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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Good thing that I learned some years ago that Christmas is what we make it when we can. Personally, I like lots of Christmases...definitely more than one. (Though I do confess that I fall prey to wishing that Christmas were over...ugh...I hate that I sometimes wish that.) The planned get-together was accomplished and whatever happens for Christmas Day will be more of a spontaneous gathering with whoever is available.

And, if we can manage to stay out of the Emergency Room, we'll be doing famously. We spent the day there yesterday with my grandmother. The good news is that she is perfectly well; the bad news is that apparently she is in need of a little extra attention. *sigh*

I've been doing a lot of catching up and realize with horror, thanks to a thought-provoking post Manuela at The Pleasures of Homemaking did called Blog Etiquette, that I am guilty of not giving credit where credit is due... (No, no, Manuela did not single me out. I'm just the type who could never pass a lie detector test. I always feel guilty. It's a condition, an affliction, a syndrome, a problem.)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has commented on the Christmas header. Now I need to say that Aunt Ruthie at Sugar Pie Farmhouse gave me the idea for the JOY chalkboard on her Be Merry and Bright post. I usually have a simple "Abide" printed on my wee chalkboard, but when I saw her amazing kitchen with a giant chalkboard made out an old headboard (I think) saying "JOY," I copied it almost to the "T." Guilty. I am.

The only thing that I didn't do was use that much-coveted chalk ink product Aunt Ruthie raves about. Instead, I used an old trick learned in the classroom long ago. I simply wet the chalkboard (I'm not fond of the messy chalkboard look), clean it well, wet it again and write immediately on it with regular chalk. It's the poor gal's chalk ink. When the chalk dries, it remains quite undisturbed until it is washed off again.

May all your preparations be going splendidly...I am on my way to find out for myself! Blessings...


  1. Hi Vee

    Glad to see that your back in blogland. I've missed you and my early am visits.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas!


  2. Love that chalkboard idea...so glad you were able to expound on it. Gathering ideas is a huge benefit of blogging. You are certainly no shirker when it comes to recognizing others.

    I am glad your Grandmother is ok. Attention can be just the best of medications....lol

    Happy day!


  3. Glad to hear that your grandmother is well and hope that no more ER trips will be necessary.
    Your chalkboard tip sounds like a good one. I have one little chalkboard in my kitchen. I will give this a try next time I change it.

    Have a nice day and a Merry Christmas.

  4. Here's hoping for a calm and untroubled Christmas for you and yours, Vee. I think my word for next year should be Serenity, in the vague hope that focussing on it may bring some to my life! "Calm" is a goal. Sigh.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. "the bad news is that apparently she is in need of a little extra attention. *sigh*"

    Yes... *sigh* You know when you drop these little "bombshells" in, you know I will notice. And I'll not usually have the same reaction as your other readers.

    "Little Extra Attention"!?! Somebody has got to be kidding! Your Nan's living situation is so much better than a million other older people's is. And if she's as sharp as you say, she should realize it.

    If she's at the point where she does not realize it...... Wouldn't other arrangements be best? Or do you and John, have to beat yourselves into a pulp, with this care? How much, is your duty?

    Yeah, Happy Christmas. -hits head on desk- I'll go off now and let all the other ladies leave sweet and seasonal wishes/comments.


  6. Now, Aunt Amelia, I love all the comments I receive, but I do confess that some of yours are straight to the point and soooo refreshing. Thanks!

  7. It is lovely to have your haven to visit on my morning break. I am off to buy eggs. Yes, what kind of holiday planner am I that I know I have baking to do today and only have three wee eggs? Have a happy day, tell John hello, and give nana a special hug just from me!

  8. Thanks for the idea about the chalk ink. Cool!

    I spent the day in the ER, too, with back spasms that radiated into my chest. Say the words "chest pain" to anyone and you get a fast reaction! It turned out to be back spasms (gave me a Valium to take care of it) and all was well.

    I read Manuela's thought provoking post, too. I will be very conscience this year about giving credit where credit it due.

  9. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas and some time to sit back and rest, Vee, and enjoy it all!

    Hoping 2010 will be a happy healthy new year for you and your family.

    I;m thankful that you are able to blog again, and I'm glad you are my blog friend!

    Hugs, Pat

  10. Hi Vee,
    So nice to see you back again! And I, too, love your Christmassy header, and that cute chalkboard! I'm happy to hear that your Grandmother is OK. I hope that everyone stays well, and that you all have a joyous Christmas, and many blessings in the new year!

  11. Vee, Vee, Vee! I didn't really mean every little thing! I'm sure tons of people have a chalkboard that have JOY on it. But that was very good of you.

    My MIL always needed extra attention and I could always count on her having to go to the ER on my wedding Anniversary or my Birthday! She was, amazingly, always well on her own birthday though.

    I hope everyone stays out of the ER and that you all have a lovely day on Christmas.


  12. I really like what you...uh...Sugar-Pie-Famrhouse did with the "Joy" and I think that imitation is one of the best part of flattery..the other is that I love it..

    And I didn't know about the whole wet-board thingy.,.I may just have to write out "Joy" that I copied...uhh..imitated from YOU!
    Have a very Merry SEASON - no matter what day it's on :-)

  13. Hi Vee - I've been following the update on your mom on "behind the scenes". God is so good, and I'm so glad that you have your mom and grandmother there with you all at Christmastime. May the Lord bless you all with the riches of His grace!

  14. Joy to you...and peace...this Christmas...and many blessings in the year that lies ahead.

    May you have a relaxing holiday at home...may all be healthy and happy...and may you stay far away from all hospitals! Take care & enjoy those Christmas treats.

  15. Love the chalkboard - the best ideas are stolen ones, haha. Glad your grandmother is ok - oh dear!

    Yes, I have been to Kings Landing many times, but never thought to go to these places at Xmas. Our Heritage Park has really renovated and has a new program director and Christmas was a huge project this year, that they did marvellously on. I think I will make an annual trip now!

    Funny you should ask about David's shirt - he was wearing it yesterday and I reminded him how much effort (and cost) was involved. He thanks you still! There was something I wanted to order online the other day and they only shipped to US, and I thought of you again, haha. But now I cannot remember what it was, so I must not have needed it very badly!

    xo missed ya. Merry Merry!


  16. Hello Vee,

    Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!


  17. Oh, you make me want to go out and get a chalkboard!

    Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. I figure that any day not spent in a hospital (for myself or someone else) is wildly successful, LOL. Saying prayers for your grandma.

    {{{hugs}}}, sweetie.


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