Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's Chat

Edited to Add: In light of all that's going on in Boston right now, the following post seems incredibly insensitive. Please pardon me. I had no idea until just watching the news.

Hope that you're up for some mind-numbing chit-chat. There's not a whole lot going on here at this little haven except for the usual spring clean-up.

It's the blessed time of year when the only thing growing is my little patch of chives, the greening has only just begun, and when my darling niece comes to power sweep 14 tons of sand from the lawn. Bless her beautiful heart!

Lest you think that I've been up to naught, I have been battling the forsythia thicket wars. I realize that one is supposed to wait until the blooms are spent, but by that time the bugs and ticks are out in earnest.

And even if my tender ministrations (whack, hack, whack) kill the forsythia, I won't care because I have a real love-hate relationship going with those things since they started taking over the world. Perhaps now the grass can come back and I won't be attacked every time I mow the lawn.

John helped with the raking, but mostly he's been lost in his own horrors. He doesn't know this, but I have shed real tears over his troubles. He may have liked to shed a couple himself. The last tenants were the filthy kind. I'm sure that I don't have to say more. He has been working very hard cleaning the mess. It was so bad that he didn't want me to have to do it. I'm sure that if I had, I'd have been chipping mightily about selling his place and he's not ready to let it go; I doubt that he ever will be. 

One evening this week, we were both so tired that a meal of cheesy scrambled eggs, English muffins, and coffee was hastily prepared. (A steak supper out was suggested and turned down — that's how weary the poor man was.) Now on such evenings, John prefers to sit in the recliner having his supper and watching the evening news because it's so relaxing. 

Just after I had delivered his supper to him, I heard a commotion and returned to find the plate of cheesy scrambled eggs and buttered muffins upside down on the carpet. Thank goodness the coffee was still in the mug. Poor John. His expression was priceless and all I could do was laugh. I asked him later if he'd ever had anything like that happen before and he said that it was definitely a first. It's at times like that when we really miss our little Molly who always did the finest job of Hoovering.

A busy weekend coming up with a birthday being celebrated and shopping to be done. As per usual, I have waited until the last possible moment. What about you? Are you organized and prepared well in advance?

A happy weekend to you!

Love Vee
P.S. Lest I forget to say thank you for April's Note Card Party, thank you so much. I always hear, always, always, how wonderful the Note Card Party gals are. True!


  1. I could have *breakfast* for any meal. Poor John. The job will get done and green will appear! To be able to laugh -- it's everything!

  2. Oh dear....Praying for sunnier days for your dear John.

    When we are on vacation I realize how much I count on our pups for clean up.
    Something goes to the floor and I begin to holler for a dog. :-)

    I'm sorry I missed the note card party this month. But I did post some photos that might be good for next month...we'll see.

  3. Breakfast for dinner is something we do sometimes too. I know what you mean about the dogs cleaning up spills, Topaz is very efficient.
    I try to be organized in advance and things usually pan out, but sometimes something unforeseen crops up.
    Too bad about the renters not being tidy people. Hubby has been painting an apartment where he works part time and the tenant had painting ceilings black.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. YOur post wouldn't have been insensitive. But I feel guilty, also, at putting on a happy go lucky post in lieu of all those who were hurt and killed in Boston by some stupid,stupid person. And for what! Makes me so angry. So I enjoyed your post. It was something else to think about.

  5. Breakfast for dinner is one of my fav's, haha. Poor John. We have on of those hoovers too and they come in quite handy over here. Enjoy your week-end!

  6. We enjoy breakfast for dinner too. Mr. Comforts and I have also been out doing spring clean up. This place sat empty for 2 years and all of the landscaping/yard were sorely neglected and need much work.

  7. You are seeing some green! Chives are so dependable. Mine are still covered with snow. It was snowing when we left last week and I've seen pictures of the 15" they had earlier this week.

    I'm so sorry about John's renters. How can people not care about where they live? It's their home even if they don't own it. Hope John is able to soon recover from the mess they left.

  8. I went straight to 'google' to see what was happening in Boston this morning. Oh my goodness!

    It looks like you are ready for spring...with the spiffing, raking and pruning looked after. May you see lots of 'green' soon!

    So sorry about John's renters...and all the extra sweat and tears they have caused. We like breakfast for dinner over here as well...preferably eaten off a right-side-up plate though! My nephew and his fiance are planning a 'breakfast buffet' for their evening wedding reception...since it is their favorite meal. :)

  9. Breakfast for dinner works for me! My chives are in full swing too and I've been able to add them to a number of dishes. I actually leave tonight on a Red Eye for Boston to do a workshop. Not looking forward to it at all with everything going on, but hoping my flowers will bring some smiles, XOXO

    1. Susan, everything is being cancelled. Boston is on total lockdown. Do be sure to check because it is highly unlikely that your workshop is still on. Acccck!

  10. My Dear has a love/hate attitude toward our forsythia. He keeps wanted to get rid of it and I keep telling him it's the only thing that has color in that part of the yard. I will remember to trim it back this year. You two really have been busy. I understand those kinds of nights where you just don't have the energy to leave the abode to have someone else plop a plate of food in front of you. I guess I should go turn on the news. I'm living in ignorant bliss over here on the West Coast with my coffee in hand...

  11. I love the picture of your yard cleanup. And when we are tired, it's eggs and toast for dinner, or grilled cheese. And no, I am never prepared for birthdays or other holidays. Despite the fact that they so predictably appear on the calendar, I am always surprised!

  12. I know all about forsythia battles, Vee. I salute you. Poor John - tenants who are filthy make things so hard for the owners. I do hope he has better luck with the next family.
    My heart aches for everyone in Boston. So sad. I just hope they find the other man soon and it is over. Not for the people involved, of course, but for the city to try to get back to normal.
    I have just been out in the garden. I love it. Things are growing at last. But organised? No. I am useless, despite good intentions!

  13. Vee
    So upsetting how such young minds can be twisted.
    I envy you your bare ground! Clean up is such a pain,
    but it will be well worth it when all is pretty and
    blooming again.
    So sorry about Johns troubles with his rental. We had
    one once so I totaly understand his pain!

  14. Funny how something as simple as cheesy scrambled eggs and toast can make one feel normal and better.

  15. Your post is fine. Life, thankfully, continues. We all are sad, but we have to live. I am glad you could laugh about the mess...I don't know if I could have. Bentley is the best hoverer I have ever seen. He doesn't move, nor make a sound...just stares at you....and he wins!!

  16. My post was scheduled for this past Monday and I moved it up to today (and just let it post). It sure has been a rough week for our country. It's nice to get a little caught up with you today. Enjoy the weekend my friend!

  17. There's been lots of hard work going on around your place. Poor John - I feel for him. Cleaning up after filthy tenants is an awful thing. I, too, have a love/hate relationship with forsythia. I love that it's the first thing to bloom and bring some color into a winter world, but I hate the way it sproings outwards, then downwards and shoots up everywhere. We trimmed ours early this year, too, and it looks rather pathetic. Hope it turns green soon.
    Organized for upcoming events? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Which reminds me that my father's birthday is next week and it's time to get something into the mail!
    Your post is not insensitive. It's normal, wonderful, routine, everyday life - the kind of life the people in Boston and West would love to return to. Cherish it.

  18. Not insensitive at all Vee...but I had the same feelings for every post I posted this week.....we need to be reminded of beauty and joy (as in your lovely notecards below) as well as just the day to day hassles that keep us going (and smiling when they're all over). We just need to remember that there's more beauty and good in the world than there is evil.

  19. I don't see a thing wrong with your post. Life goes on even in the midst of the horrible happenings going on. I've not felt much like posting for many reasons.

    Speaking of renters, one of the people who rents from us has just been thrown in jail for stealing from one of his clients. Lots of money. We're now wondering what will happen as far as him getting his stuff out and how long it will take. We once let him slide on his rent for far too long and should have made him move out then. But, my hubby is easier going than I am and wouldn't do it.

    Sorry, but I had to laugh about the mess from John's upturned plate. I could just visualize all 4 of our cats jumping in to chow down. You can't eat anything anywhere in this house without 4 pairs of eyes watching every move you make and hoping for a tiny morsel to fall their way. Sometimes I just have to lock them downstairs. You certainly can't turn your back on them!

    Have a nice weekend. It's cold here today after too much rain. I have water in my basement to deal with. :(

  20. A lovely post,Life does go on.I just buried my brother last Friday.He would not have liked me to just stop.
    You did well.
    I had to laugh about the plate of cheesy eggs.And also the love ...hate you have with a certain plant.I think we all have one or two of those...LOL
    I want to thank you for coming over, and leaving such a sweet comment on my Theater doll.Sherry makes such beautiful stories to go with them.
    May God Bless,
    Marie Antionette

  21. had he fallen asleep with his plate?
    poor guy! he was weary to the bone.

  22. The snow is gone. I loved seeing your preparations for spring. It speaks of hope and a future. Blessings from above.

  23. Crazy week nationally and locally as we're in the midst of serious flooding in our county and most of the Western part of the state. We're not directly affected, I just had to drive through campus on the way to a friend's house this morning instead of taking the By Pass.

    This is exactly the kind of post we need, we can only handle a high level of tension for awhile without taking a break to the same old... same old... normal activities of our days. Well, except for the plate incident, hehehe. I'm not laughing at him, I'm laughing WITH him. ;)

  24. Like this every day stuff. Seems like forsythia is quite hearty isn't it? Could take whatever you give it.
    I hope you have a good weekend and get some rest n the midst of the festivities.

  25. I've flown by the seat of my pants most of my life...noooo...I am NOT organized. I generally know where most things I can tell Mr. Sweet that "the floral wire is in the bottom drawer on the left side of the stove, in the left, front corner...." but can't find last months electric bill.

  26. spring has sprung in SE Ga...we are having great weather,everything is green but mowing,racking,pulling weeds,planting is in full force on LoblollyLane.
    I'm new following here come see me if ya get a chance.Would love if you to follow back if ya can.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  27. Oh poor John! What a challenge.

    I don't think this post is's nice to see some normal activity of life.


  28. uh oh, yep, thats when we miss our dogs for sure! My chives are always the first thing I see too, but not yet, we still have snow!

  29. You have been busy, poor John it is not fair that he had to clean up after dirty people but a fact of life sometimes.

  30. Unless you changed this post, I don't see anything insensitive at all. Life and all that life is goes on, even while we watch the news and cry a lot and bite our fingernails and pray. What you yakked about was some of that life more abundantly.

    I only WISH I had forsythia to have to whack back. I love it.
    And as to organization, oh how I WISH I were not a procrastinator in that area. I am particularly bad about birthdays and holidays. Don't know why either because I do love to celebrate.

  31. Oh, Vee...there is nothing mind-numbing about a chat with friends. Such is the stuff of life, and I love to hear about what's going on in your corner! I am sorry to hear that John is having troubles. It must be so discouraging. But it warms my heart to know that he is protecting you from these unpleasantries...such a considerate man.

    Insensitive? Not at all. I suspect that if you were insensitive, then you would not be bothered about being insensitive. (Did that make any sense?) The day to day is what we must do...even amid pain and grief. During a period of personal grief, it was the daily routine that sometimes helped me through the day.

    Hugs to you, my very sensitive friend...

    And go ahead and whack that forsythia! It is a very forgiving plant...almost indestructible!

  32. It's cold and rainy these last few days here, making clean up difficult. So many branches and broken trees from the ice storm! I can totally identify with John on messy tenants - it makes me so angry when a mess is left behind - we always have our rental property in tip top shape when they move in and it's so upsetting when it's left in disarray.
    I love breakfast any time of day - so sorry that John's ended up on the floor - he must have been so exhausted! Glad you could just laugh about it! I never seem to be very organized and work best under much pressure! The farmer has a birthday next week - eek! Waiting to hear the latest news reports on Boston - so, so, sad......

  33. Hard work makes for good sleeping!! : )
    I love forsythia - only wish it would bloom longer than it does.
    Sorry I missed the Note Card Party this month.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Poor John. I hope that he regains some energy for this weekend! That's awful that some people have no respect for where they live OR other people's property.

    Nice to see some green! RIGHT NOW.. it is snowing here. I'm so angry!


  36. I hate when that happens!! Glad to see no more snow in your neck of the woods, and glad Boston is on its way to recovery and healing. xo (Don't quite know how I missed this yesterday, but I was out for most of the whole day and working on a couple of posts coming out of it!)

  37. Thinking of you this morning!
    Love, Sue

  38. Poor John, when it rains it pours! I hope everything works out OK with your rental. We had renters in FL property - it was a nightmare, and $35,000.00 later everything was fixed!!! Yup, that's right $35K!!! We sold it!

  39. I'm relieved that those responsible for the events in Boston were found. No city is safe from terrorism. It is a sad new world.

    We have a small apartment size house that we rent out in Denver, and have been lucky with it so far. This year we are renting to two young lady college students. We specifically said "no dogs" and found out from a neighbor they had a dog this winter. It is discouraging when renters don't comply to rules. We did ask for a month's deposit from their parents who co-signed before we rented, so if there is damage that will hopefully cover it. Rental property can be a pain!

    We have a lot of yard work to do here too--if the snow doesn't return, that is! ;0


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