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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Birds, Star, and a Calendar

Don't you love a new calendar? I do. In fact, I'm so easily excited by calendars that I get a thrill out of flipping from one month to the next. Probably wouldn't if I were using the True Value calendar, but then I am using a new Lang received for Christmas. (My new one is from the paintings of Laura Berry.) Calendars make such nice gifts...more about that in a few.

Sooo, I've been making things and all because my family loved the little bird that I spoke of *here.* You'll find all the information you need for snagging the template from Miss Sandy on that post.

And I've been making stars, which is a Blogland story that connects to a real life one. My mom purchased a pocket calendar for my sister at our local gift shop and discovered a bit late that it was for 2009. That'll never do so she sent me back to the shop where it was cheerfully replaced for a 2010 one. It's a darling calendar from the paintings of Diane Knott. How thrilled I was to find her blog named Diane Knott's Musings while blog-hopping one evening just two days later.

That evening, her post was Starry, Starry Night and I was enchanted. My little copycat star is made from scrapbook papers that I really have never liked well enough to use; nevertheless, how well they worked for this star. And how darling would it be made from favorite Christmas cards or favorite wrapping paper as I did for some of the birds in my collage? It's good to think about these things as you pack away your Christmas stuff, if you haven't already. (Some fine day, I hope to be able to use glitter as beautifully as Diane does.) This is the *star template* I used. Anyway, that's my little find to share with you today.

A warm and loving thank you to each of my readers whether you comment or prefer to remain quiet. I appreciate all of you. May you enjoy God's richest blessings in the year to come!


  1. So pretty. Thanks. Happy 2010. May life be less bumpy.

  2. I love a new calendar too! Yours looks so neat!!!

    I'm so picky that I always have to pick out my own though. >,-0 Betcha' you'd never have thought that I'm picky though, hu??? LOL!!!!

    Oh you are so talented. I'd never even considering trying those things. But glad there are people like you, who do.

    Gentle New Year's hugs to you,
    Aunt Amelia
    [Snowing here too, but I caught a glimpse of the nearly-Full Blue Moon, last night. :-)

  3. Finding Diane's blog must have been a serendipitous moment for you, Vee! I will look at her blog in the new year ;-) I hope to be more crafty in 2010..heaven knows I have enough supplies in my basement to use up..lol

    It is snowing here and everything looks so delightful! I am about to begin preparing our special dinner. I'm making the dessert first so it can chill. It will be a cozy evening at home and I'm looking forward to it.

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to more from your haven in 2010!

  4. Every year a group of us give each other star things... I am going to make them these stars for next year. I am intrigued by the idea of using old christmas cards. I am going to check this out@

  5. Okay Vee,
    Let's see if I can contain my self here. Hummm! I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am to see you blogging again, I haven't touched a computer in over two weeks until yesterday,and am trying to play catchup, I have spent some of the most delightful minutes reading of what you have been doing.
    I especially enjoyed reading your Behind the Scenes,What a beautiful lady your Mother is , and am so happy for her progress.I will continue to pray for all of you.

    And as always I have so enjoyed reading your posts, you have such a way of letting me know that no matter what is going on in my life that i can make it. You have so been missed !! What a blessing you are to all of us.

    Now I must go and visit all of those wonderful blog sites you have mentioned.

    May you and all of your family have the most blessed and happiest New Year.

  6. Vee .. I love your Christmas craft ideas. I just purchased Christmas cards on sale. . not necessarily for the cards but rather for the unique size that I often send out photo cards. I wondered what I would use the cards for. .and now I know.
    happy new year Vee. . .

  7. I'm still searching for my favorite calendar...that's what happens when one waits until after Christmas in hopes that it will be on sale for half-price!

    Neat craft ideas...and I love your collage. What program did you use to make it?

    Blessings to you and your family in the new year!

  8. What a lovely post! Calendars are irresistable, I agree! How nice that you found Diane Knott's blog. I found her accidentally early last year and entered a giveaway. It was for the delightful chickadee pillow that she stitched. I won it! So I've been following her ever since. I think the secret to her tidy glitter in the stars is that she uses the glue glitter. Goes on smooth and doesn't make a mess, LOL.

    May you have a perfectly delightful new year, filled with blessings - and yes - a few rip-roaring adventures! Even you too! (Hint: They don't have to involve naked bungee jumping, hahaha!!!!)

  9. The star is beautiful Vee. I too love calendars. I always get a Lang every year. It is usually the Folk Art version. I think the pictures are so pretty. Your right. They do make wonderful christmas gifts. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year. I look forward to blogging with you.

  10. Happy New Year to you, Vee. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Hope for the future is a wonderful thing to have.

    Your birds are wonderful! Now I'm off to check out those stars.


  11. Diane is such an angel!!!! And so very talented too ~ I love your star Vee and bird's too!! Sandy is so sharing ~ I love her ideas and artwork especially her nature inspired work! I wanted to wish you a wonderful, happy and blessed new year sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  12. After all the journals I made for the grands at Christmas I got carried away with the glitter glue. Now that is a find. There is one problem, put it on too thick and it takes 2 forevers to dry. My art teacher and I buy old calendars for painting ideas. I mean really old ones. blessing and good wishes to you

  13. I am a calender freak too. I even save them after I have used them... Your Christmas crafts are ones I will give a try next year. They are quite charming. I even bought myself a fancy set of glitter and never got around to touching it. Hmmm maybe some January evening I will get inspired.

    Have a most blessed and Happy New Year!

  14. Wishing you a very Blessed New Year

  15. What a delight Vee. I love calendars too. I have a gift of a year at a glance on my blog today to wish you wonderful things.

    I must check out these links now, I love your star. I love crafting too, and hope to do more in this coming year.

    Happy New Year, I hope the coming year brings you every happiness. Stop by for your calendar gift.


  16. Vee,
    Thank you for putting the calendar on your sidebar. You are such a wonderful friend, and I am so glad that you are blogging again. I missed you so much.

    Have a wonderful day.


  17. You, my dear....and I....will be staring at the same calendar all year. How cozy is that?! My calendar exactly and it is hanging on the wall already marked with birthdays, anniversarys and exciting holidays and weekends with the son. I had to pick it out....I always do with a bookstore gift card from my boys....they know I loike to find my own! Ta...Happy New Year kiddo! Glad to have you about these days!

  18. Love the star & the birds..and the blog suggestions! Have a wonderful day and keep on posting your darling works :-)

  19. Amazing as always


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