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Monday, December 28, 2009

Where Have all My Favorite Blogs Gone?

Anyone having trouble with losing your favorite blog listings? I am and I am terribly upset about it! If you've been on my blogroll and wish to remain there, please notify me. My memory isn't what it used to be!

Edited to Add:

Oh blast it! Honestly, on days like this, one should return to bed and remain there until the world rights itself. I had such a lovely old-fashioned blog list going and now even IT is gone. I don't know what Blogger is up to, but I can't play if it won't let me. I'm going to go have some coffee and at least three pieces of fudge.


  1. Dear Vee,

    I just stopped by so excited, when I saw that you had commented. I miss you.

    I hope that you and your family has a beautiful New Year.

    Blessings, Karen

  2. Vee,

    Try re-adding your followers to your add a gadget. They stay memorized, because this happened to me once.


  3. Thanks for the advice, Karen. I'm sure that would be the easier way, but I am one of those sticklers who despises the followers gadget as I have had nothing but trouble with it. *Sigh* Now I don't despise my followers just for clarity's sake. I'm thrilled that anyone wants to follow this blog.

  4. Please try Google Reader. It shows you, when blogs [you have put in] have a new post.

    And it's totally private. In other words, no one but you know if you've stopped reading a blog. So no hard feelings will ensue.

    I don't like public blog lists, because we all change and want to read some blogs, and not read some, anymore. But unless our list is Private, feelings can get hurt. :-(

    I had Blogspot Follower Gadget for a bit, but dumped it. It can get to feel like people have a Popularity Contest going. "Oh look, at how many Followers I have!" --- Plus, I know I have signed up on way too many people's Follower Gadget, and no longer read them. So, I'm not doing Follower Gadgets any more. [Voila! A posting idea!]

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia

  5. Thanks, Aunt Amelia. I really dislike Google Reader as well...never worked as it should...sometimes didn't let me know that a blogger had posted for hours. Still working on my list and have no idea how many have been dumped. Guess when I find myself missing someone and wondering how she is, I'll wake up.

  6. Vee, the same thing happened to me. All of a sudden my "reading list" disappeared from my side bar. I still don't have all of my list back yet, so now when I read a blog, I look over their listing and try to recreate mine. Bother!

  7. Golly, I would have heart failure if my blog follower list disappeared! I'd drown my sorrows in chocolate too, LOL! Of course, I would be flattered if you added me to your new listing.

  8. Me!


    I am private but you are on my list!

  9. There is always something going on. I have followers on my list I have never received a comment from and have never visited. I found that when I did my birthday month highlight of all my followers. I cannot even get on anyone's list as Google will not respond for me. It just says try again. Been doing that for months. I have had my list disappear and then show up again. It is a mysterious world to me. blessings

  10. I agree with your last post in that here the week between Christmas and New Year's is relaxing too. We may visit here or there but for the most part we stay home and usually curl up with a couple of good books. The fudge and coffee sounds great ♥ Enjoy your week Vee and know that I am also thinking of you. I hope your mom and grandmother are doing well.

  11. Hi Vee, I hope you get this blogger thing fixed soon...we all want you to come out and play! I'm still getting notices of your posts so things are working on my end.

  12. Coffee and fudge sounds good to me! I hope all your bloggy woes clear up soon!

  13. Google Reader has been messed up, too. Some of the Christmas Eve posts didn't show up until yesterday! Hope things get figured out soon.

  14. That is so frustrating! I hope things reappear for you!

  15. Fudge fixes everything. Promise! My oldest son and I just finished off a 9x13 pan of fudge by ourselves and let me tell you, everything is hunky-dory!

    Hope I'm still on your list, Vee!

  16. Ah . .good times. ..blogger is causing grief and it's not even April fools day yet. ..I hope it sorts itself out soon.. .very soon.

  17. How did the coffee and fudge break turn out for you? Did you get your problems solved? My biggest problem is that my computer does not like a few of the blogs I like to visit...and freezes up when I try. Hope you solve your puzzle over there...and have yourself a realxing week.

  18. Hmm, hello there! Whenever you change layouts, you lose whatever app you got on your previous layout and you have to put those back again. Yes, AGAIN lol! That applies with your Blog Roll too! Next time, I suggest adding them in your Google Reader too - you can find it on your Dashboard!

    You have a good blog going on here! Hope to hear from you!

    Much Love,

  19. I say eat FUDGE too when blogger acts up! My goodness, hope you've gotten it fixed or figured out Vee.

    Don't forget about me...well even if ya did, I would find you my friend! :)

    Thanks for your visit and your dear comments!

  20. Uh.oh! Hope the blogger-person is in a better mood and he gives you your stuff back! In the meantime, have a fun Tuesday and a happy New year's - stay safe and warm :-)

  21. I feel your frustration, but feel sure that coffee and fudge are the answer to many of life's aggravations. :)
    I am considering myself lucky as I haven't had this problem (at least not yet). I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will soon be fixed.

  22. Re: Your comment on this entry... I have to beg off of responsibility for your "merry chase" about showing my pics, in their full size. -grin- I simply copied what my big-size-pics-in-blog guru has on her blog. :-)))) -blinking eyes in innocent way-

    My guru is....Between Naps On The Porch. And this is her post, which tells all sorts of cool stuff.

    But some pics are blurry... Hmmm, even the pic of the "She Who Must Be Obeyed" mug? That should show up clear. Only the corners should appear blurry, as this is one thing I can now do, with my iPhoto computer thing...

    And I know full well, to whom you refer that title. And it seems un-real. Totally unreal... -sigh-


  23. Will you make a new entry, so I don't have to keep adding comments here?!?<--JOKE!

    Anyway... Gooooood! I've caused you to mess with settings and have everything toooooooo biggggg now. So you have to do more messing with settings, to get to a happy medium! Goood!

    Why good?!?

    Because I have MADE YOU have to have more computer time!!! Even though you say you didn't have time for it, this morning. And especially.... Especially... Since "someone" is probably getting her knickers in a twist, over your spending time on your computer. -claps hands with glee-

    Yes! I'm *Evil*! -more clapping of hands- "Someone" needs to learn boundies. "Someone" really needs to learn the bounderies of "her" authority.


  24. Wheeew, the mug pic shows up clear, you report. And the ornament on tree pics are kind of fuzzy anyway. ,-)

    Mmmmmm, something tells me we should be doing this chatter, via IM or the phone. -giggles-

    And..... "Someone" hasn't yet blown a cork? You are still on the computer??? >,-)

    OK, OK, I'll go away now and stop bugging you. -giggles-

  25. Hi Vee

    I think that I've been on your blog roll for a little while and would be happy to be put into your new one.

    Glad to hear that you are going to rest this week. I have off from work and plan on just doing as I please. We're even having eggs and bacon for supper tonight:)


  26. I am here - it has done this to me too in the past. A hint. I also created a list under the Favourites in my Internet browser of all the blogs I love. Just in case.

  27. I've had this happen as well. I still have not built my complete list. Time gets away when the family starts growing. After it happened, I started putting blogs I like in an aggregator, Google Reader.

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

  28. Yes it is so weird when blogger goes wacko on you. I have lost my blog roll too. I know there are folks I have lost:(

    Mmmm coffee and some chocolate cookies (I didn't get any fudge this year)

  29. Vee --- I really WANT to remain on your friends list (blog roll)!!!! I'm so sorry that you lost your blog roll. I re-opened up my blog roll --- Friends of Gracious Hospitality --- and you are welcome to browse there and find some of your lost-friends. I know we cross-paths many times. I had it closed for awhile because I've been dealing with a pesky blog spammer --- but hopefully it is cared for now.


  30. Hello Vee,
    I'm sorry you've lost your list. I think I was on it!

    I enjoy reading yours and hope the fudge did the trick in boosting your mood!


  31. Oh No! I hope you got it back! I wonder what happened?

    Wishing you and your family a happy healthy New Year Vee!


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