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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Shopping Day

The grands came over yesterday and truly didn't recognize the Christmas tree as anything more than a display. When I asked them if they liked the tree, they looked at it quizzically and then responded in the affirmative...sort of. One did ask why I liked little trees so well. I suspect he'll discover why in fifty or sixty years. 

That's fog and freezing rain beyond the windows...Christmas lights are so cheering on such days.

Earlier in the week, my daughter and I went Christmas shopping in Freeport and Augusta. It was another freezing rain and fog day, but she was up for driving saying that no one would be crazy enough to be out. She was very nearly right. In fact, we had the dining room all to ourselves at Olive Garden.

The difference between not explaining what you're up to and assuring your victim darling that you are a blogger after all.

The waitress did not leave us tongs so we had to improvise. I had no idea how fast Darling Daughter's hands were moving, but she hadn't eaten all day.

This is the L.L. Bean tree — a spruce. I think it looks quite lovely even in fog and rain. Yes, there are orbs in the trees.

 This was the row of lights and wreaths outside the Home Store part of L.L. Bean. Love those galvanized buckets!

 ~Hunting and Fishing and The Big Boot~

One of Freeport's side streets...I just liked the hip-roofed brick building with the wreaths at all windows.

A wonderful carving of three black bears in a tree trunk on The Green.

It was a fun day and I did get some Christmas shopping done. My daughter was very patient with her old mum who was barely toddering by day's end. She said that she didn't get as much done as she had hoped. Of course not! That's what you get when you take an old lady shopping, but may the good deed be returned in multiple ways. ☺


  1. Love the look of Freeport. My shopping is pretty dismal so far. I have one thing for each person except for firstborn son.So much of his list is an on line list and I'm a slow on line shopper. Ha! The item I have for Dear he ordered himself online. I just have to wrap it. Glad you had a fun day with daughter. I still really like your little tree display!

  2. Well first, I am LOVING your tree...looks perfect. And then I truly loved all your pictures of your day with your daughter...what fun, And those scenes look just how Christmas is suppose to look in my mind...and they are reality for you. I am glad you posted them. Enjoy your week-end!

  3. Winter wonderland -- perfect for shopping. Love the Bean tree. Nice day with your daughter.

  4. Beautiful photos, even from a not-so-purrrrfect day. Interesting this, hu? Amazing how lights and bows and pine bows can perk up the most ho-hum-weather. :-)

    Hey, I really like your small tree. You have done a beautiful job of decorating it. Oh how I love the look of "mold-able" ribbon. Not a word, but it does "say" what I think (talented) people can do, with that ribbon.

    Icky weather here too. Oh well. I continue to look up articles, and books, on how to Embrace The Season of Winter. ,-)

    And now, I think I will embrace it, by taking a nice, long, Winter's nap!!!!!!!

    1. Eeeeeeek!


      That should read; "Amazing how lights and bows and PINE BOUGHS, can ....."


  5. I so enjoyed reading about your day with your daughter … sounds delightful and to think I've been to that Bass store once upon a time. I loved the side street view. Truly it all looks like Christmas at your place.

  6. I love your darling tree, Vee. You and yiur daughter are brave souls to venture out in that weather! I was at LL Bean in Freeport on Black Friday. Place was jam packed but it was a pleasure. Not crazy or frenetic. :-). One time when I am in Maine we need to meet for coffee.

  7. Well, I had to laugh at your last statements. I'd be the same way Vee but would give a lot to go Christmas shopping with my J this year. I love your photos of L. L. Bean and Freeport. It's really a very pretty town and yes, those bucket lights are gorgeous. (I took a pic of them once too) So fun to spend a day with your daughter and to risk life and limb for it. We had snow most of the day but it's doing something else out there now. Nasty!

  8. Oh yes.....we have been there many, many times! The very first store I headed to when in Freeport was the LL Bean home store. Love the pictures Vee. We shopped many a time on days like that! Lovely post and your tree is precious!!!

  9. That looked like a wonderful day out even though the weather was bad. What I wouldn't give to have a day out with my daughter.
    What a beautiful tree and I love those galvanized buckets too.
    Love the side street picture.

  10. That sounds like so much fun and the lunch looks wonderful. I like the way the fog and mist gives everything a hazy look ...like a winter wonderland. We hiked today and it was 80 degrees....what a difference a few hundred miles makes! Holiday hugs, Diane

  11. We have enjoyed the visit. And glad you enjoyed your outing. Had a chuckle about the grands' response to your little tree. Hahah.

    Are you near L.L. Bean? What a lovely tree. And, I love shopping online at L.L. Bean. In fact the shirt I'm wearing right now is from there.

    Happy Evening...

  12. I would love to live close enough to shop at L.L.Bean! Looks like you had a great time. The older I get the more online shopping I do.

  13. How sweet of your daughter to take you shopping, you're lucky to have her.
    Your little tree is just perfect with the bear and the lamb close by!!

  14. LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDD Your post. Love the LL Bean store. Love your tree, loved the grands comment. Thanks for the smiles...I am afraid to tell you dear friend in Maine, but you will be getting more bad weather in the week...sorry..(ducking)

  15. Gosh, look at the snow you have! The grandson was done from his home town 3 hours north of us and they have lots, we are looking at green grass again.
    Olive Garden is usually where my daughter and I go when in the US and we can inhale 2 bowls of that salad in no time! It's so good, and she's a vegetarian.
    Like you, I'm plodding, limping along at the end of a day of shopping and with swollen ankles. :-) On-line shopping was invented for us you know, not the younger crowd. LOL

  16. I loved 'meeting' your daughter and feel as if I enjoyed the day along with you two! My daughter and I were also dining at an Olive Garden yesterday! That salad is so GOOD!!!! We ate THREE bowls full!!! The big difference would be YOUR weather and ours!!! 77 degrees and balmy! It's been cooler today but nowhere near COLD!!! I think December should be COLD!!! Thank you so much for all the lovely photos! I loved every single one!

  17. Oh, I LOVE Freeport, and Beans! I've never been there at Christmas, bet it's lovely. Nice that you had some mother-daughter time! :) I think your little tree is just sweet!!

  18. hahaaa...so glad you had a good shopping day with daughter. I'd go out in a tornado if it meant spending time with my girl.:)
    I have my tree up but not decorated...maybe tomorrow. *heavy sigh....I DO have my mantel done and it's so full of whimsey, I nearly laugh out loud every time I look at it. :)
    I LOVE little Christmas trees...always have. When the kids were little, we had a big ole 7 ft. one...now, I love my little 4 ft. one to pieces.

  19. Durn Blogger! I wrote my comment and hit publish and it didn't show up. That's happened too many times. I was saying that I love shopping trips with my daughter, too, and eating at places like the Olive Garden that BG isn't all that fond of...I love their bread sticks and salad! Glad you two had a good time in spite of the weather.

  20. This is the way towns should look. There is just something about them that make me want to be there. The carving with the 3 bears is magnificent. Looks as if your day with your daughter was very rewarding. The weather (fog and snow) gave such a beautiful Christmas feel in the photos.

  21. Sounds like a lovely day, despite the fog and rain. Now I know where my online orders are coming from! Always have loved LLBean. Your daughter is beautiful, Vee.

  22. I've been getting the LLBean catalog for years and years, Vee. I probably could have lined a large library with all the copies they have sent over the years--lol! I do order from them from time to times so I guess I encourage them. I'd love to visit their flagship store one day, if only to see what they had on sale!

    I'm glad you had this nice day out with your daughter! The Olive Garden salads and breadticksare really good when one is hungry!

    I love that 3 bears in a tree carving! I want to get a black bear wood carving for my front steps one day. I was surprised how much they cost, so I keep looking for a more affordable place to buy one.

  23. Just shopping or visiting there would be very Christmas adventure-y to me. I love the Bean tree and storefront. My husband is all about that store. It basically outfitted him his entire life because his mother (mother of five boys) was a huge L L Bean shopper. He honestly still has clothing that he wore in high school in his closet, which speaks to the quality (and his weight control... and his famous Scottish thrift.)

    I love it that you braved the elements to go out shopping. I do believe I would rather face freezing cold than a crowd any day.

    Also, I read your Sunday post and just loved it. I was so convicted by the quiet exhortation. I am truly sorry that you have had a double loss this week. We have had times like that. They just hurt.

    And so, HE came.

  24. Mother-daughter outings are so much fun (or they can be!) I so enjoyed seeing the town of Freeport - it looks like a delightful place to wander through when the weather is pleasant. The wintry scenes make me long for a bit more snow (ours is all gone) over Christmas.
    I read posts backwards this morning and just came from your Sunday posting. I'm sorry for the losses in your circle. Hard times, but bearable with the comfort of Immanuel - God with us.

  25. What an interesting place. I love the wreaths across the porch! What a nice day to spend with your daughter. xoxo

  26. I'm back to tell you that I got a little tree with EVERY intention of cleaning out my antique trunk and copying your great idea. Alas, I didn't quite make it. The tree is probably a little too tall for that, but I did surround it with some of my favorite things. Moral of the story? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Have a blessed Tuesday, Vee. I am sorry about the loss of your friends and the tough time that many are experiencing this Christmas season. How do people cope who do not trust in a loving Savior who always does what is right, even if we can't see it at the moment.

  27. Now that brings back pleasant memories of our visit to Freeport last summer. I love seeing it in winter! Lunch at the Olive Garden (salad and fresh bread sticks) is always a hit. I don't recall ever having a salad without tongs though. :)

  28. She got something better then gifts - a full day of memories with her mom!


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