Monday, April 22, 2013

Playing With My Camera

It's been another busy day with yard work and then I had the brilliant imbecilic idea that I should rearrange the Volkswagens. Perhaps I really should try one of those Pinterest recommendations for room arrangement. Nah. That would take all the fun out of it. I love not only the challenge of shoving furniture around, but also the challenge of a good traffic pattern. Now I've got it just the way I like it: we must slide into the living room sideways. Well, John doesn't, but I definitely do. Sigh. This probably means more Volkswagen shoving in my future.

Lest you think that it's all work and no play around here, John and I had an opportunity to meet another of my blogging buddies and her hubby. Did the title of my post give it away? I don't know how I found Pam (or how she found me), I'm just glad that I did. My earliest memories of her blog were her wonderful posts on King's Landing in New Brunswick from whence she hails (NB, not KL). They should hire her as their official spokesperson and photographer. She does the historical settlement proud. Then I began to be smitten by her amazing photography and landscapes. We have that Maine~New Brunswick connection.

I don't know how you handle blog meets, but I've discovered that it takes upwards of ten emails or more to get the details all ironed out. I started off by telling Pam that eating meals just doesn't work, yet that's what we wound up doing—having breakfast at Cracker Barrel at my suggestion. Poor Pam. BTW, I don't recommend breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I think it's best to go with a good local restaurant for that local ambiance and food. I do like the charm of Cracker Barrel, though.

Pam is so stinkin' cute it isn't even funny. Her smile lights up a room now let me tell you, even on a cool, rainy morning in Maine.

Here she is being taken by complete surprise by my sneaky deviousness and that rotten camera. Just when she thought she was safe!

I really like this one. What a cute couple!

What does one chat about at these meets? Mostly about you. ☺ There's always plenty to talk about right, John? Ha! All of my future blog buddy meets should consider themselves duly warned. John loves nothing better than to hold up his end of a conversation.

Knowing this, I had the usual heart to heart conversation as we traveled south on I-95. I think I even warned him that if he overdid it, I'd be tunking his knee. Well the tunks got quite pronounced at one point and John turned to me with such a perplexed look that I nearly snorted my coffee. Next time, I'll have to include the directive not to give me the What In The World Ails You?! look whenever his knee gets bruised. Lest you think that John was the only one getting a tunk, nah, I'd best not tattle.

Pam came bearing gifts...

Beautifully presented and all wrapped so nicely. My very favorite thing is the stack of notecards that she gave me using her own photography. I have already used one as my son's birthday card. Those chocolates were delicious. The cookies are safely set aside in my hospitality pantry. The magazine was a
fun Saturday afternoon read and I know that I'll pick it up again. The napkins will be perfect for an afternoon tea.

You can find Pam at Playing With My Camera and you can find her account of our visit *here.* You'll also get to see the iconic Portland Head Light! Please say hello while you're there. (If you don't mention my hair, you'll get bonus points.)

Love Vee


  1. Oh Vee, you are so cute and funny! I love your sense of humour. And yes I think Murray got a thunk on the knee or was it an elbow in the arm plus I got one of those 'looks' for mentioning something I shouldn't have. You didn't notice? Good. :) You are a gem. Thanks for the shout out about my blog etc. It was a great visit! Big hugs, Pam

  2. Would love to have been a fly on the wall -- no seated at the table--for this meeting. I'd feel like I was meeting celebrities! Sounds like a good time. At least your husband didn't say aloud, "Why are you kicking me?" as my husband has done at least once if not more.

  3. What fun! I just blogged about an impromptu meeting with dear Deanna today...and then I come over here and read about your meeting with Pamela and her hubby! It sounds like you had a delightful time! Isn't it so rewarding when you meet a blog friend in person, and find that they are just who you thought they were...or even better?

    I am always sure to visit Pamela during your note card parties. Her photography is stunning!

    I am also smiling at your tunking (oblivious) John on his knee! I love that he was having such a good time too! :D

  4. Thanks for your nice comment on my anniversary post. How I would love to be lucky enough to meet you and John. I know of Pam and so glad to see her photo. Can you believe my color ink cartridge ran out and I cannot even pull up my Picasa 3 photos. There are so many things I don't know about computers I sometimes get very frustrated. I have new ink cartridges on the way until then no new photos for my blogs. Hope your weather is getting better. We have been walking the last couple of days and that is sure enough good for us.

  5. You are so RIGHT!!! She is adorable!!!

  6. I love when bloggers get to meet. They are a cute couple, and I must say, I LOVE breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I could have a ball with just the biscuits and coffee! I have been thinking about rearranging furniture myself. Need to do it this week. xo

  7. The first blogging friend I met was from West Virginia. I was planning a visit to my sis in WV and I thought it would be great fun to meet a blogging friend. Turns out she was from the farthest part of the state from my sis (a 3 hour drive) We did meet at Olive Garden in Charleston and it was wonderful.

    I am so glad you got to meet a blogging friend. The pictures are great.

  8. I am so glad you and Pam got to meet each other! She is one of my favorite blog friends and I read her account of your meeting. Plus you got to meet in Portland, one of my favorite places to visit. I have several photos of Portland Head Lighthouse somewhere in my archives. Some day I will dig them out.

  9. Hold on until I get over the jealous pangs. That sounds like such a lovely time! I'm so happy for all of you, really! What a delightful couple and great photos you captured. Now I am off to read Pam's post.

    Have fun rearranging......again.

  10. I'm happy you got to meet a blogging friend! How fun! I've already seen Pam's photos and now yours. You and John and Pam and her hubby are such cute couples. I've thumped my hubby before too, but he'll usually ruin it all by looking at me and saying "what did you do that for?" or "what??". Then I want to kick him really hard. Haha!

  11. I think your meeting sounds like way too much fun, you'd better meet up again!

    Now I know I must visit her blog.

  12. Sounds like a great time! It brought back memories of our meeting. : ) Must do that again some time.

  13. I have met 2 blog friends in person. It was delightful. I do wish I could meet more bloggy friends face to face. It sounds like if we met, our hubbies would get along well because mine has the gift of gab, too!
    Have a wonderful week, Vee!


  14. Oh how fun...I have only met a couple of my blogging buddies and that was a couple of years ago now... : ( And trust me if you met my hubby, it would be a REAL gab fest. He has really got the gift! haha On my way over to meet your friend now...

  15. I read Pamela's post this morning before the internet glitched out in our area. I was jealous. "How fun it would be to meet Vee," I've thought many times. What a great time you had - thunking and snapping and talking up a storm.

    1. Tunking, Lorrie. No thunking. Ha!

  16. It sounds wonderful and fun. I agree with you about finding a local spot if there is a good one to give some local color. Here, there wouldn't be a place I would recommend so we would probably end up at the Cracker Barrel too.

    And now, I'm clicking... if for no other reason that to see your hair.

  17. How exciting for you and Pamela to meet! I've not had the pleasure of meeting a blogger like this and think it would be fun.
    Glad you shared with us.

  18. Pam and her husband look delightful - like you and John. I've not met any blogging friends, but my D.E. Stevenson yahoo group friends I've been meeting since '98 when we were in England and spent a day with my wonderful friend Alison. In fact a number of us have met now in Boston in 2007 and in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2010 and whenever we're together we feel like real kindred spirits. I think that is how meeting a good blogger friend would feel.

  19. april 23...

    I had to go directly to your blog URL, to see this post! Ugh, ugh, ugh... How come? It's a blogger thingy I use, to show new posts, on "My Little Posse" blog. Grrrrrrrrr...

    Lovely meet up!!!!

    Have you read my today-post yet? You might want to hurry, in case it "goes poof".... -sigh-

  20. sounds like a really nice visit...makes me feel better since I am trying to schedule a lunch to meet a blogging friend and hasn't happened seeing the 10 emails comment, I smiled..we still have a few more emails to go. LOL...great post..
    Love, Mona

  21. Pam sounds like a wonderful person and I am so happy you had a chance to meet in person.

    Years ago, after I had told my sweet hubby that there were some stories he should not share...he said, just touch my leg if I am starting one of those stories and I will next time that is exactly what I did. And he turned to look at me and say, quite loudly, "What? Did I say something wrong?" So much for a subtle hint :-).

  22. It's looking sweet over here, love your new header! You do a real good job with that camera by the way.

    Happy Tuesday!

  23. It;s always so much fun meeting with a blogger. I've only met one.....but we sure had fun. Now, she's moved away so doubt we will get the chance to meet again. So glad ya'll had fun.
    ....and those maple leaf cookies are one of my favorites...:)

  24. I just love to read about these blogger meetings. I've already read Pamela's account.
    She brought yummy and thoughtful gifts. The notecards seem like a perfect gift for the Note Card Party hostess.
    I had to laugh at your account of "tunking" John. I'm not sure if I've ever done that to Brett, but I have definitely kicked him under the table a time or two.

  25. I really enjoyed both of your blog posts!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time!

  26. I've always wanted to visit Maine, and the New England states. We have friends in upstate NY - and if we ever fly back to see them, perhaps we'll rent a car and venture up your way. I'll call before I come over (**

  27. Vee, how fun to meet a blogger friend..
    looks like fun laughs...

  28. I was just visiting Pam and admiring the photos she had taken! How neat that you got to meet her! She is adorable...they are such a happy couple. I know you had fun! Did you say anything good about me? hahaha! Sweet hugs!

  29. You are right ~ what a beautiful, infectious smile. I smiled, too, when I saw the pictures.

  30. Pam told me in a blog comment that she was going to see the Portland Head Lighthouse and I wondered if you and her were going to meet! I'm glad you did and had such a fun time! Pam does have a wonderful smile. I look forward to reading her post about your breakfast together.

  31. Ha! We were at Portland Head this past week too! What a small world! Sounds like you had lots of fun. I'm going to ck out her blog!

    Have a good one!


  32. What a wonderful time to meet a blogger, and one so lovely. Looks like you had a great time. My friend Joyce and I are going to a book signing at Barnes and Noble to meet Elyse from Tinkered Treasures. I have been blogging with her for years, she is such a lovely girl, and her new book looks wonderful. We are meeting her in Rhode Island.

    Such a wonderful world this Land of Blog. It's better than pen pals, which I always loved as a kid.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  33. Morning Vee, Pam hold told me she was meeting up with you, I am very envious as I would love to meet her but there is a big pond in the way. Also both our husbands are radio hams so am not sure we would get a word in unless we sat at a different table!! I have met a couple of bloggers and it was lovely. Pam and I also chat on Facebook and personal emails as we are both proud nannies / grannies and I won't publish photographs of my grandson on here or facebook. Today we have a lovely Spring day here and I want to get out and do some work in the garden.At 8am it is 12.8c and hopefully it will go up to 22c. They say by the weekend it will change so need to get out while it is good. I don't know if you have ever visited the UK but we have to expect our weather to be like that here. I know two Canadian bloggers are visited our shores soon so I hope the weather stays dry and warm for them. I am now a follower of your blog. Have a great day, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  34. Good morning Vee! Just stopping in to see how you are doing and catch up! Blog meet-ups are so much fun! I've never met one-on-one with a blogger, but I have done the group thing. So enjoyable.

    I hope all is well with you & John.

  35. What fun! Looks like you had a great meet up and who cares if the breakfast wasn't the best -- that wasn't the point after all ;>)

  36. What a wonderful time...I just love seeing God connect people this side of heaven. I got tickled at your 10 emails to get it down. What a blessing to see someone in person.

  37. It was fun to read about your meeting with Pam. I really enjoy her blog and yours as well so can just imagine you two chatting back and forth. I've only met one blogger face to face but it was a great experience. She's moved back to the Maritimes since we met. I'm ready to move anywhere to get away form all our snow. Our fields are still covered but warmer weather is expected after the weekend...just a few light flurries on Sunday and Monday...but it's the end of April I say!

  38. How fun was that...meeting up with Pam and her husband! Now I must go check out her blog...and see what I can learn about Portland Head Lighthouse.

    I'm smiling about the 'tunking on the knee' trick. Too funny.

    It looks like you got some great treasures from New Brunswick to enjoy!

  39. How fun!

    She's a great photographer, what a special gift!


  40. Loved reading this, what a pleasant time you must have had. I can tell from their faces it was delightful. You see Vee, this is what frightens me about meeting you. Yes indeedy, Pam is as cute as a button. But you with your camera taking pictures of me, that you will in turn blog about.... well, I think you get the "picture". At any rate, I think Bill and John would get along very well. I've gotten the "what ails you" look. We need to make a plan soon. ~ Abby

  41. It's funny, I've been reading your blog for long enough to know what your meant by moving the Volkswagons :)

    What a great meeting and Pam does look like a sweet, fun person!

  42. Vee
    I'm so glad to hear you and Pam were able to get together!
    I bet you had a wonderful visit. Poor John's knee though-ouch.
    I've been away so I'm just now catching up.
    I'd love to make a trip out East someday to meet both of you.
    Well, a girl got to dream...


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