Sunday, October 16, 2016

Clapping Their Hands

My friend Mel once told me that if God revealed His great love for us in all its fullness that we would keel over because these mortal bodies could not handle the intensity of such a revelation. This past week, I have thought the same of beauty. God is coming very close to swamping me with the beauty of this October. ☺

~Isaiah 55: 12~

It is a time when familiar roads become new again because the views change with each twist and turn of the drive. Trees that were yellow last year are red this. I am sure that there is some science behind this, but I do not know it. All I know is that my heart swells. He is an awesome God to create all this for us.

Sometimes it is music; sometimes it is nature; sometimes it is a loved one's face: beauty — it is all around us. Let us praise The Lord!

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