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Friday, December 23, 2016

A Little Bit of a Lot to Do

I'm supposed to be doing something, anything, but blogging. Yes, I still have a little bit of a lot to do. 

In the meantime, let me share some sweet photos I took at my sister's yesterday when I was visiting with my dad. If you are a praying person, I'd love it if you would say a prayer for him. He fell hard Wednesday evening...right over backwards and tunked his head pretty fair and all because he was trying to pick something up from the floor. I told him that no good deed goes unpunished, which is probably way too cynical by half, but how I feel sometimes. Growing old is not easy.

Anyway, back to brighter things...

My father and I have been having some conversations about the changes he has experienced in a lifetime of Christmases. He has said goodbye to many people and homes and things. 

We talked about how his family celebrated Christmas with his maternal grandmother and her younger children (her "second family") spending the day with them. The tree was always in the front room bay window and his dad usually fetched the tree. This was news to me as I had assumed that my father had to fetch the tree. 

(I remember many a Christmas when my sister and I went on the annual search in the woods behind our home to find a tree.  Dad would usually take the toboggan and his saw and after a lengthy search, he would eventually settle on one. The tree would be loaded onto the toboggan with the trunk under the curved front and my sister would ride the tree in while I trudged along beside. If my parents owned a camera, I'm sure that there'd be cute photos.) 

My father told me that he doesn't like Christmas anymore. I asked him why and he said that he didn't like Christmas trees. What? Well the tree above is the one that he insists must have its lights on all day and evening. (In my childhood home, the tree lights had to be off during the day. ☺)

This is the JOY sign that is directly before him and its lights must be on all day as well. I'm sure that he hates it. Ha!

Dad dozing after lunch. He soon woke to watch an old episode of Matlock with me. We do love Andy Griffith.

My sister has a lot of red in her decor. That's my father's favorite color.

Unless it's blue.

He wanted to know about my tree here so I was able to share a picture on my cell phone.

He looked at it carefully and wanted to know why I had all the books. He enjoys reading non-fiction himself and then getting rid of the book. Having bookcases is just "showing off." ☺

Gotta scoot! As a Christmas gift to you, I'm closing comments today. Read and scoot. You have better things to do!