Monday, April 8, 2013

March Skies

Ahhh...that was lovely—the time away.

Last evening, while lying flat on my back icing my foot, I noticed the familiar March skies in evening light. No matter that it was now the 7th of April. It was the first time in days that I wanted to take a picture. I have noticed that sometimes it's the taking of the picture, the priming of the pump so to speak, that begins the blogging process.

One must really look up these days to see any beauty at all. Everything is brown and ugly with sand strewn in the streets and on the lawns. The garden looks dead with leaves that must be raked after all. The trees are standing like dark sentinels with no softening green yet. The temperatures have been blistering cold and spirits are more than ready for some warmth. Perhaps today a hint of spring will come.

In other news, the foot still bothers and I find myself praying that it is not
my "new normal." On our little excursion yesterday, I worriedly counted the folks who limp about and they are legion.

Two weeks ago today, we said goodbye to our little Molly. We had been talking about it for several months. She became quite ill at Christmas time and our understanding vet propped her up to get us over that time. When it became apparent that it was the right thing to do, that no amount of "propping" would make a difference for her... You can imagine all the emotions tied up in this as Molly was my mother's dog and the last promise I made to my mother was to care for Molly. I suppose that all this could explain my absence as well. Anyway, you know me, I like to think of them together again now.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and sweet emails. You're the best!

Love Vee


  1. Hello Vee,

    I found you a week or so ago and just now got back to perusing your writing. I truly enjoy your insights, thoughts, photos - Elizabeth Goudge fan here, too. I'm looking forward to continued reading here.

    Trish in Canada

  2. Loved looking at your skies. It kind of also reminds me of the view you must have when you are lying down with your foot...I'm so sorry it's needing ice. I'm glad you are taking the time to do that as it usually helps--and hope that's true for your situation.

  3. Good morning Vee! Oh, I have missed you and am glad to see you this morning. I'm sorry your foot is still giving you problems and hope it will be well soon. I love your photos of the sky and you really described the spring to a 't'. I have seen more robins in the yard this morning and it is a bit milder too. It's such a dreary month in these parts and I sure hope May is better. I am thinking of you in your loss. Keep looking up. Hugs, Pam

  4. I just said a prayer for you, Vee. I'm sending positive thoughts you way. Spring is coming your way soon. I'm so sorry about the loss of your Molly.

    I am one of the "limp along" people. Some days are better than others. It is much better than this time last year. Neuropathy is the pits!


  5. The skies are really beautiful in those pictures, Vee! May you be well! Once, years ago, when I had foot problems my doctor told me to buy Spenco Arches for my shoes and do an exercise to stretch out my Achilles tendon. It really helped. I had thought I had arthritis, but it was the pulling from the tendon that was causing the pain. Of course, there are lots of reasons for foot pain! That was mine. But it might help others, too.

    I am so sorry to hear about Mollie. The decision you made was the best one for her, but the hardest for you. But I love the thought of your Mother and Mollie happy together.

  6. Dearest Vee,

    I am so sorry about Molly - pets are certainly family - and in the painful instance that it was your last living connection of that promise you made your mom..............well, double ouch. My prayers to you and your heart!

    As for your foot, ugh, I am so sorry it has been bothering you, and that you have been under the weather.

    I am GLAD you looked up - those pink skies are beautiful, something to share with Pink Saturday for sure. As for the beauty of the skies compensating for the lack of beauty around, it will come - it just started peeking through here in mid Ohio. My daffodils are almost blooming - the crocus came and went b/c of that last snow storm...........but it IS happening, yay.

    Big hugs.

  7. Good morning Vee! First, LOVE the photos of your sky. Soo pretty, and I love to see what you are seeing...I am sorry your foot is still bothering you. It's the pits. I know that thought of wondering if this is the new normal...try not to let your head go there...I have already prayed that you will know relief SOON. And finally, sorry to hear about your Molly. : ( And I agree, Molly and your mom are together now. Rest that foot, and enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. Sorry to hear about Molly, another pet at Rainbow's Bridge. They are together, I believe that. You might be suffering with a bout of tendonitis, been there, it takes a while. People always ask (shout) at me, "Are you limping?!" Geez Louise, let's put it on the evening news! But my limp is from my right knee......I don't notice it lol. These photos are just beautiful. Through the windows, amazing. xo

  9. I am very sorry about your sweet Molly. I know that has been a hard thing to lose her and all of the memories come flooding in. Wish I could give you a real hug. Love your sky photos, especially the one as reflected on the window. Take care of yourself and get well soon! I miss you in the mornings when I don't see a new post. Sweet Southern hugs, Diane

  10. So sorry to hear that you've been suffering Vee. It truly has been an uninspiring Spring here in Ontario as well. Today looks like we might get some sunshine and warmer temps so I'm hopeful! Your pictures through the window are fabulous. Putting down a beloved pet is so very hard and I'm sorry you had to do that. Take care ....

  11. Oh, Vee, I wish I could give you a hug right now...I had no idea that Molly was ill. I do love how you've shown, so beautifully, that taking the time to "smell the roses," or in your case the March skies, can really bring some much needed peace to the soul. I also know about promises we make to those that have left us; you kept yours to your mom, XOXO

  12. Vee, I'm so sorry to learn that your absence was due to all that. I remember that promise you made about Molly, and you fulfilled it, caring for her right to the end. I hope your foot returns to normal - I'm sure it will - stress has to find a place to manifest itself, and perhaps that was it. x0x0x

  13. Big hugs to you this morning! You have had quite a time of it lately. I know that you have done nothing but good for Molly...all the way.

    I am sorry that you are still hurting. Sometimes such injuries/conditions take a long time to improve. A year ago, even six months ago, I would not have thought that I could walk as I do now, but my feet have improved greatly. I pray the same for you.

    Hang in there! I know that you know to look up!

    Your sky pictures are fabulous My favorite is that first one...oh those wonderful windows you have surrounding a beautiful view!

  14. Oh dear. Condolences dear Vee and all my love to you and your family. Very sad news. I took care of my aunt’s cat Sam as a last request from her and can feel how precious Molly was to you. Many hugs.

  15. Such lovely skies in your photos - and I admire the editing you've done with the soft edges and frames. Some days, looking up is all we can do. It's the best thing! I hope that spring prettiness is soon at your feet as well.
    So sorry to hear that your foot is still bothering you. I find that at my age (ahem) things take longer to heal than they used to.
    Saying goodbye to your mother's beloved Mollie would be so hard. No wonder you didn't feel like blogging. I'm glad to see you back, and I hope you know I was just teasing in my email yesterday - no pressure. But I did miss your chatty posts.

  16. I would also need several weeks of healing from heartbreak. I'm so sorry to hear about Molly. Even when we know that it's the right thing to do, it's difficult and our hearts ache. I, too, hope that we can once again be with our beloved pets. If so, what a wonderful reunion Molly has had with your mother.

    The photos of your "March" skies are beautiful. We're experiencing February skies...still having snow showers occasionally. Spring is coming, though, as from November through this weekend we couldn't open our front storm door. The sidewalk heaves every winter. We knew it might happen when we put the storm door on last summer. Our garage door became our new front door!! We can open the door ~ spring is coming.

    Hope you will soon feel much better.

  17. Your photos are lovely! I've been away too taking care of my mother.
    I'm so sorry about your mom's sweet Molly. She's at home with her now.
    Praying about your foot.

  18. Ahh Vee, so sorry for this new loss in your life. Also praying your foot will be healable. Glad you felt up to taking some photos. May God wrap you up in his comfort...

  19. Vee, so sorry to hear about your Molly... It is so sad when our pets become ill and pass on.. I am sending you a big hug!! and hang in there spring is on its way...

  20. Oh Vee
    I know the devastation of losing a beloved pet,
    and all the much harder since Molly was your
    Mother's before she became yours.
    I'll be praying for you.

  21. So sorry about Molly. She will be greatly missed...I can tell.

    So glad you are back in blogdom! Here's hoping the foot is soon back to norm as well.

    Keep looking up! Great sky pic's.

  22. So sorry to hear about Molly. I took care of my Mother's kitty and it was so difficult when he had to venture on to the stars. Hope the foot is back to normal soon ... otherwise, join me and limp a little! :D :D :D

    Love the sky shots.


  23. I'm so sorry to hear of Molly's passing. And I do hope your foot heals up soon. Just give it time and rest up. Enjoy the unfolding spring which is soon to arrive. Your sky photos are wonderful.

  24. Beautiful pictures ~

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Molly. You did the right thing ~

    Hugs ~~~

  25. I am so sorry that you lost your Molly. Always a sad thing to do.

    The sky photos are beautiful!!

  26. Oh so sad to hear the news about Molly, but I know you did the right thing, Vee. Pets depend upon us to take care of them right ot the end when we know they are suffering and it is time to help them pass on. It is still so hard to say goodbye!

    I haven't been online too much myself in the last week as we were getting a lot of yard chores done since we had nice weather. Tomorrow we are supposed to have a blizzard, but Colorado needs the moisture so I won't! I saw you had commented on other blogs so i knew you were OK and taking a break. I'm glad everything is good --except for the foot pain--I'll write to you about that-- and that you are enjoying the beautiful sky!

  27. So sorry to hear about Molly...praying that bluer skies are coming soon!


  28. Hi vee, How is your foot. Hope it's better. Your photos are beautiful. The colors are wonderful. You promised your mom to take care of sweet Molly and you did. It is a very hard thing to have to do. But know that it was for Molly's best. She now has no pain and is most likely with your mom. That is the way I look at these things. I also hope that someday I will be reunited with all my wonderful pets. Take care.

  29. I don't have any Biblical verse or anything but I'll go along with what Billy Graham said, that he believed God allows our beloved pets to be with us in Heaven because He loves what brings us great joy. :)

    Hmmmm... for me it is a word here and there that sparks blogging first and then the words (hopefully) find pictures. Although I go through seasons where I love to blog and then others when I don't very much... I'm a fickle blogger to be sure. It's a good thing I don't blog for income.

    Everything looks the same as your outside world here except one small exception, I walked in the backyard yesterday and found the daffodils nearest the house in full bloom. They always bloom first (I think because the heat of the morning sun against the brick house warms them nicely). Of course, I had to run inside and get my camera and scissors!

  30. Now I understand your absence. It's comforting to know that Molly and your mother are united and think how happy they are to be together again! I know how hard it is to know when the right time has come to assist our furbabies to the next phase. Think happy thoughts of Molly when she was younger, healthy and full of energy.

  31. Pretty pretty skies, when you said icing your foot for a minute I was picturing you with cake icing all over it. yum yum.

  32. Welcome back. Heaven is surely a place to reunite with our loyal dogs. Thinking of you.

  33. Molly is now frisking in heaven...wouldn't it be grand to watch her there? I too am glad you took photos of the lovely skies. Foot pain, any pain can make one feel downcast in the best of situations. Kinda double bummer when the exterior world is holding back on spring color. Hugs and prayers for healing, comfort, patience, and thanksgiving for the cuteness that Molly delivered on your blog over the past few years.

  34. I'm so very sorry about your little Molly, I'm sure she's been reunited with your mom and is getting lots of belly rubs in heaven!

    Hope your foot feels better soon too!

  35. Oh Vee --- I am relating to this post so well --- and I am empathetic. Our beloved elder dog is nearing her last days. It is SO difficult. My sympathies are with you and your heart regarding precious little Molly.

    As far as the foot is concerned --- I've been there too. It took a year, but I was finally able to walk on it without feeling the pain. No fun, for sure!

    Feel better soon! Your photos are FANTASTIC!

    I'm afraid I don't sound much like a cheerleader. I am toooooo empathetic, I think.

  36. Thinking of you Vee in this season of your life. The pictures of your sky are beautiful. ~ Abby

  37. Oh Sweet, so sorry about the foot and also the precious pet. Your pictures are beautiful...and I just let the Lord soak over me as I slowly looked at each!! Get well soon...healing! Praying for you

  38. Vee, you sweet sweetie, I know you're not feeling 100% and have a lot on your mind yet you made the effort to visit me. Thank you very much. :)

  39. Hope your foot is better soon, and am sorry about Molly. I know how hard it is to lose a precious pet. Love the photos, spring is just now beginning to show itself here....been a long time coming this year. Hopefully it will be arriving in your neck of the woods soon.

  40. Oh Vee, I'm so sorry to hear about your Molly. I know it's hard to say good-bye to our precious 4 legged babies.

  41. Vee,

    I am so sorry about Molly. We understand, having lost our Samantha recently. I am sure your Mother is delighted to be with her girl once again.

    I am sorry you are struggling with your foot, too.

    I've been a bit busy and have been a bit hit or miss online. I have missed you.


  42. Vee,

    I am so sorry to hear about Molly as well as the limp. Keeping you tucked tightly in my prayers. I hope spring graces your corner very soon.


  43. Hello Vee,
    I want to thank you for stoping by with your lovely inspiration.And I will be praying for your foot and other ailments to heal.I have alot of those too.
    I love your blog today.Very beautiful pictures and words.
    Thank you again.
    Marie Antionette

  44. I'm so sorry about Mollie. I haven't been to your blog lately but truly enjoyed scrolling through and catchting up tonight.

  45. That's a good way to think of your dear Molly in the arms of your dear mother. She was loved by both of you and so was lucky to have such a good home for so long. Do hope that you are feeling better soon!

  46. Vee the sky shots are stunning. I love it now that April is here and I see the wonderful signs of spring and a warming earth. I am so sorry about your little dog, such a sweet little face. I have lost 3 dogs over my life time and I know the sorrow. I pray your heart is comforted and that your foot heals quickly. Hugs, Elena

  47. Happy to see a post!

    Lovely photos...

    Sorry about the Dear Doggie, but glad that you didn't make her suffer.


    Btw, I'm *not really here.* -chuckle- I'm being less on the Net, while swimming through this ^&**^%% cold and ^&***&^%^ upset stomach, from the med.


  48. Vee:

    I am so sorry about your precious Molly, lots of emotion ties into this loss. It hurts.

    I hope your foot gets stronger each day.


  49. Beautiful photos Vee. Sorry about your Mom’s little Molly. I’m sure that added to the emotions of loosing her. It is very painful to part with a beloved pet. Do take care, sorry to hear about your health problems and hope to hear your better soon........

    The French Hutch

  50. Hi Vee,

    I'm so very sorry to hear about little Molly. That is such a wrenching thing to go through. We had another scare with our MacDuff last week, and every time, I imagine the worst and think we're going to lose him. He turned 13 last week, so he's technically an old man. I will be thinking about you.

    Your sky photos are lovely; you always take such good pictures. I'm sorry about your foot problems. Several years ago, I had a foot problem that lasted about a year. But nowadays, it's usually okay; I just have to be careful about what kind of shoes I wear. I know how you feel -- limping is NO fun.

    Take care of yourself.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  51. Your photos are beautiful as always. Hope your foot feels better! That's horrible!

  52. Like you Vee, I think your mother and little Molly will be smiling now as they are together again at last!
    You and John will miss her - another little heart beating in the house - but she has gone home.

    I would never have guessed your landscape was gloomy at the mo - your sky and tree photos are truly beautiful!
    I just have to mention too - what sparkling clean windows you have!!!

    I've been working so I'm sorry I'm not sure what happened to your foot but I do hope you get relief soon.
    Shane ♥

  53. Awww, I'm so sorry about Molly. I like the your thought of her together with you mother :)

    Beautiful sky shots as all I see is dreary, rain clouds today.

    Hope you foot gets better soon!

  54. Beautiful photos of the sky. So sorry about Molly. Heart break. Our grandmas, our moms, our pets. Sigh. Feel better soon! (It is kind of the pits getting older, isn't it?)

  55. Awww, darlin' girl...I've been so wrapped up in house selling, I missed something along the way...what happened to your foot? I sure hope it is better soon.
    So sorry about losing your dog. When one is so attached, it's like losing a family member, almost.
    You surely did good on your photos here...just beautiful.

  56. I have been missing you and hoping that you were relaxing and recovering nicely. So sorry to hear that your foot is still causing problems. Sending good thoughts that in time the pain will be gone for good.
    I don't know what to say about the loss of your dear little Molly, except I know how they are such treasured members of the family and losing them is indeed painful. Your last photo of John and Molly in the little heart brought a tear to my eye. So sweet. You both took such good care of her.
    Gentle hugs being sent your way.

  57. So glad to see a post from you sweet friend. So sorry to hear about Molly, it's always difficult to loose a family pet as they are part of the family, but knowing that she was your Mum's little sweetheart must have added additional heartbreak.

    Wishing you pain free days and nights.


  58. I missed you here. So sorry about the little dog. Only people who have pets can understand how sad this time is. You did the right thing for your little pup. Be well. My thoughts are with you.

  59. Awww, Vee. (((HUGS)))
    I've been pretty AWOL from Blogging lately and I had no idea. So sorry about Molly and you're foot. I have to take my Mum to an appointment soon but I'll come back and check to see what happened there.,

    Love the pictures. We have similar skies here (and brown lawns and gardens)..


  60. i am so sorry to hear about molly and that your foot
    is still so painful. i'm not surprised that during your
    ordeal you still took some gorgeous sky shots.

  61. Hi Vee,
    I am so sorry about Molly. I still miss my Twinkles, even though we have two new dogs. They are our little kindred spirits.

    Your photographs are wonderful, and that's how many of my post inspiration starts. I will see something and take a photo and immediately want to share it.

    I hope that you foot mends soon. I will say a prayer too.


  62. I really do understand about the foot. Sitting here at my desk is uncomfortable right now. Typing is quite literally a pain. And yet, I get such joy out of just perusing my blogs and seeing what has inspired friends in Blogville that I do it anyway. I would have been very inspired by that March sky! I loved how you said that to find beauty right now requires a looking up. We're bursting forth in color here, but I still find beauty looking up.

    I pray that the foot is NOT your new normal!

  63. Vee, I have been away on vacation the last week. So I missed your last few posts. I am so sorry that your foot is hurting! I too hope that it is not your new normal.

    I am also sorry to hear about Molly. I hope you can find comfort in your memories of her and I do believe that she is together again with your Mom.

    Sending you huge hugs.

  64. Vee,
    So~o~o sorry to hear that you're laid up with your foot, dear friend!!!
    You definitely know how to turn a negative into a positive. . .
    your sky photos are SPLENDID!!! I adore how you've soften the edges!!!

    Know, in your heart, dear one that you've made the right choice
    where Molly is concerned. I do believe that there has been a
    divine reunion on Molly and your Mother's behalf!

  65. I'm so sorry about Molly. I know that was a hard decision but you have to do what's best for your pet. It's hard. I feel your foot pain - literally! Sorry it seems to not be getting any better.

    Beautiful photos!

  66. Hope your foot is feeling better by now.
    So sorry to hear about Molly. How sad that must have been.

  67. I am so sorry about Molly. I know she will leave a little empty spot in your house. A poignant post. A good time to look up and meditate on the skies.

  68. Well, it sounds like we are all in the same boat, us early and pre-baby- boomers:) Every time I get a new pain, I worry that it might be my new way of life. Thank the good Lord, they usually past in a few days. I think that most of my pain comes from getting out and thinking that I can work, like I did twenty years ago. I've got to learn to slow down and do big jobs in small doses. I am so sorry to hear about your dog. She looks so much like my Butchy that they could have come from the same litter. I don't know why it has taken me so long to find your wonderful blog. We have many mutual followers, so I think it was destiny for our paths to cross at some point in time. I am your newest follower and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you over to follow me back. I have met the nicest people in blog-land.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  69. I'm so sorry Vee. It just isn't easy and I do understand! big hugs to you dear friend!

  70. It's so sad and painful to make the decision about a beloved pet, but I'm very thankful we have the choice to stop their suffering.

    I hope your aches and pains are better today!!!!

    Your sky pictures are enchantingly beautiful.


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