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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've Been Known To...

drown my sorrows. But then you know that after the fudge confession of Monday.

Today, I have a peanut brittle confession.

A microwave peanut brittle confession.

(Oh look! A glimpse of my "recession hair" on the microwave door. Don't strain your eyes — it's murky on purpose.)

Oh dear!


It could've been so nice...you know, if it weren't all burned and stuff.


Funny little story about my grandson who believes that I live in a magical place all because of my neighbor's shed. You may remember that, like many little boys of three, he's enchanted by all things Thomas the Train.

Grandson: Dad, look! It's Toby!

Son: No, that's Nonni's neighbor's shed.

Grandson: No, Dad, it's Toby!

Son: Well now, that's kind of fun to think about, but it's not really Toby; it's just a shed.

Grandson: But, Dad, he's got wheeeeeeels.

And so the shed does (have wheels) and, after running into Toby today, I'm not so certain that he doesn't live in my neighbor's backyard.


And I do live in a magical place...


  1. How very sweet...both the brittle and the Toby story. You do live in a magical place.

    Hope your day is just as magical!

  2. I am finding out I live in a magical place too. Sitting in this chair visiting all my blog buddies. So good to have you at your computer again. You were one of my earliest acquaintances on the blogs. Happy and blessed New Year to you and yours.

  3. It looks like a fairy tale to me! Enjoy your beautiful white landscape! And my hubby loves things they are slightly scorched! lol The peanut brittle looks good!

  4. Hi Vee! No confession necessary. I usually make a few batches of "nuker" peanut brittle each year. At LEAST one turns out like your photo. Microwaves have gremlins, don't you know?

    I'm also glad were seeing more of you these days. Happy New Year!

  5. You do indeed live in a magical place! And I am also in the Recession Hair Club, Vee. Sigh. But that peanut brittle looks delicious!

  6. Vee,

    It looks to me like you are living in a winter wonderland, love that snow outside your window. I have never been good at peanut brittle making, I just acquired a new recipe that my husband tasted at work and loved so I will try it and let you know how it turns out. Grands are just the best and don't all nana's live in magical places in the eyes of their grands?

    I hope you are staying cozy! (and sane)

  7. Sorry the brittle burnt. Rats. I know what you mean about recession hair. Glad to know that Toby is next door to you. LOL The little ones have such wonderful imaginations. The pictures show that you do live in a magical place.

  8. The Toby story is so cute and I'd say your grandson has a good eye. My youngest son was a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan so it brought back fond memories.
    Bummer about the peanut brittle. I hope it was still edible.
    I have been struggling to hide my gray roots until my hair appt. which isn't until Jan. 8th. Now if anyone inquires I will just tell them I am sporting recession hair. I am always amazed at the useful information I pick up through blog reading :-)

  9. OT but... Before I say anything else... Did you know that The Button Willow Chronicles blog is posting again?!?

    My Google Reader just showed me a new post there. And I am over joyed!!!

    Aunt Amelia

  10. Sweet story. Ahhhh the free imagination of childhood. When did we lose it?

    When the adults in our life, began pounding all those Rules into our little heads.

    Let's revolt!

    Let's take back our free imagination!

    We'll show them!


    Aunt Amelia

  11. Re: Your saying in my blog comments; "...except I no longer waste time on no-fat sour cream. ; Maybe someday I'll need to do that, but I'd rather go without."

    Yes, you have long-lived genes in your family gene pool, so you may well not have to do the no Sat/Fat dance. Lucky you! But I wasn't so lucky.

    Our cholesterol numbers stayed fine and we thought we were eating quite healthy-like. But 3 of my arteries still clogged up and I just avoided a heart attack, by stenting.

    All the while my internist was saying; Keep up the good work. Well, other than his wanting me to walk daily.

    In other words, I thought I was being healthy. And now I'm lucky I'm still here.

    So I have to do the no Sat/Fat dance, because I'm nearly 73 and Obamacare feels I'm expendable. I'm sure there will be no more stenting for me. It will go to younger [maybe illegal alien >,-)] people. Aunt Amelia is on her own!

  12. Enjoy your snow along with the peanut brittle.

  13. I love peanut brittle too. I rely on my niece to make it for me though. I like the idea of a round piece. I love your last photo. How darling!

  14. I love magical highlights in a day. Children are the best at making magic. And the magic of peanut brittle...oh my! It looks like you are enjoying the cold wintery days of Christmas. I hope that you are well.

  15. Sweet, sweet, sweet....I'm sure it is magical.

  16. How adorable Vee!!!! I love that you live in a magical place with Toby just across the yard...what a sweet memory for that grandson! I'm so sorry about the brittle, it sure looks yummy though ~ So is that what I have? Recession hair? No "real" haircut in MONTHS....chopping here and there in the bathroom...squeezing on hair color from the grocery store ~ I think recession hair is the PERFECT name for it!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  17. A magical place...indeed!

    Maybe he likes peanut brittle that is a little on the dark side...we hope. I have a microwave peanut brittle recipe I was planning to try...it never happened. So...it's not as simple as it looks?

  18. That's exactly why I blog - to remember all those sweet child-parent words that we think we'll remember, but don't! I'm so glad you shared this wonderful exchange with us :-)

  19. Oh, and does burned brittle have fewer calories??

  20. Thanks for your prayers Vee. Family all recovered.
    I am sure my friend will appreciate knowing you are praying. She has had the most horrendous surgey to straighten her back (using bones from elsewhere in her body) in order to not have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. She is a lot younger than me.

  21. Yes you do!

    Too bad about the peanut brittle ..now it's really brittle!

    Cute story about Toby .. I haven't been acquainted with him as yet...soon, I'm sure! :-)

    A nice peak at John and your pretty tree!

    I get Yankee Magazine and I always drool over the photos of Maine..in fact an ad on page one called Maine "Wonderland" and touted that it was home to 60 historic lighthouses...and you know how much I like lighthouses!

    Stay warm and cozy!

  22. Hi Vee!
    I love this story about Toby....I am sorry your brittle burned. I LOVE peanut brittle. I haven't had any in years.

    I hope you have a wonderful, magical 2010!

  23. What a cute story! So what are you going to do with the brittle? Happy New Year!

  24. Somehow I missed that you were posting regularly again. But I'm back now and all caught up. It looks like winter is treating you very well! Blessings to you in the New Year!



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