Friday, November 23, 2012

Taking it Easy

~a glimpse of yesterday's table~

~wishbone napkin ring~

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? A few I know have already had two or three Thanksgivings by now and are planning another today. We're going to do a lunch and pie for dessert meal at noon with everyone in tow or nearly.

(Lois @ Walking on Sunshine is offering some brilliant tips for the Day After Thanksgiving right *here.*)

I am thinking how my full speed ahead attitude over Christmas may have been evident on my Thanksgiving table with the wishbone napkin rings, which actually turned out to be "Merry Christmas" napkin rings, though I shall not be decorating for Christmas today after all. Tomorrow perhaps...


This morning's paper contains a story that has us laughing. John read it to me while I folded laundry and sipped my coffee.

Seems a man went to a popular eatery up Bangor way and left his F150 truck running near the door. An "elderly" woman came out of the eatery and got into the truck and drove it home. Some time later, after the truck had been reported stolen, a friend of the woman's called to say where the truck was located. 

Are you as upset by reporting as John and I are these days? Don't you think a great many details have been left out of that story? Most of our fun has been to fill in the gaps. =) Now I'll leave it to you to do the same!

Have a terrific Friday!

Love Vee


  1. my 1st thought was ... is it his wife? or sister? ha. ha!!

    i love the napkin rings. such pretty decor. we had a great thanksgiving. we changed up the food because we busy this year & will have a turkey & ham another day. it was totally cool. i think we might even do it next year. ha. ha!! ( :

  2. Very pretty view of your table. And very artistic view, as well. I appreciate that *artistic photo method*!!! 'Cause it's not easy to accomplish!!!! So, I applaud you. :-)

    Yes, lots left out of that wee little newspaper snippet. But, so nice to have something in the newspaper, which gives a chuckle. And perhaps, which gives a chance to keep the story going... Adding one's own details to it. :-)))))

    Hey!!! That truck had to be a big one!!! And this little ol' lady climbed up in it, all by herself, and drove it away! SHE is my HERO!!!!!!!! :-) I have enough trouble just getting into our son's what-ever-it-is-family-vehicle!

    Gentle hugs,

  3. Vee,
    We are taking it easy today. We are having another Thanksgiving tomorrow night. That makes 3. Just wonderful. I may start a little decorating today but I might just do nothing! Great story. Gotta love Maine.


  4. Poor lady may have senile dementia! But who am I to say? Had a senior moment myself when I was all ready to link up to the non-existent Note Card Party Wednesday!! I finally checked the link on your sidebar. lol No shopping for me today, I will take down the little bit of fall I haveup and start a little Christmas decorating. Very little. And my apple crumb pie was a little too juicy and messed up my oven and that is another project. xo

  5. Your home looks so cozy in that photo and I love those napkin rings!
    That story is so funny! It's one of those that lets us use our own imagination to figure out the rest.

  6. This is a very good day to take it easy!

  7. You table looks lovely - my sort of colours and I love the napkin rings. I will start decorating for Christmas after the first Sunday of Advent - then it's full steam ahead! Re your comment on my post - oh, yes!...there is lots to tell from my trip back east. Some of it full of happiness and some of it painful - but that's life. I'll sort things out and see what comes to the top.

  8. Lovely shot of your Thanksgiving table. The napkin rings seem suited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'd love to know the story on them. Are they antiques. Very unique and pretty. Speaking of stories, that is a funny one from your newspaper. My thought was the poor lady may have dementia and gotten into the wrong vehicle.
    Enjoy your lunch and pie today.

  9. Left me hangin'. Your Thanksgiving looks so lovely and inviting.

  10. I thought about that movie..."Have You Seen the Morgans" when you told the story. They're in a small town in Wyoming and needed a ride back to where they were staying, but their hosts were tied up and couldn't come to get them. The doctor of the town says, "take my truck, the keys are in it and I don't need it tonight." BTW, the Morgan's are from New York and can't believe a stranger not only leaves the keys in his truck, but tells them their welcome to take it! However, you're right, the writer left out a lot in that story and made it just sound like some senior citizen was a notorious car thief!! I guess they think that's good press:-(
    I didn't think I'd be decorating this year with all the work I have to do for a trade show, but now my grandson is coming and a tree must go up, but certainly, not today, XOXO

  11. Well, Vee, let me tell you what last Saturday in Target was like for me. I took both my mother (low vision) and MIL (bad hip--must have riding cart) shopping. It was like herding cats. They have to comment on the relative values of hair spray (which means looking--very carefully--at each and every brand), they love to put their heads together and cluck over how that girl near the next aisle is dressed--all this while I am trying to get through the gigantic store, get done, and out of there. We would make our way over to the other side of the store only to have a memory of something needed from the side of the store we just left. Finally, I got to the point where I said, "Stay right here--don't move. I'll run back and get it." I was a nervous wreck. Which brings me to this: At some point I looked down and realized that my purse was no longer in the basket. Panic set it. Then I realized that I had grabbed someone else's basket with someone else's goods...I had to leave the ladies again, run back to where I thought I had made the bad exchange, and not finding it there, run to the front of the store. Thankfully the kind lady who had my basket was there waiting on me and all was well...until I got back and got a scolding for not "hanging on" to my purse!

    So, I identify with the "elderly" (yes, that could be me) woman who may have taken the wrong truck! Yes, I'd like to know the rest of the story, too. C

  12. A lovely table, and oh my those napkins rings. Do I spy a kitty looking out the window? Kudos for the old woman being able to haul herself up in tnto the truck ( that's how I view the world these days).

  13. Vee, Your table is beautiful. I just feel the warmth from your home. I love that story. Why on earth can they not give the responses of those involved? Thanks for the smile. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!

  14. I am taking it easy today too, and we're only having one Thanksgiving dinner! It was wonderful. It was enough! I love your table and the glimpses of your home beyond, Vee. And what a strange newspaper article. I'm afraid I don't read the paper much anymore, beyond our township magazine which comes out once a month.

    I don't believe I will be decorating today either. And I doubt I'll be doing much tomorrow because I want to visit with my family while they are here.........

  15. I agree, beautiful table, our Thanksgiving was in October and we only had the one, years ago we had two or three but sadly the family is shrinking!

  16. This is the first time in years I haven't put away the fall and decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but you know I am just too tuckered out today.

    So tomorrow is the day at least things get put away and the tree gets put UP. Probably. This week took a lot out of me, it did - maybe because this has been a very rough health year? Who knows. Oh what I would do to have my stamina of yesteryear back!!!!

    Weird news article. What I can't stand is the typos and poor spelling and continuity issues with online reporting - I find it quite difficult to believe that those writers are PAID for their poor writing skills. Shudder.

    Anyway, if you find out any more about the stolen truck do tell!


  17. Oh my! I hope it wasn't me! heeheehee! I love your pretty table and plans for more family fun. I am doing a little Christmas decorating here and cleaning as I go! Sweet hugs!

  18. Well it was a red truck...and her truck was red...and she forgot that she had parked it out back...and so she got in and drove home and never gave it a second thought. What a surprise to find out that it was not her own truck parked on her driveway! Because of her age (being over 50 and all) she was not charged for her offense and will be more careful about getting into the right red truck in the future. And that is the rest of the story:) Smile.

    Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving festivities today! (What kind of pie did you opt for?)

  19. Hi Vee!

    Yes, we do have the same great taste - I thought that too, when I saw the beautiful picture of the pilgrim girl on your sidebar... :0)

    What a pretty Thanksgiving table! We even have the same taste in salt and pepper shakers!! Mine are clear, but the same shape and design as far as I can tell. Mine were my mother's - a wedding gift.

    One Thanksgiving is enough for me - I love Thanksgiving, but my pants don't! I will just dream and plan for next year.

    I don't think I will be putting up decorations for a week or two - I'm still enjoying my Autumn colors.

    Loved the story - I put all of my groceries in the wrong car once. Got them all loaded in and then realized that it wasn't my car! I was so embarrassed! We all do silly things, don't we?!


  20. Hi, Vee!
    Yes, I was kind of full rush ahead for Christmas, so I just kind of tried to cover most of it up for Thanksgiving with a little tweaking.
    I've been getting out some more Christmas things today.
    Love the colors on your table.

  21. Hehehe, there is a LOT left out of that story!

    I usually start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving but I'm giving myself a couple days to recover.

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm still as stuffed as any turkey.

  22. That is a fun news story. And I love a glimpse of your table and cozy home. Same salt and peps on my table except mine are pink/ Yours would be good for Christmas too. Well continue having a pleasant weekend. Christmas is popping up all over the neighborhood. :-)

  23. Your home looks so warm and inviting.... and I love those beautiful napkin rings!

    I was wondering how the old lady 'got into' the truck. Our/my son has a big truck, and I have to PULL myself into it...

    I love the dessert/pie theme... I can do that!

  24. Your home and table are cosy and festive, lovely.
    That news item would be a good basis of a story.

  25. Yes, I agree about the news!!
    We had a quite but very nice Thanksgiving up here at Happy Trails. Going back home tomorrow.

  26. Vee - your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful! Love the idea of a lunch and pie meal!
    I always wait till after my daughter's birthday (Nov. 22) to start my decorating. Need to house clean as I go too. Maybe I'll start tomorrow??

  27. I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving, Vee! We went to my nephew's house out in Long Island where he and his wife and children had made a wonderful feast. To avoid traveling in traffic, we went a day early and tayed over at my brother's house. It was a good idea and my brother and I finally finished sorting out all my Mom's photograph albums.

    There won't be any Christmas decoratuons going up in my house this year--they are already packed away for our move. I will have to enjoy Christmas vicariously through blogs this year!

  28. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are still celebrating with food! I hope to put up the tree tomorrow but I am so exhausted that I really have no desire to. Maybe I should get to bed (at 11:00 pm!). Enjoy the weekend. Oh, and I have no desire to blog either. I am so behind in keeping up with everyone, not that it's important, but I feel out of it. Good night. :)

  29. Oh dear, I love filling in gaps especially when I'm people watching. I haven't started Christmas decorating yet. I'm still cleaning up from Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I'll put away all my Fall decor and see about getting the Christmas boxes down from the attic...
    Have a good rest of our Thanksgiving weekend!

  30. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Hmm, funny you should mention "reporting." We were just talking about how people write today, mostly everything is written at a 6th grade level . . . so maybe that explains today's "journalists."

    Also, what drives my hubby's cousin insane is when the news reporters tell the viewers they can read more about the "topic" on their website! Well, she's not on-line, so you can imagine her frustration!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  31. Lovely table...and napkin rings.

    I have my tree up but not everything else. Life is happening and I don't want to miss it in my drive to get it all done, if you know what I mean!

    That story made me laugh. Missing a few details indeed!


  32. I'd love to sit across that table from you and enjoy a cup of tea. Your home looks so warm and welcoming.
    Poor lady. She probably had a million things on her mind - lists of things to accomplish. She was running on auto-pilot, no time to waste on things like vehicles, or whether the gas tank was empty or the oil gauge blinking. No sirree, sir. Just get me home so I can get stuff done.
    Another week or so before we decorate for Christmas, although I may start pulling a few things out during the week.

  33. Vee, Your table is pretty. Enjoyed reading about your grandson. Such fun!

  34. The napkin rings are exquisite! Is there a story behind heirloom perhaps?

  35. Catching up on your blog posts this afternoon, Vee. I'll be taking a few weeks off from blogging (hubby is sick) but I'll still be visiting. I'm waiting on your vanilla sugar thoughts!!!
    Have a blessed weekend. Mildred


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