Thursday, September 20, 2012

Table Runner

Many thanks to all for participating in the Note Card Party. Mr. Linky will be around until about 10 this morning if anyone wants to link. 

Gosh. How long will you be subjected to these sorts of photos? About as long as I kept you looking at the morning glories last year perhaps. ☺

I did get the white pot disguised and the flag unfurled. I have been thinking that a baker's rack would look great there. It's such an expanse of empty wall. Hmmm...must be prepared if I should happen to find one at the flea market. 


This week my "creative" project has been the making of a small table runner. I used a basic disappearing nine-patch in coordinating autumnal fabrics creating three reassembled blocks. It had been my hope that it would go quickly, easily, and well. I had hoped that it would go so well that many would receive one for Christmas. Nope. I am not a fan of doing quilting after all. This will be the one and only. In time, this thing is worth hundreds of dollars. Ha!

In the end, I think I liked the backing used better than the disappearing nine-patch front.

Here's hoping that all your projects have gone smoothly and well. Are you planning to gift any homemade items this Christmas? Have you already begun?

Love Vee


  1. I was diverted from your notecard party to read your post and am heartbroken at the thought of no more runners!

  2. Beautiful table runner. I love the idea of quilting but patterns with points in them drive me crazy, I can never get them to sew together right. I am not a quilter but I sure do love the art form.

    Handmade gifts are a big "yes" on my to "to do" list. I am trying to learn a new skill so I can make some jewelry as gifts, easier said than done.

    I think a bakers rack would lend you a world of possibilities for decorating your porch for all seasons and reasons. Hope you find exactly what you are looking for.

  3. Pics we choose to show? Whatever we choose. It's our blog, Babe! :-)

    Your instructions - I admit - My eyes glazed over and I skimmed. But that's just ol' Crafting-Impaired-Me.

    So you can guess the reply, to your last question.

    Btw, I am about to *burst my buttons*! I even learned how to make my own Background, on New Blogger! And I did! It (my own pic of mums) might be a bit bright. But. I did it. -grin-

    How simply, is "Auntie" made happy...!!! :-)


  4. My grandmothers made lovely quilts and I know that it's a modern day hobby, too. I've bought books and tried to motivate myself to get into quilting ~ hasn't happened. Your project looks lovely. Whether you enjoy quilting or not, I think you're a naturual!!

    Usually, I love making some of the Christmas gifts we give. It never seems like Christmas if I don't, but for some reason, to date, I haven't...not even an idea.

  5. I like the front and back of your table runner......That is something you could make several of for different seasons.......Wouldn't have to be much of a pattern. But if you don't enjoy doing it, maybe not!

    I've made a few quilts and other projects, but think I've really just been a fabric collector.

    Good luck with finding a baker's rack. You would have fun with it, I am sure!

  6. Your porch looks so lovely with the summer blooms and touch of autumnal orange. The pumpkin is just the right touch for bridging the two seasons. A baker's rack would fit in nicely for sure. I envy your sewing ability. I just don't have the patience! I do love the table runner. Very pretty!

  7. You're right. I think a baker's rack would be perfect there. Those multi-colored flowers are so pretty.

  8. I think a baker's rack would be fabulous there! I love your runner...

  9. A beautiful table runner and I never tire of seeing flowers! My hopes are always to make everything I reality is that if I get 50% done, I'm okay with that:-D XOXO

  10. Your creativity is inspiring! Your little arrangement (vignette?) on your little deck/stoop is just perfect. Cheery and leading into fall.

    And the table runner ... very, very nice!

  11. I like your porch and a bakers rack of sorts would work real well there. Happy hunting! The table runner turned out great. No sewing machine projects for me but I did start my smirntopf that will be ready for Christmas sharing...

  12. That's a very pretty table runner, and your photos are just awesome!

  13. I think a baker's rack or even a regular shelf would look wonderful there. I think you are a good quilter (I have your mug mat ;)) and that runner is beautiful. xo

  14. Vee, I love your sense of humor! :) I love handmade quilts, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do anything as pretty as what you've made. It pains me to admit I have no sewing skills. I like the front AND back of your table runner.

    I haven't started thinking about Christmas gifts yet, but I'd better start doing that very thing.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  15. I love your table runner. I still haven't tried my hand at sewing on the sewing machine my mom gave me oh it must be near to two years by now. I've been wanting to make some table runners. I'll have to get to it this winter.

    I used to make presents for Christmas but I don't really give out many presents anymore. The things that I make during the year now, I just give to people as I finish them.

  16. Your table runner is beautiful --- and I especially love that backing fabric as well. No Christmas prep made here yet --- except for a package or two tucked into the closet (store bought stuff). I suspect they'll actually become birthday gifts due to a birthday just a bit before Christmas. :O

  17. The fabric on the back is pretty - but I'd like to see the front of the runner, even if you think it didn't turn out.
    I like making handmade gifts for Christmas but don't have any ideas percolating this year, other than some things for the tinies.

    Your porch is lovely. I like the broad expanse and openness of it. You are right, a baker's rack would look great. But then you'd have to dust and de-cobweb it.

  18. Well, you have a lovely keepsake..a gift for you! I have many things pinned on 'pinterest' just in case I ever have time to get creative:) Not sure that will happen before Christmas!

  19. I like that runner, Vee.
    Quilting is very time consuming and it can either make you feel GREAT or it can make ya a BEAR. I tend to growl a LOT when I am making a quilt.:)

    On this new interface @$%&@# thing, when I am on compose page (for a post), how do I get over to my draft list ? I am also growling when trying to BLOG when Blogger keeps changing things up.

  20. Your latest note card party was a rousing success. I got a lot of really nice comments from new visitors. Yeah! I promise that I'll participate more often now that things have settled down for us again.

    Love the little quilting project. Yes, I have ever intention of making some gifts, but so far I haven't found the energy to even begin. Maybe when I start to feeling better.

    Your display is looking rather complete now! I think a rescued table, in chippy white paint, would be a good addition to give seasonal displays some height.

  21. Your table runner is really pretty. I took a stained glass course once; all I have to show from it is a small hummingbird panel that hangs in my bathroom! I like it, though. :)

  22. I like your runner very much, Vee. In fact my sister would go nuts - she's a bird fanatic.

    Are you kidding? I mean about Christmas? I haven't even thought about Christmas yet. I try not to until after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.

    I guess if you're going to do handmade, tho, it pays not to wait til after Thanksgiving! Have a good'un!

  23. Vee,
    1. The party was fun, as usual.
    2. Your first photo on this post is wonderful!
    3. That is a great backing fabric on your table runner. I would venture to guess that had it been me making it, it would have required more like $1000 in time and effort. And a less than ideal result!

  24. Thanks again for hosting the note card was lots of fun!

    And no, I am not tired of seeing your autumnal front porch! (Remember, I'm the lady who was drooling over the small autumn display in Hobby June!

    Your runner looks pretty, but I can relate to the concept that sometimes the "pretty" factor does not compensate for the time and effort and frustration and tedium of a project. I once made a basket, and decided that I could totally understand the term "basket case"! It was my first and only attempt.

  25. I like your porch decor! Colorful and very fallish. Hope you are having a good week!

  26. I really like your porch decor and I think a baker's rack would look great there, too. I have one on the patio up against the house that I put pots of flowers on in the summer and I rally like it.
    Your runner is pretty, front and back!

  27. I love your beautiful table runner!
    I just can't feel inspired to sew, in fact I gave my friend/neighbor my Bernina last month... If I ever sew again I'll buy something from Wal Mart that doesn't require a PHD to operate it.
    You're inspiring me though... and making me think.... go to Wal Mart and buy a machine.... lol!

  28. Hi Vee - all I can say is "great minds think alike" ! I finished a lap quilt for a good friend who will turn 90 very soon and then immediately began a table runner which I finished this morning. And today I bought more backing so I could make more table runners for Christmas gifts. I do like the soft colours of your table runner!

  29. I'm not a quilter Vee so I think you did great to get one project finished! It is very pretty! As for your front porch, a nice narrow bench would look great there too. An old fashioned one painted yellow or gold or black. Just an idea from me. Pam

  30. The display by the door has lots of colour and I like the idea of a bakers rack too. I have one on the back deck and like changing up the shelves.
    I don't sew or quilt so admire the runner you made. The only crafting I'm doing right now is making cards, years ago it was ceramics and I gifted many things back then.

  31. Love the table runner, but patchwork can be a challenge--for me it making corners match up! Actually, I favor applique because it is not so exacting and I enjoy handwork--the charm of imperfection!
    Love your porch vignette! I have only put a scarecrow out so far--son didn't plant the pumpkin seeds I bought, but didn't tell me that! We would have had some wonderful Cinderella and ghost pumpkins--now I'll have to buy them!
    By the way, I am coveting that brown transferware pitcher on your table! Gorgeous and perfect for autumn! I'll be checking ebay for something similar!

  32. What a lovely idea of having a note party. I have been making my own notecards for years and it always makes me smile when a recipient emails to thank me for a thank you!
    Seee you next month!

  33. Love the table runner! I always enjoy your blog so much with all the pictures AND comments - don't comment often but read it very routinely. Thanks for sharing with us!


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