Monday, November 5, 2012

Calming Pastimes

We're all very relaxed here at the Haven today. How're you doing? 

Usually, I find that napping works well to pass the time. This works especially well if one is under a certain amount of stress, which nearly everyone in this country is feeling lately. 

Today, thanks to spending some time in Blogdom yesterday, specifically over there rocking along with Linds, I have been crocheting. (Oh Great! I just went to get the link and Linds thinks that she is posting on this very thing again today. She even mentioned a nap. Please go visit her to see what these creations are really supposed to look like.) 

I started with the yarn stars that Linds linked to and ended with crochet thread stars that I Googled. Lots of patterns. I have a few clinkers; I just carry on; it's not rocket science. Perhaps these will be made into a garland for my Christmas tree.

Say, has anyone tried using this kind of yarn above? I lasted about five minutes and concluded that it'll make lovely snowballs in a bowl by the door.

Speaking of feels as if it could. 

Love Vee


  1. You are a good pattern reader, Vee. Me --- on the other hand --- gets stopped in the first line! Thus, I have made 40 of the SAME design dishrags. Now I am finally on to another design and have made 1 1/2. Sigh. Thus said --- I love your stars and snowflakes. My mother was like you and could crochet anything!

    Happy relaxing. Sorry for the stress!!!

  2. Even if it's not easy to work with, it's beautiful yarn. If I knitted or crocheted, I would have chosen it, too.

    Molly and Fioreé both look as if they're enjoying the coziness of winter. She's such a beautiful cat and Molly just looks like the kind of little dog you want to hold and snuggle like a baby. She's such a perfect size for that.

    Not in your message, but just to let you know...I voted last week!

  3. Good Monday to you Vee! I see your pets are enjoying the day. Nice to be inside and cozy on this chilly day too. Your little stars are really cute and I think they'd make a cute garland. I'm not a knitter or crocheter so I admire seeing someone else's beautiful work. Enjoy the rest of the day and stay cozy.

  4. Check the youtube for "Henri"... The depressed French cat who naps 15 hours and still is not refreshed. So funny.
    I do believe snow is in the works for you. We get our next dump this weekend.

  5. They would make a wonderful garland!! Take pictures if you get snow...

  6. Lovely stars...lucky you to be able to read patterns! I think that yarn makes lovely snowballs. I expect to see a bowl of different sizes in a picture soon. Have a restful and relaxing day!

  7. It looks and feels like snow here today too. I am not ready for that.

  8. Love that look and a nap sounds great to me:)

    We're supposed to get another Nor'easter on Wed with "wintery mix."

    We'll see...


  9. I haven't got the knack of crocheting, but I haven't given up on it. Learning "how to" is on my list of things to do.

  10. I am popping in here while waiting for the girls to get ready to run a few errands...and Kati is reading over my shoulder. She and Bekah are the yarn-users in our household. Kati remarks that she has indeed tried to knit with that type of yarn and that it is "wicked." Her word.

    And those sweet babies of yours...precious! I want to take a nap with them, instead of running errands.

  11. I like the stars!
    I've not used yarn exactly like that before but similar and found it difficult to use. It is so pretty though.
    No snow here thank goodness, we have enough of it at Happy Trails!!!

  12. Those are cute...

    I have been knitting with some alpaca. Very nice. I have tried to use some of those more interesting yarns and they make me crazy usually!

    Your pets are so cute!


  13. Calm????

    As you well know, I'm bouncing off the rafters. Ready to take my broom, out for a flight. Yeah. Calm. Hehhhhhhhhhh..

    So glad you are over-come with calm. So glad, someone is.

    Possible snow here on Thurs. But cool Babe, cool. Kinda' raw.

    OK, the winds look calm. Think I'll take my broom, for a spin.... ,-)


  14. Hi the pictures of the fur babies, so sweet......Calming, yes.....Blessings Francine.

  15. Lovely snowballs, I agree! I bought that type of yarn to knit scarves while on the road...and have not quite figured out what to do with it all:)

    Stay by the fire...keep the chair rockin...and nap when you feel like it. Enjoy the day!

  16. Victoria has also been curled up at the end of the sofa all morning. She finally woke up and is now looking out the window of the deck door.

    Now that the deck has been cleared, there aren't chipmunks and squirrels to chase (in her dreams). :)

  17. Keeping one's mind busy is a good way to prevent or delay thinking about things that are stressful. Figuring out new patterns occupies a lot of my brain space. Your yarn stars would make a cute garland.

    Thinking of you and your country as you go to the polls tomorrow. God raises kings (and presidents) and removes them. Trust.

  18. Hey Vee, I found your post today to be a stress reliever. Need a distraction from the weather, last week and this week. :/ The wool is pretty. xo

  19. The stars would make a beautiful winter garland! I say go for it!

    I think I slept yesterday away...something about the gray skies and the heat turned on in the house makes me groggy. I looked like your kitty!

    Have a great evening, Vee!


  20. Ok, I will have to check out the site. I've been wanting to crochet again for about 30 years.
    Your stars look beautiful, btw.

  21. Oh, your poor little puppy. You must consider some anti-stress therapy for him! So tense.

    I do love your stars! I used for years a scalloped green felt cover for my mantle at Christmas and each scallop had a crocheted star on it. But a few years ago mice somehow got into it and it all had to be thrown out. I have new stars now, but not ones that I have crocheted because I continue to be crochet impaired, alas, even with great youtube tutorials!

  22. Hi Vee!

    Your house looks so cozy and warm, no wonder your sweet little pup is sacked out!

    I love to crochet too - one of my favorite hobbies! The stars are so pretty, and will make beautiful garland for your tree! I have TRIED to use that kind of yarn before, and really . . . it will make wonderful snowballs... :0)

    Warm Hugs,


  23. Vee
    I was up until the wee hours of the morning crocheting-just experimenting. But I'm not showing mine off. It didn't work our quite right!!
    Your snowflakes look was too complicated for me. Can you sugar starch them for the Christmas tree?

  24. Beautiful photos, Vee. I never learned to crochet, but I love the idea of a garland.

  25. To relax today I had to finish up some things on my to-do list that have been hanging over my head. With those things done I headed out and about to get some other things done. It's dry today so it was a good day to do that. I've managed to avoid the news all day long which is a good thing. I'm apprehensive about tomorrow. I might have to go shopping again tomorrow to avoid the news again..... I am looking forward to all of this being over with. You found some great things to do with your hands to get your mind off other things. Enjoy...

  26. How sweet - the "nappers" and the crochet stars! I never could get the hang of crochet. I knitted a scarf once. That was all she wrote on that too. So I admire your talent and creativity! And that yarn does look like a booger to use with a crochet hook.

  27. I think the stars would make a perfectly lovely garland for a Christmas tree! How pretty they are! Enjoy your time crocheting. Maybe you won't have any snow ... yet.

    Happy Monday,

  28. What N absolutely adorable pup, and of course I'm partial to the kitty, what a beauty.
    Love the stars, makes me want to dust off the crochet hooks.

  29. I love to crochet in the winter time! I'll go have a look. Oh....and I hate to take a nap. I think I must have been punished as a child because I hate to nap during the day. I might miss something! heehee! Stay warm!

  30. ha! that's all i could do with a ball of yarn.
    i'm going to tell my daughter that i'm
    making yarn snowballs for Christmas. :)

    your beautiful stars are quite beyond me.

  31. I think your star/snowflakes are just beautiful and are displayed so nicely on the table cloth! What a great way to relax and get some stress relief! I need to go check out the creations on Linds' blog.
    Take care Vee - I feel calmer after having read your blog today! Thanks.

  32. Napping is a great way to pass the time! I'm hoping that after tomorrow we'll all feel a little better about the future and more energized. If it doesn't go the way I hope, I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of napping!
    Pretty furbabies you have lazing around your house. :)

  33. Every time I see you with your crochet projects I want to pull our my crochet hooks. I am so happy that your stress is at least nearly over in one way. I have been hearing that a bad storm is once again headed to New York. I do hope things go well tomorrow.

  34. Vee,

    Love the stars and I think they would make a wonderful garland. We are almost settled back in Florida and I am anxious to start my Christmas projects and get back to blogging. Hope to join your not card party this month.

    Have a great week!

  35. Lovely stars and the yarn looks perfect for them, however it looks like that wasn't the case. Thanks for the inspiration. ~ Abby

  36. I should be painting today, but can't concentrate while watching the election news. I think I'll crochet instead. Thanks for the idea!
    That type of yarn in your last photo is better for knitting. You can crochet easier with it if you crochet with a combination of two types of yarn.

  37. Oooo.. .this looks cozy. Love the look of that yarn... I wanna snuggle.

    Your kitty cat is so beautiful.

    I like those pastimes that are calming, peaceful and soul-filling.

  38. Time to nap! Sounds great. Having flipped through your numerous posts I see there are far too many to comment on them all but enjoyed my journey anyhow. have a great weekend. Hugs


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