Sunday, July 7, 2019

Just Give Me...

This very spot has been my family's "go-to" place since 1931 when my maternal grandfather gifted a cottage on Magaguadavic Lake to his bride my grandmother. Some folks have been impressed by the romantic quality of the gift, though, really, he was perhaps equally in love with the idea of fishing and hunting. ッ

My mother so loved this place that a photo of it is inscribed on her tombstone. I have been thinking of the lake a lot and am working on getting a passport of some sort so that I can visit Canada again after an absence of a dozen years or more. Perhaps, by the end of August or in September, I'll make it, Lord willing.


Some weeks ago, my friend Abby shared a video from You Tube with me. It absolutely blessed my socks off. I listen to it several times a week just to remind myself of its truth. It is entitled Just Give Me Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz in collaboration with Fernando Ortega. It is a wonderful description of The Lord Jesus Christ. 

Anne says, "...I don't want to escape, I don't want to quit, I don't want sympathy, I don't even want a miracle, Just Give Me Jesus."

Let me tell you how listening has helped me. I tend to run a bit "hot." By this I mean that I can feel like one more thing will do me in. Ever felt that way? This causes my blood pressure to rise, which causes difficulties for my health.

 Recently, I had to have a test for my heart. Now I don't like people in my personal space. Oh I can give hugs, but don't be in my face or space for very long. As you can imagine, this is causing all sorts of troubles for me with my current circumstances. Anticipating that test caused such anxiety that I feared a heart attack. Seriously. That morning, arriving early and sitting there in the parking lot, I listened to Give Me Jesus. I thought about each point Anne made. I concluded  like Anne,  just give me Jesus. He is everything I need and I told Him so.

The test went very well despite the fact that I had to be curled up on my left side next to the technician who, for over an hour, prodded and poked, scanned and scoped. Ackkkk... Ordinarily Accckkkk that is. That day, The Lord blessed me with His peace and even my blood pressure was normal. I have learned that going to The Lord first in every circumstance is always best. He has promised to be with me each step along my life's journey. I can honestly say that He has never let me down. He is an incomparable Savior.

Psalm 35

(If you listened to the last video I recommended, you'll know why I have been reading Psalm 35.)

I'll be away from blogging for a while, reading when able, but not commenting. Hold the fort!

P.S. Abby sent me this doodle inspired while listening again to Anne's message. I asked her for permission to add it; otherwise, I'd have had to ask for forgiveness.