Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shameless Photo Loading

Here I go shamelessly loading up photos for this month's Note Card Party. I need lots of choices. You may need to do the same! ☺ 

We went to Portland yesterday because I needed some candy corn. Portland's only forty miles south and gas prices being just a little over $4 a gallon, we thought nothing of it. (Okay, that's a bald-faced lie, but I've heard so many of them lately that I think nothing of it. Oops, there goes another.) We actually needed more supplies from the place where John gets our siding and I decided that, since we'd gone that far, we should go to the Christmas Tree Shop and kill two birds with one stone. I just hope that the two birds aren't John and myself as I found candy corn that tastes like plastic because maybe because it's made in China. And a mum for $3...wonder if it was made in China, too. Hmmm... 

~Plastic Candy Corn~

~Through the Glass Dirty~

We conveniently got stuck in construction right beside this lovely white home festooned with buntings. The one above is through the dirty window and the one below is when John rolled down his window for me.

This cute little hamburger stand was on my side of the highway all decked out in a leaf garland.

~Wild Asters~
These are growing at John's place along the edge of the road where we get our winter berries. So pretty. Love the yellow and orange centers.

~Wild Oats~
These wild oats grow right across the lane from the wild asters. No, we did not sow them.

I like the composition of this photo, but the light is way too bright.

The new mum is a tomato red. Very pretty. I want some lipstick that color. 

A pumpkin, a jack be little, two mums, a bale of straw, and a calibrachoa. That's it. I'm done. No, I'm not. I need to disguise that white pot. 

Hope to see you for the party. Mr. Linky will be up tonight between 8 and 8:30. Have fun selecting your photos!

Love Vee


  1. I love your photos. It gave me a boost to see them. I will go and get some mums too. I don't understand all the photo stuff, but I enjoy looking at yours and others. I was just reliving our little trip to Maine a couple years back and remembering what fun we had. It is a beautiful place. Wish I'd known you then, we could have had lunch at some cute hamburger stand. :D

  2. Sounds like a fun ride - loved seeing that bunting photo. I think that you are on a roll with your fall porch. That last photo is great - love the pop of color with the calibrachoa among the fall things!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Lovely - I feel like I went with you on your trip!

    Photo loading...should have thought of that! Yikes, I posted a funny video. Oh, well.

    We are still under $4 a gallon but not for long! It cost me $90 to fill up the van!



  4. We are just barely under $4.00....Mr. Sweet and I make every trip out of our driveway COUNT..we save up trips during the week and try to get it all done on the one trip out. Good thing is, we are 10 blocks from our groc store, close to the doctors, about a mile from Walmart, etc......

    Loved "going" on your day trip with you...I need to buy mums.
    See ya tonight....

  5. Ahh, some great eye 'candy' in these photos. I would love to go to a Christmas Tree Shop. There's one in Bangor now, only 3 hours away. Yes, the carmel corn and pumpkins do taste waxy but, they are decorative and will probably keep for years. Save yourself some gas. :) I'll be linking up tonight. See you then. Enjoy the day.

  6. -chuckle- If this is shameless picture loading... Well, I do it EVERY day!!!! ,-)

    Personally, I love, love, love lots of photos, taken by the blogger herself. A peek into her world, and all that jazzzzzzzzz. PURFECT blogging, to me. :-)


    Ahemmmm... If the wild oats grow near John's place, perhaps he sowed them, a long time ago? -gigggles- Gracious, I hope so. Everyone should sow some wild oats, when young. Or else... They just might *have to* sow some, when they are older. -gigggles-

    Hey, don't holler. You started it. With the stuff about (not) sewing wild oats. ,-))))


  7. As to seasonal candy... I learned to check for where-it-was-made. I do not, not, not buy candy from Mexico.

    And from China, would be out-of-the-question. You ATE some?!?!? You had to, to tell us that it tasted like plastic. Eeeeek!


  8. I am loving your front porch all decked out for autumn!

    Your first paragraph made me laugh! You have quite the way with words, Vee!

    And I have bought many a bag of candy corn over the years...just for display. I usually get the orange, white, and brown variety, but the stuff puts my teeth on edge it is so sickeningly sweet. Of course, if I eat one piece, I'll usually end up eating a handful. Maybe that's when it gets sickening. Anyway...it looks cute up there with your platters!

    Have I said how much I love your platters?

  9. I'm sorry about the candy corn...what a disappointment. I hesitated to show my Made in China cheap plastic things yesterday. I try to buy mostly made in the USA or handmade. I love your porch and photos. I have about a dozen I'll post for the party tonight...just kidding! heeheehee! Hugs!

  10. Good morning! The porch is looking great! I need to pick up some candy corn too, just haven't done it yet. I will be reading the labels, haha.

    Have a good day!

  11. Gas is 3.79 here. We try to combine trips going out, but that doesn't always happen. My favorite candy corn, and the only one I buy is Brach's (not sure if I speleed that correctly). I need to go get some!

  12. Your porch looks lovely. And as usual wonderful photos. I haven't bought candy corn just yet (I do prefer the kind with the chocolate tip) but bought jelly pumpkins, they are so sour they made me almost choke! At least I know for sure I won't be eating them. :) xo

  13. Sounds like you had a fun outing! Isn't it shameless about the price of gas? It's going to go up again because the Feds are doing another round of quantitative easing. When they pump fake money into the economy, that causes inflation, and our dollar is worth less on the world market. The first commodity to suffer from the evil tinkering is oil. Sure glad I'm retired and not having to fill my gas tank every week!

    Your porch decorations look nice! Yes, I have my reminder for the note card party. I haven't worked on my post yet. I plan to do that later today. Gosh, I'm still on the fence as to what I'll do on the post. Decisions, decisions!

  14. A sweet cool North wind is blowing in this morning. I am enjoying its breeze through my open windows as I view your post and it gives me the spirit of autumn as I look at your beautiful mums and pumpkin. The rain made everything green back up here and it looks more like spring than approaching autumn. It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  15. Good thing you remind us about the party. I hope I remember after Bible study today to look for some cards. Your fall porch is shaping up and I'm going to have to look up some things you listed that are new to me...
    Have a good day!

  16. Enjoyed all your lovely photos.
    What a perfect looking pumpkin!

  17. I've been trying to follow your suggestion and get down to subject level when taking pictures. It really does make a difference.

    Thank you for posting all of the autumn pictures. I'm hoping to find something that makes it feel more like autumn. We've gone from the warm temps to waking up in the 30s (temps that is!).

  18. I love your photos! And that's a lot of farm stands to choose from! Might try to talk hubby into taking me to one or two nearby this weekend! Enjoy your day!

  19. Yes Vee you are our Witty Woman and I love it. As far as the wild oats they are awfully close to home to not have been yours and John's. That's okay everyone is entitled to their wild oats. Could not stand the late years without the early ones. Yes you started quite a fun little discussion. See you tonight also.BTW thanks for asking about my job. Will do 5 hours on Wednesday and see what happens. Might as well be hurting and getting paid as sitting at home hurting. Whoa.

  20. You are so funny, Vee.

    And I giggled because you wrote bald-faced lie...isn't is BOLD-faced lie? As in "you are so bold to be telling me this lie and thinking I believe you" type thing?

    As opposed to having no hair on one's face? : - p

    Anyway, I just can't wait for note card party. I love everey single participant's favorite photos, always such a fun one!!

    And suddenly now I am in the mood for candy corn. : - )


  21. HA! You so funny.

    I love your porch decorations. I haven't bought mums yet but plan to this week! It's lookin' all fallish around your place - guess you're enjoying the cooler temps.

    I just about jumped up out of my chair when you said PORTLAND. We are staying there you know....in about 4 weeks! So excited!

    I'll try to get my note card photos up later this evening.

    I thought about you this weekend, when I finally took down my summer bunting. Time for fall decorating, and then Christmas. (ugh which I don't wanna even think about yet) Let's just enjoy fall this year and skip winter!

  22. Plastic or not...'tis the season for candy corn! And a trip to Portland to fetch it sounds like a fun outing. I have yet to enter the season of mums, pumpkins and corn candy...but my company left this morning, so maybe it's time to think about fall decor now.

    I'm not sure if I'll join in your party tonight. We'll see how organized I get today. After a week of playing there is much work to be done!

  23. Lots of pretty photos! Love your touches of fall at the Haven.

    I had to laugh when I read about the "bald-faced lie". If you are talking about the ones I'm thinking of...okay, I'll try to be good and keep my mouth shut. But, it's hard!!

    I hope to be able to join your party tomorrow, but if not...have fun!

  24. Think of it this way Vee. There are no calories in plastic candy corn. :) Valerie

  25. I so enjoyed this peek into some of the sights in your area. I love that picket fence with the bunting. I would be thrilled to visit the New England states in the fall. I did it once many years ago and it still stands out as a wonderful memory.
    Our gas here is 3.77 today. I guess I won't complain.
    Not sure if I'll be able to participate in the party this time. I've got so many projects going on here right now I'm having trouble keeping up with it all.

  26. Just finished the post for the party!
    Love candy corn! But so far, I have been withholding it from myself. Now that I have read this post, I'll probably buy it tomorrow...
    And a bunting - someday.

  27. Certainly a fun hamburger stand. Like hour entry deck.

  28. I only buy Brach's candy corn after trying a cheaper brand once and disliking it. Gas is well over $4 in NYC...I hope it goes down when we have to take our next long trip!


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