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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Where Is It?!

Exactly! Where is it?! That’s what I’d really like to know. 

You see, in recent weeks, I have been dependent on others to do my chores when I am feeling poorly, which is about 75% of the time. My son Adam hauls all my trash to the transfer station and all my bottle recyclables plus he mows the lawn. My sister Kim does dishes, folds laundry, makes beds, and cleans carpeting. My daughter Laurel also does dishes, vacuums, pushes laundry, goes grocery shopping, etc.

And everything goes swimmingly until something goes missing as has happened just a few times. Today, Laurel was with me for the day as she waited for her car to be repaired.

me: Say, Laurel, do you remember what you did with my Air Fryer pan?

Laurel: Your what?

me: My pan. I need it. It goes with my Air Fryer.

Laurel: I don’t remember.

me: Well, if you were putting it away today where would you put it?

Thus begins a massive search, which yields nothing.

Laurel: Oh it will turn up.

Me: Yes, but sooner would be better than later.
Are you also responsible for my missing waffle fabric tea towel? I found it folded in 16ths in the stack of facecloths.

Laurel giggles but says it wasn’t she who did the creative folding. 

My long-handled tea spoons showed up in the back of the cutlery drawer. Everyone should know by now that they belong in the corner china cupboard!

When chatting with my sister, she says that probably my parents have a hand in this. Did your parents ever say ominous things like “Someday you’ll know what I’m talking about!” or “I hope you get a kid just like you!” 

Well both of mine did! It was not so many years ago that I was staying with my grandmother in my parents’ home while they got away to the lake for a week or two. I liked nothing finer than getting those two organized. ツ

One day, not long after their return, I received a call from my mother. She said with a fair amount of curtness:

What did you do with my trays?

me: Where did you keep them?

Mother: In the bottom drawer of the kitchen buffet.

me: Ohhh! Well I put those upstairs in the bottom drawer of my old dresser.

Stone cold silence... 

Mother: You mean I have to run upstairs every time I want a tray? 

me: Well, that bottom drawer of your buffet is prime real estate and you don’t use your trays that often.

I think I heard a deep sigh.

Later that weekend, when I was hauling their trash for them, my father got in on the interrogation with a question of his own.

Father: What did you do with the oil I’ve been saving?

me: Now, Dad, you know it’s not legal to do what you do with it. (Dear Reader, don’t ask!)

Father: Where is it?!

me: I took it down to the fire station for recycling.

If looks could kill... 😕

So I guess that I deserve whatever little trials I am experiencing with lost items and I probably owe my parents an apology. No, that's a definite: I owe them an apology. I sure hope, however, that my Air Fryer pan shows up!


  1. If you could see/hear me laughing, this is so hilarious, as I am going through the same here at our house. During my canning season I get a lot of volunteers to help with clean-up in the kitchen, being tired, I relent, the next day I am looking for specific items , no where to be found and no recollection of where they might be.What's a body to do?... I just give up until the season is over, eventually the item is found , would you believe in the most peculiar places, when asked the perpetratur why, they just shrug.
    I also can relate to apologizing to parents, while rearing teenager, I apologized to my dad for feeling the way I did while he was rearing me!~smile~
    Let us know where the pan turns up, as I know it will, in the meantime , just go with the flow, thinking of and praying for you.
    Love, Sue

  2. We all think our way is the logical way...and the only way! lol Glad to visit and read a fun post with some quirky humor. And I like your new profile pic! You look beautiful! Take care! Sure is nice you have sweet family close by to help...but I'm sure you already know that! Hugs and hugs, Diane

    1. Oh, yes! The family, all of them, are a great blessing. And I keep two neighbors hopping, too. Ha!

  3. So funny and true Vee! Hope you will be feeling much better soon.

    We don't use our dishwasher - actually enjoy washing/drying dishes together and getting them out of the way quickly. Also it's movement which hopefully burns up a few calories! Anyway, I usually wash, Bob dries and puts away - except often in the wrong cabinet, drawer etc. I too am always searching for kitchen items, admonishing him and trying to understand how, when you've put something in the same place for years, you suddenly decide to 'hide' it someplace else!

    As for the dishwasher you may ask. It makes the perfect extra storage 'cabinet' for cutting boards, cake cooling racks, salad spinner etc.

    Hope the air fryer pan is discovered soon. Did you check your dishwasher, haha!!!!!?
    Warm hugs from the hot southeast, Mary x

  4. I do love it when you tell a story. Always sure to bring a laugh, although I can relate to your frustration in not being able to locate that darn air fryer pan. I do hope it turns up soon.
    Keeping you in my prayers, dear Vee.

  5. Oh dear sweet Vee...I know exactly what your saying. Been there, doing that, done that sort of mentality for me as well. My husband has no organizational skills (ok, ok, so I like to think that, lol). It is often mind boggling with him since he has short term memory issues (thanks to having a stroke all those years ago).

    I sure hope that pan turns up sooner than later. smiles

  6. This was just what I needed. All I have to say is... someone is in a bad mood and yelling a lot this morning.

    My daughter and I are both organizers. My daughter-in-law only wishes her husband would have inherited at least a little of that gene. Christopher has a lot of good qualities that make him a wonderful husband and father but as a very ADD person, being organized is not one of them.

  7. So humorous, so well written! I think you are so right concerning parenting that what goes around eventually seems to come around. One of my daughters was so blessed with her first three kiddos -- none of them were high maintenance, strong willed babies/toddlers like she was. With her last, and unexpected, blessing she has learned what it's like dealing with a child like she was. (I will say in her defense, though, that God took that stubborn, strong-willed streak and turned it into a positive of determination and perseverance.)

    I too find that items disappear and sometimes they are found in some unusual places. In a few cases, I find that they actually work better in their new location. Hope your air fryer pan turns up soon. Is it round like a cake pan? (I don't have an air fryer so I have no idea.) Could it have been put in with the round cake pans or round casserole dishes?

    Praying for you, sweet friend.

  8. Ahh yes. I could have written this. My mother passed away nearly 10 years ago and I often find myself wishing I could call her and apologize for so many things.

  9. bless his sweet heart.. my husband "helps" with putting dishes away. invariably i find them on the top shelf of a top cabinet. he's very tall. i'm very short and no longer use chairs to hoist me upward (thanks to a bum knee). sigh. bless his sweet heart.

  10. LOL! I remember when my grandmother would come stay a couple of weeks in the summertime and she always put things in the wrong place. For weeks after she went home we had to hunt things down. We didn't call her because it was long distance - remember those days?

  11. Oh my word...I identify with this very much! What must I have been thinking to go home and get my parents organized! Poor darlings...now I am seeing my own children come home and shake their heads saying, "what are we going to do with all this stuff??" The circle of life continues....you are in my prayers Vee...hugs from Texas!

  12. It must be a normal part of the cycle of life....organizing our parents. My daughters 'help' me out from time to time. And I admit to doing the same thing for them at their homes. I suppose I am truly blessed with Louis Dean. He seldom ever puts anything away preferring to leave it out so he can find 'it' again. Although he is creative when he does the laundry. Once he washed all our bed linens -comforter, sheets, pillowcases, dust ruffle - everything! He didn't make the bed up after doing them though. So I get home and start layering the bed with the linens....and can't find the duvet! He doesn't like to use the dryer and could not remember where he had put it to dry. I found it a few days later - draped high over an umbrella outside! Love and prayers, Vee....always!

  13. Oh Dear Vee you are certainly on form and making me laugh. It was a joy to visit your blog today and know you are being so well looked after, long may that last. You remain in my prayers. Take care.

  14. Oh, I can so relate! That's why I don't like anyone else to empty my dishwasher for me...especially Jim...or to do my laundry! And of ALL things to lose...your air fryer pan?! That thing is made of gold, is it not?? It's funny how we all do things so differently. But when it come to things that really matter, how blessed you are to have a family that cares enough to help you out during these times...so many folks don't have these blessings. I know my time is right around the corner as I wait on a surgery date...I'm going to have to deal with lost items and shirts hung lop-sided on hangers. :) So glad you are feeling perky enough to post today! Hug, love & prayers to you!♥

  15. Oh Vee, what a loving and caring family you have, my friend. I understand about the missing bits and bobs when well meaning family helps us out. My daughter is here now visiting and I can assure you there will be something I need next week and I won't be able to find it. Tea towel in 16ths--that made me laugh!
    Sending prayers for more than 25% good in your days, my friend. ♥

  16. What a fun story to read, dear Vee!! Now I want to know about that oil and it’s use...LOL! I do hope you find your pan, and that you’re feeling as well as possible right now. Prayers are said each day. Love and blessings....

  17. No one has helped us and we are asking those questions of each other here at our country bungalow. LOL. I'm still unsure of where things are since we packed, stored, moved, unloaded and unpacked. Oye. I'm happy to hear you have many hands on deck to help you when you are feeling poorly and weak. What's your appetite like? Are there things that sound good to you to eat. I hope so. Loved reading this blog post!

  18. Sure hope you find that air fryer pan!
    So nice to have all those people who care for you!! That is a blessing for sure.
    I love your sense of humor!!

  19. As my daughters would both say: this is funny/not funny.

    Oh, Vee - I am so sorry. Sure hope you are back to feeling your independent strong healthy self again very soon. Keep fightin', soldier! ♥

  20. Vee, this post is so well-written and fun to read.

    Nobody in my house hides my things -- I manage to do it to myself!!!

    Keeping you in my prayers.

  21. Goodness, you are braver than I am to reorganize your parents' things. I laughed so much. Sometimes I put things away and can't find them myself, but no one would dare reorganize my stuff for me.
    Hoping and praying that you soon feel well enough to lose your own things!

  22. I have a sheepish grin for it is I who puts things away in our house. Of course, that is after the thing has sat on the nightstand or the kitchen counter or the end table for day after day after day (do you sense a little impatience here?) until I simply must find a home for it.

    This was an entertaining read! Please let us know when the air fryer pan reappears, okay? :)

    As always, {{{hugs}}} and prayers!

  23. Hilarious! I am rather ADD but usually know where my things are, not that they ever are anywhere in an organized way. Or not very much so. But my daughter often puts them in a "better" place which is usually a great mystery to me! Oy! I would never have reorganized anything of my mother's.
    Glad to hear of the help you are getting. And praying for your good health and stamina and comfort.

  24. I just realized how this reminds me of a D.E. Stevenson book where one of the characters thinks that her generation was rather intimidated by their parents and are now being buffaloed by their children. I can't remember who this character is, though, and it will bother me until I find the answer!

    1. Mrs. Thane from Miss Buncle Married, one of my favorite DES books.

    2. So glad that you remembered! Stuff like that can drive a person foolish!

  25. Well I sure hope that Air Fryer thingy shows up too. I hate to think what would happen if our older daughter tried to organize me. I always think I'm pretty organized until I'm around her. LOL And now I'm also bothered by Thickethouse.wordpress's concern about the character she is trying to think of. I hate things like that. My brain keeps trying to find the answer. Anyway, everyday prayers for you, Vee. Keep the faith.xo

  26. Such a blessing to be surrounded by helpful and loving family. I grew up with my mom and her limited sight so we never, ever moved anything...not even large pieces of furniture. I can only imagine if someone "new" came into help! lol Blessings to you.