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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Simple Woman

Outside my window... Sun! (After three days of driving rain, it's delightful!) 

I am thinking... Yikes! I left this one blank. Well, I am thinking lots of thinks that should not be shared on a sweet little blog like this.☺

I am thankful... That John is feeling better after three days of feeling blah. 

I am wearing...black jeans and a white tee shirt

I am creating...wrap-around blouses for a couple of two-year-old great-grandgirlies.

I am going...upstairs to the sewing room and to Joann's later for cute buttons. 

I am wondering... Not again! (Yes, left blank.) 

I am reading...finishing up To Kill a Mockingbird. Love this book. It's a re-read in anticipation of Harper Lee's soon-to-be-released new book. 

I am hoping...that I don't mess up the buttonholes. =/

I am learning...how to make children's clothing. Beginner level, of course. It may or may not be easier than learning German, the learning of which I have left in the dust.

In my garden... the boleros have started to bloom.

I look forward to this every year. Yes, they are hot, hot, hot. I'm hoping the "fog" will help not put your eye out.

In my kitchen... a crockpot of chicken soup with kidney beans

In the homeschool room...
*add if you would like
{here is where homeschool moms can share a bit about their homeschooling moments} I left this here for those who homeschool. I didn't know that this was a feature of The Simple Woman Daybook.

A favorite quote for today...I saw the cutest quote at *Happyone's*  the other day: You can always tell when two people are best friends because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having.

Isn't that just the truth?!

A peek into one of my days...They begin and end early...usually up by six and usually in bed by ten. The first thing I do in the morning is feed the cat. Fioré is a yowler. John serves me coffee in the morning and sometimes a dish of ice cream in the evening; otherwise, I serve him for the rest of the day. He seems to like that. ☺ I do my chores in the morning, sit with John during his lunch hour, spend the afternoon on my projects, either inside or outside. We often watch Everybody Loves Raymond at suppertime and Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy from 7–8 pm. What an exciting life! ☺

One of my favorite things...is figuring out ways to make a home from little to nothing.

↑Just like these wasps are doing...ahem↑

P.S. Thank you for all the nice, encouraging things you say. John and I both appreciate them! You are a wonderful blogging buddy!

These prompts came from The Simple Woman blog.
I am linking without participating.

A happy mid-week to you!


  1. Oh I hear you about making something out of nothing (or something like that, lololol) Thanks for your post, you always make me smile. Have a beautiful day, love what your making. Blessings

  2. Vee, When married couples are friends, it shows. :):) I like to call people that just look like they have been together forever...toast and honey. They are good together. I am glad you and your husband are toast and honey. :):) Ted and I like the same shows.LOL...we make fun of ourselves at times. Blessing to you and your husband, xoxo,Susie

  3. I just lost my comment. I will just say I enjoyed your post...as always. And please send some of your cooler temps my way!

  4. Laughing, and know you must be having a good and happy day.

  5. Glad to hear the John is feeling better. I love the bright orange flowers!

  6. I have a sewing machine and even took a course in sewing---somehow that ended that! I am inspired by your Blessings!

  7. It is a beautiful sunny, perfect June day here. I'm doing some long overdue housecleaning and laundry. Nothing wrong with a simple life, especially if we take a moment to appreciate it :) Glad John is feeling better, maybe the sunshine helps. Earl always gets my coffee in the morning too!

  8. You crack me up! I love reading your post! Oh the grandgirlies will be thrilled! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. I love the orange flowers....some of my favorites. Glad to hear John is feeling some better. The little ones will love the wrap arounds. I have a sewing machine and it has been sitting all alone for ages. Maybe I should be inspired by you and do something with it!

  10. Lots of things to make me smile in this post. Your day sounds just about like mine, except I don't get up until 6:30. It's good to have a rhythm to the day.
    Those are cute little tops you're making. I hope John continues to feel better and that the sun shines a lot!

    PS I think peanut butter fudge for breakfast would start the day off well - as long as that's not ALL you eat for breakfast!

  11. The flowers are beautiful and I always love seeing what you're sewing! Have a blessed day and hopefully the sun will shine and leave the heat behind!

  12. I sure love hearing about your days, Vee. I learned today that you are an early riser, never knew this before! As for the sewing, you are way beyond elementary, and I' sure it's got to be easier than learning German!!

  13. Is it Google or is it me? I've lost my comment twice. If this goes through, I'll try again.

    1. Is the blog loading slowly? I learned at Lorrie's blog today that if I do not allow the blog to load completely, I will lose my comment. I think that is what I learned. (It takes some time for it to load, especially, when I am using the iPad.)

  14. It went through ~ yea! I'm going to keep this response simple and copy before I hit publish.
    The bolero lilies are gorgeous. The dress is adorable. I think you'll have fun making more little sundresses. Oh, to have a JoAnn Fabric store nearby ~ lucky you! Enjoyed hearing about your day. I felt that I'd spent a day visiting with you.

  15. Hi Vee, Oh, I love to visit Joann's. Those are the sweetest little blouses for the girls. There are so many cute choices for buttons nowadays. Happy to hear that John is feeling some better. Like you, I have always been an early riser and have been known to go to bed at 9!!! John and I are home-bodies and just enjoy our simple life. We've been told often that we are boring! I sure love your flowers; glad you are enjoying sun for a change. We actually need rain here. So nice visiting with you. Take care. xo

  16. Vee, your boleros are just beautiful. I think the lilies in New England are the prettiest I've ever seen. I'm so glad to see the color you've been anticipating. Your days sound similar to mine. We lead a simple, happy life. Oh, your sewing projects look great. Enjoy your evening. ♥

  17. Who needs excitement. Your life sounds wonderful to me. I love some routine.

  18. We ALL love hearing about your days!! I am intrigued by the children's clothes you are making. Is it a special pattern? I have a pretty pillowcase and Trystan wears a pretty dress Amber bought somewhere and it's made from a pillowcase.....thinking I may try that soon. I like the look of what you're making. Are you lining them?
    Glad John is feeling better! I don't like feeling blah either!!

  19. This heat index of over 100* is making a lot of us gloomy further South. Wish it would rain more. (Never happy, are we.) I like the sewing project and the orange flowers. Usually "excitement" is usually trouble in disguise. Vita bella!

  20. I did not know about this writing "adventure"...love it--love the questions and your answers. Sometimes we don't NEED excitement in our lives...and it is just nice to flow along without drama and excitement. Glad John is feeling better and hope you have a wonderful evening as well.

    Isn't sewing for kids fun? Love it- don't do as much of it as I would like anymore. xo Diana

  21. I love reading Daybook posts, yours was such a delight, from the photo, your wrap around dress for your great grandgirlie is so pretty and doesn't look like a beginner to me!
    Your garden flowers are so lovely, the heat has taken its toll on my flowers, our sprinklers are going until late in the night!
    Your life seems so delightful to me, I am glad John is feeling better! You two are two peas in a pod!~smile~
    , Sue

  22. What a sweet quote at the end! The words are oh-so-true :) This was such a fun post, Vee. I was having my afternoon cup of coffee while reading it and it felt like I was having a friendly little chat with you.

    Enjoy your evening and your yummy soup! Hugs!

  23. You day sounds a lot like mine...I thought we were leaving town for a few days so yesterday, I flew in cleaning the whole house, and the fridge and the basement....I love love love to come home to a sparkling house.Then, our plans fell thru and today....I'm still tired so haven't done one stinkin' constructive thing all day long.
    And to think I'll never, ever get this day back....:(
    Oh, and as if by magic, I am able to load photos pronto fast, and no slow loadings....they must have been working on Blogger for a few days and threw us into a tizzy. (or could it have been the kizzillon photos I dumped.?)

  24. Our home is similar - Glenn makes my coffee in the morning and I make the meals, possibly a generation thing? We watch reruns of Law and Order while eating dinner.
    I remember your hot lilies from last year and I'm glad they're back to show off again - lots of buds to open I see.
    Have a good weekend.

  25. It's been a while since I have read any "daybook" posts. I enjoyed reading yours and hearing about the details of your day. I think that a simple life lived with one you love is gloriously exciting!

    Love that quote from Happyone's blog! Joanne and I enjoyed our monthly Mama Coffee together this morning and we probably illustrated that quote pretty well! :)

  26. Your flowers are so pretty and cheerful --probably from all that rain!!

  27. Your Boleros are stunning! I love the color! Glad you got a break from the rain today - we did too, and low humidity. Lindsay was over this evening, while her husband was out, and we sat on the deck and enjoyed the evening.

    I love these posts - I never do them, though, myself. Who knows why?

    Love to John and glad, glad, glad he is better. Tell him my dad got his staples out today and is doing very well!


  28. How did I almost miss this? Enjoyed it soo much. Your days are a lot like mine with the exception of my hubby is not at home...how I am looking forward to that someday. The wrap around blouse is so cute! I spent my day making new rompers for Miss Claire who is needing the next size up. Hope your day was a good one.

  29. It's a wonderful life! You always make me smile.

    A peek into my day...today. Up at 7...fresh fruit from the garden (with yogurt and granola) for breakfast on the patio. He heads off to the farm to work...I head to the gym to work-out. Home to make raspberry ripple ice-cream pies for the freezer. Lunch on the front porch with Elmer. Aternoon spent catching up in the office. Dinner on the front porch. This evening Emme and Spencer came over to make raspberry jam...and play Uno Attack. Then coffee and dessert in the kitchen with hubby. Now it's time to watch the news before retiring for the day. Did I mention that the sun shone today...as it does every day? :) Oh...and I fed the birds...since I have no cats or dogs.

  30. A fun and interesting post Vee. Love the sweet aprons and tops you're sewing up and the bolero lilies, which are stunning. It's nice to see the sun but the wind is blowing cool here which is unpleasant to me. I'll have to find a sheltered spot on the deck to get warmed up! No coffee or tea for me from Murray in the morning. He's up and getting his own breakfast before he goes to work and I take mine at my leisure. lol Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine.

  31. I enjoyed this little peek into your day. I'm glad to hear that John is feeling better.
    I look forward to you bolero photos every year. They are a flower that commands one's attention. I don't think I've seen them around here. It may be too darn hot or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.
    You are whipping things up in your sewing room like nobody's business. These little blouses are so sweet. I also like the rack they are hanging on. Such a pretty picture.
    I had to smile about your habit of watching Everbody Loves Raymond. I watch it almost every night despite the fact that I've seen each episode many times. It still makes me LOL. Classic comedy, IMO. Kind of like I Love Lucy.

  32. I am happy ... that your blog seems to be back up and running well. Still having problems with your header?

    1. Yup. Still problems. I'd say the old gal is limping.

  33. Your day sounds lovely, happy and peaceful. : )
    Thanks for the blog mention. : )
    Ken always serves me my evening ice cream too. : )
    Lots of happy faces on the ends of my sentences today. : )

  34. Pete forgot to fill Victoria's kibble bowl this afternoon so I put kibble in her bowl. He walked past her in the hall and I had to tell him why she walked past him with her nose in the air! 😂

  35. This is a lovely post, Vee! I felt like we were chatting over the phone with a cup of tea about our our day, and this was your end of the conversation. I noticed you darkened your front--thank you! xoxo
    I'm sad I can't make such cute clothes for my granddaughters! Fortunately, my daughter discovered a thrift store that sells second hand adorable outfits very inexpensively--so much so that the fabric would clost more if I wanted to make it. My daughter-in-law has so many friends that have had daughters that she has enough hand me downs from them to last E for years! It's nice to recycle children's clothes as they outgrow everything so quickly.

    Glad John is feeling better! Stay cool!

    1. I did not change the color of the font, but I did change the font and just for you! Courier seems to print in a soft black, I've discovered.

  36. Sounds like a perfect day to me, love simple days. Your blouses are adorable. I'm almost inspired to sew. I miss it. ~ Abby


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