Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Secret Revealed

Yesterday's little green leaf allows me to come clean about the water droplets that appeared on *this post.* I don't believe that I ever revealed the answer and so many were wondering way back then in August 2011. Timely, I am not.

Yes, to all those who thought a little spider may have been helping me out. Yes, indeed, the green leaf was attached by the tiniest thread blowing about on the breeze.

We are entering some golden days of September. The morning mists are gone for now and the days are crisp and sweet. They make me want to go walking in an orchard. Instead, I'm noticing the light, which never seems to enter the room playing instead just around the edges.

 ~Light through a Leaf~

 ~As Far as the Light Comes In~

~Three Cups in a Row~

What have you been noticing lately?

Love Vee
P.S. Don't forget! A week from today is September's Note Card Party. Clicking on the sidebar button will take you to all the information you need. I'm looking in my files for photos of mums and pumpkins and autumn pleasures. (Edited to Add: Just because I'm looking for autumn things, does not mean that you must or should. I do not mean that photos are limited to only autumn things...not at all!) Hope that you'll join in.

~Fading Orange Zinnia~


  1. Well, it made for a great photo. Sometimes we need all the help we can get, at least I do. Great cups! I really like your window vignette!

  2. I thought that spider spit was the answer to yesterday's mystery, LOL! There's a lot of that being flung on the bushes near my porch lately. So I know the season is getting ready to change! Yes, the light is getting lower in the sky too and also not reaching as far.

    The biggest change around here is the amount of activity at the hummingbird feeders. Those little dears are positively frantic, trying to drink the sugary joy juice every 10 seconds or so. We have about 3 times as many of them right now than we did all summer.

    And yes, I plan to participate in your note card party! I promised I would, now didn't I? I have no idea what I'll offer up. But it won't have a fall theme. I don't have nearly enough good fall photos. I'll have to dig and see what I can put together.

  3. How pretty...just taking the time to notice is such a gift...thanks for the reminder to notice!

  4. Lovely photos of changing light...

    No apple orchards near by, to walking in?

    Or are you like me, no gumption to go out walking? -sad chuckle-


  5. I walked in a field of sunflowers last week. : )

    I've been noticing the beautiful bright blue sky lately with huge puffy white clouds blowing by. I love to look up at the clouds.

  6. It's 8:06 in the morningtime here and we just came in from our mile walk in the park. Not too many signs of autumn around here except for the cooler mornings and evenings. It was 96 yesterday so, as you can see, we are still in summer mode.

    My note cards for autumn will be in Oct. or Nov.....this time, I am still hanging on the dog days of summer.

    This is my BUNCO day and I am so excited. We do have such a fun time.
    MY time to have it will be in Nov.....just perfect for some autumn decorating.:)
    xoxo bj

  7. The leaves here are sooooo green in the morning with the clear crisp light. No hazy mist in the mountains, like we have in the summer. Our leaves will start changing in the higher elevation in another couple of weeks...

  8. I do love this beautiful time of year! I especially love the long shadows and the golden light mellowing out everything, and the glorious colors!

    I'm not so fond of lessening daylight and thoughts of what's to come, but I love dearly living in a land with four seasons and that is what it means. Without winter, no spring. And winter has its own beauty.

  9. I guessed correctly. How perfect for capturing gorgeous shots.

    By the way...all of your photography has gotten lovely as of late. Great job!!

  10. Your autumn window is so pretty. I love the light coming through. It actually feels a bit like autumn here this week. I've even seen a couple of the red maples changing color on the tips. It's very exciting.

    Enjoy your day!

  11. I liked your leaf hanging by a thread. I guess you could say summer is hanging by a thread now. I have noticed I can pull the living room blind up an hour earlier than a month ago. :( On the bright side, the hydrangea bush is a beautiful pink and ready for cuttings. Something I must do today. Enjoy the sunshine!

  12. Thanks for your notecard reminder. I do look forward to that day. Yes the light is changing and it's the loss of light in the evenings I miss the most. It's time to bring the sunshine and warmth in. Have a great walk today Vee!

  13. Autumns kiss is finally arriving, a small dip in temps...very small...roadsides are blooming with an abundance of fall wild flowers, and the tree at the corner of the corner of the drive has three red leaves on it.

    The light dances and teases at my house too. I wish I could convince my husband that we need skylights in the living area.

    Have a great day!

  14. It isn't very cool here, but I can smell and feel a tiny bit of change in the weather. I take Casey walking every morning and evening and she's enjoying it more with the tiny change in the weather.

    Your cups and your window vignette is so pretty!!

  15. A walk in an orchard sounds nice except I'd take something to sweep away the cobwebs that might hit your face...
    This morning I noticed how cool the house was and thought it might be time to turn the pilot lights back on in our heat sources...brrr.
    Love your light photos!

  16. Hi Vee!

    How lucky you were to catch that little dangling leaf!

    I love the way the sunshine moves around during different times of the year . . . and your window, with the sun peaking in is lovely!


  17. I missed your post yesterday, so had to see what I missed. Very sweet how that little leaf was dancing around with the help of the spider web. I have been noticing a lot of those. In fact, I walked through one as I stepped outside this morning.
    Your little vignette is so pretty.
    I'm noticing the vanishing humidity, blue skies, crisp air, but most of all the butterflies. They are fluttering around so gracefully.

  18. No 'fall' here but I am bound and determined to bring some back with me when we go home tomorrow. Cooler weather or not - I have decided to decorate our space here in the park BIG time!!!

    Love your every photo - perfect little 'works of art!'

  19. Aha to the green leaf secret. Your card party is becoming like my every 6-7 week haircut ... making me realize how fast the months fly by!

  20. Beautiful photos...

    I have noticed the light, too. It is looking different as we move into Autumn. Sometimes it is a golden light if that makes sense.

    We have now turned the a/c off and I am loving having everything opened up! I love fresh air and a breeze!

    I need to start looking for photos....


  21. The light through the leaf is so pretty. I'm noticing the way the light slants into the living room in the morning. I take my tea and my reading there and curl up like a cat in the puddle of warm light.

    Enjoy these golden days.

  22. I am also beginning to notice a change in the afternoon sunlight coming through my window that tells me autumn is on its way!

  23. Thanks for the reminder of the notecard Party next week. I was just thin'ning about it this morning.

    Lovely posting... lovely photos.

    I love autumn.. and the way the light slants and puts a new spin on everything we see.

  24. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I've noticed that the light does illuminate things differently as this time of year.

  25. Love the pitures, always such a homey feel.

  26. How considerate of the spider to aid you in your photography adventures! It was quite fun to see the suspended leaf. :)

    What am I noticing lately? It would have to be the refreshingly cooler temperatures. I have had the windows open the past three days (for the first time since June!), and it is delightful.

    Looking forward to the September note card party!

  27. The Golden Days of September indeed! I love them!!!
    This September 2012 is one that our family will remember for always.........!!!!

  28. Zinnia photo is just stunning! Love the light on the cups too.

    I'm noticing the leaves starting to change color withe cooler temps we're getting. Finally! I thought I'd never see the end of this horrible hot summer! I'm noticing how more energized I am now that it's getting cooler.


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