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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cookie Baking Day

Sis and I had a cookie baking date. Yesterday was it! She arrived before ten with a vehicle filled to the rafters with baking supplies and I had tables filled to the rafters inside with baking supplies. It was quite the day. 

As is often the case with us, we didn't go for the tried and true. We both chose new-to-us recipes. Three to be exact. Fussy recipes that involved delicate dough and rolling out. One was the filled date cookie you see in its beginning stages below. It got a topper with a heart shape cut out. Then the edges were crimped. I have to tell you because I didn't take one photo of the finished product. They turned out quite cute and very tasty.

 ~Date Filled Cookies~

~Peanut Butter Cup Temptations~

These were not fussy. They were yummy. The recipe is right on the bag of peanut butter cups. 


This recipe is all over Pinterest. It's delicious, but I won't bother to make them again.

~Dora's Sugar Cookies~

This is a cookie that I've been baking since I was in third grade and ran home to tell my mother that Cathy's mother had made the most delicious cookie I had ever eaten. My mother called Cathy's mother who was gracious enough to share. I'm sharing, too.

Dora's Christmas Cookies

2 eggs
2 cups brown sugar packed
1 cup melted butter
3½ cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla

Mix all ingredients together. Chill for thirty minutes or so. Roll thinly between two sheets of wax paper—no thicker than pie crust. Cut into shapes. Bake at 350° for ten minutes.
Frost with favorite icing as desired.

Edited to Add: Dora's Cookies taste better the following day.

We worked from morning until night. Dishes were done again and again. Still the kitchen looked as if a bomb had gone off.

~One little bright corner~

~Heading Out~

Sis was going straight to the hospital to drop off the goodies. She's dieting these days, yet she wanted to do her part for the cookie swap today on her floor. She just isn't participating in the swapping part. ☺


We counted it all joy...or mostly all joy. Must say that I slept well last night and I'm hoping to hear that Sis did as well.
Hope that all is going smoothly in your corner.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOO Cookies (wink). Great post, thanks for the smiles...nice to see you. Blessings

  2. Mmmm...all those cookies look delicious! Thanks for the recipe; I'll add it to my list of recipes to try out! The peanut butter cup temptations look scrumptious. I had some similar cookies at a function a couple years ago and asked the lady for the recipe...then I made and served them at my high school graduation open house. They'll always hold a special place in my tastebuds! :)

  3. I honestly can't think of anything I'd enjoy more then a WHOLE day of baking with my sisters...soo fun. The date one looks different and scrumptious. And let's face it, Christmas baking just isn't Christmas baking without sugar cookies. Sounds like a good recipe. Glad you enjoyed!

  4. What fun to bake all day with your sister! Looks like you got some great cookies baked, and good to share too. :)

  5. I joined the joy of baking with your sister Vee since I don't have one. The day must have been fun working together with yummy treats to share at the end of the day.
    When we've had company over I've asked for a favourite between my shortbread and sugar cookies. So far the shortbread is winning but for me I like sugar cookies better. I'm going to see how our recipes differ.
    Merry Christmas.

  6. Can I come over. I'll bring milk!

  7. Oh! I am just waiting for a horrid cold to pass and then, I'll be on a cookie baking mission! Looks like you chose some good ones this year! Yummy!

  8. What a blessing to be able to bake all day with your sister. I know what you mean about washing the dishes over and over and still having the kitchen look like a bomb went off! :) My son and I had our baking day a little while ago and even though the kitchen was a disaster it was great fun.

    Your cookies look divine and have my mouth watering! Hugs to you!

  9. During the years that I haven't baked something, I feel that a big part of the Christmas spirit is missing for me. I love it that you and your sister shared this project together. Why will you not make the Kiffles again?

  10. What a wonderful, memory making day this was! The cookies look beautiful and I am certain, taste divine! Lovely post Vee!!

  11. I can give you my address to send the left overs! lol I bet your kitchen smells great.

  12. Oh my goodness!! Cookie goodness that is!! You must have had such a fun day. I really have to find the recipe for the peanut butter cup ones,,,our family loves peanut butter and chocolate! I am sure all who received and tasted were delighted!!

  13. Beautiful post...

    All ways...

    Happy coming Christmas,
    'Miss' Tessa~

  14. They all look SO very yummy and I know you must have had such a fun time with your sis!

  15. Oh I do love your cookie choices! I'm smacking my lips out west...
    I can relate to the washing and washing and still looking like a bomb went off. I'm happy to hear you slept well last night. I finally had a good night of sleep, too. Feels good. I'm feeling the joy for sure!

  16. I'd love to spend a day baking with my sister. What a lot of talking there must have been between the measuring and rolling and cutting and washing of dishes. The results are lovely.

    My father's favourite cookie is a date-filled cookie sandwich, less fussy than the pretty start you've shown, but also less beautiful.

    1. But it tastes every bit as good, I am sure!

  17. I was going to ask if you needed my address, but it sounds as if they have all gone to good homes. *sigh*
    I haven't had a chance to bake yet, I am feverishly working on quilted throws for youngest daughter's Christmas. Eldest daughter got hers when they were here for Thanksgiving. I do have a gingerbread house decorating party planned for Sunday, that should be fun :>) Probably just as well that you don't have any cookies left to share, AND that I haven't baked yet. I am notorious I my lack of self control around cookies. :\

  18. My daughter and I are doing our cookie day this Saturday. I'm so looking forward to it even if I don't eat many sweets any more.

  19. Had to laugh at your kitchen, as it resembled mine last night. Well used kitchens look alike! I wish I had a close sister to bake with. My siblings were a generation ahead of me and my kids are away. I had a lot of fun with Andy and Dean. Did they keep you two company too? I'll send you my Spritz recipe.

  20. What a fun time with your Sis, Vee! Don't you know that my kitchen looks like that when I'm baking,too. The cookies all look wonderful and I'd love to sample them all. I love the idea of brown sugar in Dora's cookie recipe. It's so nice to hold on to traditions. Merry Chrismas!

  21. Oh that sounds like so much fun. : ) The cookies all look delicious and fun to make.
    I've saved the recipe and will give them a try. Thanks.

  22. Joy and deliciousness indeed! Good for you. I must use your sugar cookie recipe sometime!

  23. Vee-How wonderful that you have a sister that you can share baking with. That must be the best part of the whole experience. I have not baked the first thing yet. I copied over your sugar cookie recipe and will try i the next time I bake sugar cookies. xo Diana

  24. You are so lucky that you got to share this with your sister. I love it! I have done a bit of baking but should do some more before Ashley and Eric show up next week. Maybe I could get Ashley to bake with me!

  25. What fun, an old fashioned cookie baking day. I must say if I were there with you, those date cookies would be the most tempting for me. Thanks for sharing this special day with us. ~ Abby

  26. Can you believe it? Yesterday was cookie baking day at our house too! Only the girls and I this year. But we had a new director: Bekah. She started right off (tired of waiting for Kati and I to get ready) and just kept on going. We helped her. And we washed all the dishes. She said it was a wonderful day because she got to do all the fun stuff!

    Baking with someone else is such fun! Isn't it nice that your sister now lives near enough that you can share such things? (I like non-fussy cookies.) :)

  27. I haven't baked in years. Everything looks heavenly but I would have to fight ya for all the Peanut Butter Chocolate thingys. I'm definitely a Choco-holic. *giggle*
    Merry Christmas Vee! ~:)

  28. How fun to get to spend time with your sister baking cookies. All of them sounds delicious!

  29. I imagine you both were pretty exhausted after all that baking. I find it so tiring to stand a lot so can't imagine staining most of the day. I'd need a stool. But. What fun the 2 of you must have had trying out new recipes. I'm feeling the temptation to eat those peanut butter cookies though! I'm going to look up that recipe. It's snowing hard here. :)

  30. So much more fun to bake with a friend or sister or daughter. Except sometimes I get talking and can't remember if I put an ingredient in or not! Your cookies look yummy.

  31. It looks like you accomplished a whole lot! I mostly bake alone these days...but recall when my MIL used to come help me with my Christmas baking every year. I loved it! My kitchen always looks like a disaster when I'm cooking or baking. I see your yummy 'Dora's cookies' are almost identical to my Brown Sugar Cookies (posted on MGCC)...also a recipe my kids brought home from their friend's.

  32. V and I baked all day today, Vee! He watched the oven and put the baked cookies on the racks to cool while I shaped and cut and sprinkled--lol! I made a gluten free gingerbread cookie from a King Arthur Flour website recipe that came out great--I was so happy as I felt bad my grandsons could not enjoy Christmas cookies in prior years. We also made regular gingerbread men, spritz and Italian fig cookies. Next I'll make the 7 layer rainbow cookies and rugelach. I always say I am cutting back but I never do--it's too much fun to make and eat all the cookies!

  33. I love a busy kitchen!!! It speaks of love!
    Thank you for the tried and true recipe from your childhood. I am going to make up the dough and bake those Christmas Eve morning for the grands to ice and decorate that evening when we have our Family Celebration.
    I haven't said anything on my blog - but I covet the prayers of you and John......my brother, Lonnie, is having heart surgery Friday. Louis Dean will take over the Beauty Shop run so Deanie and I can be at the hospital with him and his wife. Michele is a private type of person......plus she recently lost her step dad and just the year before her mom - and now her husband is in critcal condition. Her mom died of a heart attack as she was IN the hospital preparing to go home so she could gain strength for additional surgery.
    I probably should of put this in a private message but it is late and i am tired. Love and prayers for you and yours ALWAYS from the Chapmans in Texas!

  34. Your cookie baking party sounds fun! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm going to try it out. I bought 3 tubs of cookie dough from a fund raising event at my daughter's center, but they just don't taste quite as good as "from scratch" cookies.

  35. I'm saving Monday to be my cookie baking day, but I imagine I'll be going full tilt in the kitchen till Christmas day. Yours look delicious and gosh, you two must be tired!