Friday, June 26, 2015

Wrapping Up the Wrap Around Blouse

Running just a titch late because I have been wrapping packages a little earlier than expected. Bad weather has changed weekend plans so John is off this morning to deliver his gifts.

Only one grandgirlie has a birthday this weekend, but we use the opportunity to gift the other birthdays we have already missed or will miss soon.

Now this is not a tutorial. I don't do those. They are terribly difficult. I have been reading several tutorials on this subject and I give them all a 
-C. A+ for effort, though. I did promise that I would share more today for those who have expressed interest. I am not sure how often I will be sewing children's clothes, but I would like to learn how to sew some of my own so this should have helped, even if I feel as if I have dragged myself over a mountain in low gear.

 This is the handy sewing gadget that helped me most because it provides a grid and curves, etc. I bought mine for about $10 at JoAnn's a few years ago and it is still good as new. Below you can see that it folds out. It takes the entire top of a double bed. I created my own pattern after looking at lots of patterns. 

My notes probably only make sense to me. I am spatially challenged...wish I were more like Elf cutting snowflakes, but not so much. Nevertheless, I did cut my own pattern using freezer paper wrap. I looked up children's sizing charts online and found a number of them.

Lined and ready for buttons and buttonholes!

I was hoping for lady bugs or something, but both John and I decided these would make a better choice. There are certainly many from which to choose. These red buttons were made in Italy. One of the things we did not like to see was that most buttons are made in Taiwan or China.

As regards buttonholes...practice, practice, practice. Though I prayed, The Lord allowed me to rip them out a number of times. Mercy me! I finally decided that good enough would have to do. Perfection is crippling. Nothing moves forward on perfection.

Poor Light for photos, but the finished product above and below. The grandgirlies are not twins; they are cousins.

Well, somebody had to try it on!

After, I finished the project, I found this vintage pattern. It was published in 1976. It does have that helpful pattern photo in the lower right of the pattern.

If anyone has further questions, get in touch. I'll send you more information behind the scenes, especially after I gave that grade. ;>

*Link to free pattern for wrap-around sizes 2 to 6 at Craftsy*

Would you like a sneak peek at John's project? He's in low gear, too.

Ending with some photos of the garden...

Finally, more color!

The stunning Boleros. I think they are a tomato red, but some read them as orange. They are vivid. This is the photo I used for the substitute banner just below my header. If I can't do a header in the traditional way, I'll use the new feature to add some change.

Don't forget, nothing can separate us from the Love of God. (I am feeling very sad this week because of the moral decay in my country.) The Supreme Court is not my God; The powers that be are not my God. I'm listening for the trump every day. Now go and create a beautiful weekend!
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  1. You are very brave to create your own pattern when you haven't done much sewing for clothing Vee! It looks like it turned out splendidly too. My grandmother made play clothes for my sister and I out of feed sacks, my daughters wore them and they are packed away for the next generation, that is how much I treasure the work she put into them. I bet your granddaughters will treasure yours too :)
    I hear you regarding the decay of society. So many ways we have fallen, and yet God loves us and offers a better way. Sending my love. .. Have a great weekend!

  2. The little dresses are adorable - as is all your work. I love your flowers. And lastly and most importantly I await for the trumpet with you.

  3. I agree with you about our country's moral decline. My heart is sick.
    Love these precious little outfits and the bear makes a cute model!
    Your flowers are so pretty. The Boleros look red to me also. They are stunning.
    You two have a nice weekend.

  4. Your gifts to the children are so sweet, Vee. I think handmade always conveys love.
    The boleros are just amazing! We are quite fond of red in the garden and yours is lovely.
    I try to remember that God is in control and will take care of everything in His time. ♥

  5. Creating your own pattern! Way to go, Vee! Cute tops for the grandgirlies. I have that Simplicity pattern you showed and made it up for my own girls. You've reminded me that I could dig it up and sew it for the Little Misses.
    Have you heard of the Pattern Review site? I found it a few years ago and it's invaluable for my own sewing. I decided this year that I'm not going to purchase anything of my own clothing, but really work on sewing my own clothes and fitting this body that is so different from the body I used to have. On Pattern Review (you can sign up for free), you can enter a pattern number and if others have sewn it, they post reviews that are very, very helpful. Sometimes the fitting issue is in the way the pattern is drafted. I've learned so much just by reading these reviews.
    Those Bolero lilies are stunning. When I saw them at the top of your blog I thought, "Hooray," but then I read what you did. Great circumvention!

  6. I haven't had my sewing machine out in years. You did an excellent job on the little dresses. They are adorable. Don't get me started on the moral decay thingy. I am biting my lip!

  7. Those turned out so sweet. I can only sew straight lines, no button holes for me! Garden is looking pretty. John's project is looking curious.

  8. I am so impressed, though not surprised, you are very talented, there will little grandgirlies giggling with delight, when they open their treasures.
    I am also sad with all that is happening in our country, when the trump sound, I will greet you in the air!
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs, from

  9. Hi Vee, You did a lovely job on that blouse. I wish I had made those for my girls when they were little. I used to sew their play clothes and Easter dresses. Yes, once upon a time, I could sew very well indeed. Can wait to see your man's finished project. Your lilies are a beautiful color. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. I want you to adopt me to be a grandgirlie (giggling)--Beautiful Vee, beautiful. On another note, we are expecting storms here tomorrow in western NY. At the least temps will be cooler.

    Yes, indeed, friend, I do believe the end is near, just saddens me so-- the direction...never mind...feel free to email.

    Blessings sweet friend.

  11. ps recheck doing your banner--mine is working now.

  12. so glad to see your pretty flowers. I just finished posting some flowers too..I am in need of something to cheer myself..and others up. our country is in such a sad state. I can only imagine how grieved God is at our choices....
    Have a good weekend Vee...

    Love, Mona

  13. Sweet little dresses, I would call them pinafores but don't know if that is correct. Perhaps just sun dresses!
    I am enjoying seeing your garden, hope it lifts your spirits with the dissatisfaction of the government. We complain in Canada too.

  14. What pretty gift packages! Your gardens are looking pretty and colorful. : )

    I agree with you about the state of our country. But we must remember in the end God will win. : )

  15. Sweet little tops and the bear is a good model. I'm sure they will love wearing them. I'm not a sewer. I have an old Singer Diana machine from the late 70's in a nice cabinet that has sat idle for 30 years. I should sell it. Except that the cabinet is great for storage. The roses and lilies are brilliant. I'm sad for both of our countries and that yours has followed ours down this slippery slope. We'll get half a good weekend which is fine as the concert tomorrow night is outside and Sunday's indoor one might have good attendance due to rain. It's a win win. Have a good weekend!

  16. The blouses are adorable! Love the buttons!

  17. Your little wrap aroundscaps turned out GREAT!! I am getting ready to do a bit of sewing and will try my hand with this. Before the quads were born I spent many MANY hours tweaking patterns for newborn gowns and trying them on a baby doll that was Amber's when she was a little girl. I made the gowns and matching caps. I made 16 gowns! Would you believe not one baby ever wore one gown even for one minute?? All that work and all that time and all that money for nothing. They were all bagged up for the Goodwill although I did save a couple of gowns for doll babies. What I make now will definitely be worn this time around - I hope. The kids all have their preferences now but the girls seem to like anything that is pretty.
    Your gardens are lovely!!

  18. The blouses are so cute and the choice of buttons is a good one. I, too, am getting tired of everything being made in China. I remember listening to my parent's generation saying the same thing about things made in Japan. Ha! Now I think I've found a treasure at the thrift shops if it says Made In Japan.
    Mr. Bear did a fine modeling job.
    I do now see the tomato red coloring of the boleros. I was just sure they were bright orange.

  19. Hi Vee, I love this post. These wrap-around blouses are precious. Oh how I wish I were a better seamstress! I LOVE the fabric you chose, and the red buttons are just perfect -- so cheerful. My grandmother used to sew for my sister and I, and my mom sewed a little bit. My MIL has sewn clothes and Halloween costumes for all the grands, and she does a really good job. Your garden is lovely and green; we're finally getting some much-needed rain. We'll see how long it lasts.

    Yes, I surely agree with your last paragraph. In fact, I thought of you when I read the Supreme's latest decision this morning, and then your post popped up on my blogroll. Our country continues to disappoint, and I have little faith left in our government.

    Take care and have a good weekend, my friend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  20. So sad how far we've moved away from the Constitution and Nature's God, as the founders said.

    I love what you did with your header - it works!

    Those are sweet outfits for the grand girlies! Very nice job!

    You and John are always in my thoughts and prayers!


  21. You made delightful dresses, what a neat way to share them with us. Thank you.

    Your flowers are amazing and your garden does have so much lovely vivid color!

    I know so many need rain but this is Day 10 of rain - we had a reprieve on Wednesday until after bedtime but it did still rain. It's poured and poured and I am sure our vegetable garden is a hot mess. We are getting mushrooms in the lawn (not kidding.) SO, just ugh. Not a happy gal about this - so the most recent news (Moral Decay of Modern Society and Government) is about en par with the mood of the week with the rain, burying a dear friend, jury duty and having to get a boot for my left foot.

    I think I need a diversion. ♥

  22. i am soo impressed with you making your own pattern....I feel I can make most anything there is, but I MUST have a pattern, or cutting directions at least! Can't even imagine attempting it. The only thing I ever made without one was my recent sewing machine cover though I kind of copied a similar thing for the sides. Your blouses are just adorable. There are a few "vintage"patterns being sold today by simplicity and this is one of them. I actually used it to make a couple of dresses for Claire. Sooo adorable, and one of the easier ones as you don't have to "fiddle" with tiny arm holes. Both my old Bernina and my new one have built in buttonholes which make doing buttons soo easy and with the new one completely mistake proof, lol. Years ago when my sons were young I made them countless shirts that buttoned up the front and blouse after blouse for myself. It became almost an addiction for me, lol. Needless to say I had to perfect that step. But pattern making? Again I wouldn't have a clue. I made a little sun hat today for Claire [also from a simplicity vintage pattern] and for the life of me I almost gave up. I just couldn't figure out the directions. I finally somehow did though seriously I am not sure I could even do it again, and honestly I doubt very much I try, lol. But most times over and over again is the only way I learn. Have a good week-end Vee..

  23. Dearest Vee, I am so, so, so impressed with you! I love that you made your own pattern and may I just say that it's darling! Can you make one in my size? {{smiles}}

    Beautiful flowers! Your garden looks so green and lush. Happy weekend! Hugs!

  24. You did a wonderful job on those little sun tops, Vee. I made a lot of those back in the late 70's for my girls and made a couple for my grandgirls when they were little. I am impressed that you made your own pattern. Good for you!!!!
    Your gardens are just gorgeous, too!
    Can't wait to see John's project! xo Diana

  25. A very pretty post...I am not good at sewing nor growing..(hoping the greenhouse will help me there)...and to have 7 grandgirls and not be able to sew for them when they were little was such a bummer. My mama made all my clothes growing up and all of our girl's clothes.
    Your flowers are so pretty and love your added part to your pretty.

  26. Amen sister and I love those little dresses!

  27. Awww - those little sun dresses are just the cutest. I hope you get a picture of the girlies wearing them. Your garden is looking lovely Vee and John's project .... hmmmm, you've got me so curious. The state of our country too makes us all very sad - we have to let our Lord be the judge and live our lives the best we know how according to His Word. Have a wonderful weekend - we are in for a storm over here.

  28. Beautiful dresses!! Glad that you got the header thing sort of sorted!!! xx

  29. You are so creative! And to try that on a teddy bear--cute, cute! I'll have to look into the banner thing. Meanwhile have a nice weekend and enjoy your beautiful garden.

  30. Wonderful job I do like those little dresses .. My mum was a seamstress but I can only sew a little bit hubs can sew better then me ,. Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  31. The boleros are stunning, Vee, and the little aprons turned out so cute.
    Oh I know what you're saying about the moral decay of our society too.
    Most times I find it hard to even find something to be cheery about.
    Just how bad does it have to get, I wonder....

  32. I love the brilliant color or your lilies…they are beautiful.

  33. The little dresses are so cute, Vee. I've made those for my daughter when she was little and for my grand girls, too. You did a great job.
    I was on vacation when I heard the news from the Supreme Court and I certainly agree with you and your definition of marriage. What a world we live in!

  34. Vee, my boleros are blooming too and I always see them orange.

    Those little sundresses? They are the cutest. I'm always impressed with your projects. I was just thinking I hadn't sewn anything for the girls lately and you have given me some needed inspiration!

  35. I love that dress patter! My daughter used to wear dresses like that and they are not easy to find these days. My 2 year old granddaughter love Minnie Mouse, so everything she wears has Minnie's face on it--lol!

    Your garden is very pretty! The deer here would feast on your bolero lilies--they love colorful flowers as they must taste like candy to them! ;)

  36. That turned out so cute Vee, nicely done :))) Beautiful garden flowers.

  37. Maranatha! Your gifts look so pretty ready to go. Love the bolero's, too!

  38. What cute tops, and the teddy bear is a patient model!
    I'm not sure what country I live in anymore . . . I can't imagine all the ramifications of this.

  39. How is it that your gardens are so gorgeous and lush after that harsh winter? I am having to water, water, water just to keep things from drying up in our hot, very humid weather!
    I have also been discouraged by the SCOTUS ruling. Yes, I do know that the Lord is in control, but that does not mean that we will not suffer persecution--it's already begun if you have been on FB. Our nation is divided in so many ways --and it wasn't just a few short years ago. My little grandson will begin kindergarten this Fall and I know that even now new lesson plans are being planned to indoctrinate and I read that parent's cannot request notice or abstention for their child. All materials will be required to reflect "diversity". Michele Bachmann had an excellent FB Share from the Gospel Coalition written by a Reformed pastor - 40 Questions to Ask Christians Waving the Rainbow Flag --It is most excellent.
    Stick Horse V


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