fabric runner! So different but a great choice. I am working on a dress for my daughter, but it's stretching my sewing abilities a little more than I anticipated.

  31. Good Evening, Vee. I'm happy John is taking a break for a few days. Any time a member of our family is up on a ladder, I stand nearby mom did the same thing; guess it's hereditary!
    Love your table runner. Very cozy looking.
    Wishing you both a blessed Sunday.

  32. Rain here, too!
    I know how to hover as well. That's what we DO!

    Your runner looks beautiful. As a matter of fact everything looks beautiful in this lovely, homey, cozy post!

    Happy FALL!

  33. In between playing with Little Miss A I puttered away at creating a PDF tutorial - thank you for checking it out, Vee. I appreciate it.

  34. John is a very dedicated and hard worker, Vee! Where does he get all his energy? The garage is going to look so beautiful when he completes the work. Is there a room on top where that window lies?

    I love your quilted runner! I have no projects going on right now besides having to keep my house slick and span for RE viewings and I'm still doing de-cluttering in preparation to knowing I will have too much to pack when the big day comes! We've had lots of people come and look at our house and everyone seems to like it, but no offers as yet :( Keep us in your prayers!

  35. Hi Vee - I just have to say that you've got ONe HANDY MAN there. I think your garage is awesome - do you have a loft or attic in the garage? Looks like you could have some great storage up there - or a little apartment. Wow, could you send John our way - I have a few things I'd like him to fix/build for me!


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