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Monday, November 26, 2012

What Will Your Christmas Look Like?

Have you planned what your Christmas will look like specifically? If not, may I suggest that if you do, your Christmas will take on even more meaning and joy than you might ever imagine. I was reminded of this recently while reading *one of my favorite posts of all time* written by the incomparable Brenda of Coffee Tea Books and Me.

So I am taking Brenda's advice again this year...I took it two years ago, which you can read about in Brenda's comments because I told her all about it while I was there.

Christmas 2012 List in no particular order

* lots of Christmas music
* lots of candles and pleasant aromas
* honoring Advent Sundays and having an Advent wreath for the table
* Christmas cards with notes for the ones we love
* some baking
* lunch out with Bea
* breakfast out with John
* breakfast out with the family
* some crafting
* some sewing
* manageable chore lists
* making a Christmas Day menu early
* having a visiting schedule that works
* Christmas Eve service at church a must!
* watching some quality Christmas programming and movies
* wrap gifts early
* Devotions by the tree with it LIT
* Keeping Christmas lights on for those dark and gloomy days
* Re-reading Shepherds Abiding by Jan Karon

I may be adding to this list!


  1. It sounds like a good list to me and mine would be similar. I don't think we will have as many houseguests this year (tho some are known to decide at the last minute) and maybe not such a big party ... and I always love the thought of slowing down at Christmas. It seems SO much takes place the first week of December and by the week of Christmas, very little goes on. Which I don't mind a bit.

  2. I should give that a try. I love making lists but I'm a little fanatical about following them. I've been known to stay up very late until the last thing on my list is done instead of moving something to the next day.

  3. I've started with the Christmas music, the candles, and the pleasant aromas. Beef stew headlined the Christmas menu last year (sort of a la Julia Child with lots of red wine) and it was sooooo good, I'm going to do it again. The Christmas cards are out and waiting for me to start writing. My fingers are beginning to itch ... from the writing, the crafting or the cooking ... who knows?!!!!

  4. I want Christmas to be meaningful for the family, so this is p e r f e c t advice ~ thanks for sharing. xo

  5. What a wonderful post and just in time to remind me of the things I want and/or should do. Love the idea of devotions by the tree with the lights on. I've often meant to read "Shepherds Abiding" and will do so this year.

    Such a timely post - thank you!

  6. Yes I am being intentional with my Christmas season also...and watching Him fill my stocking!

  7. I love that post of Brenda's as well. I forgot about Shepard's Abiding, it's being added to my Christmas reading stack...music and candles are a necessity, writing out my christmas cards, a little baking tucked into the freezer, cozy chats with daughters (and sons!), and time with my husband doing our little Christmas traditions are some of the items on my list.

    Have a wonderful week ahead

  8. Your list sounds wonderful, and mine is VERY similar! I am going to go check out your inspiration for this.....Have a wonderful day Vee!

  9. That's a good idea, Vee. Thanks for the good prompt before things get carried away. Have a good week!

  10. A few minds are thinking alike. I've not yet made my list, but am thinking about it. Several items from yours will make it onto mine, methinks. An intentional Christmas season is full of possibility.

    Now I'm going to read Brenda's post.

  11. Vee, this post ignited a little spark in me......I would have most of these on my list. I need to remember to keep things manageable for me, the "current" me, not me from back in the day. I want to enjoy quality Christmas movies, listen to lots of Christmas music, do some baking, have lots of candlelight, and I have already scheduled two Christmas meals with friends early in December. My gift list is small, but I need to get that done and all of them wrapped. I am going to visit Brenda's blog now. xo

  12. Sounds absolutely "WONDER"-ful to me! I think I'll snag your list, add or subtract a few items and make it personal, and go with it! It's going to be really hard to top Thanksgiving this year, but I'm going to try my bestest! It'll be alot easier when I get this commission painted and in the hands of the young man that's going to present it to his dad on Christmas!

  13. Dear Vee, Your post this morning put me in a quandary. (By the way, each time you refer us to a post on another person's blog, I end up becoming a follower. You have such good taste in blogs!) :D But I had decided -after finally getting all the Fall stuff packed up and ALMOST in the attic- that I was going to have a minimalist Christmas. We are empty nesters and will not be home for Christmas this year as we are going to the grandchild's. Now I am persuaded that maybe it would not hurt to put out a FEW decorations for the time we do spend here so we can enjoy all the season. You also remind me of making plans early. I don't know whether to thank you or not, as I was so ready to take the easy way out! :D
    Hugs anyway,and a Blessed Christmas to you,

  14. I love Brenda's idea about this and I do it too! Your Christmas is going to be lovely, and wonderful.

    I may have to do a post about this soon!

    I keep my heart quiet at Christmas in spite of the hustle and bustle, and oh, how I savor the season.


  15. Maybe a list would get me focused! I'm sort of 'scattered' right now...as that un-written list gets longer. I am reading Jan Karon for the first time (started on the Mitford series recently)...and would like to check out 'Shepherds Abiding'.

  16. Sounds like a great list and good idea.
    I will make myself a list too because lately Christmas just seems to come and go by so fast and I don't really have much holiday spirit.

  17. I never thought about making a list, I really like the idea maybe it will help keep the stress level down

  18. Such a good idea to think about this ahead of time.....I'm hoping we have a Christmas Advent singing and tea this Sunday.....But I haven't made other plans yet...

  19. Dear Vee
    After working full time for years, I can now thoughtfully plan my Advent and Christmas season in a better way.
    I love your idea of creating a list and I will start on that today.
    Unfortunately our daughter and granddaughters live overseas and won't be here to share in our festivities.
    However I would still like to create a feeling of reflection as well as expectation through the season of Advent in preparation for the great Feast of Christmas Eve celebrating again the birth of Christ.
    Thank you Vee for starting us off with your list, now I'm ready to start my own too!
    Shane ♥

  20. That's a great list Vee and I think I have most of those on my idea list too. I just hope I can stick to them. The only thing I'll miss is good TV Christmas movies and programs as we don't get any of them on our 3 channels. I hear that the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting is on TV tomorrow (Wed.) night on NBC and I would love to see it after just being there. I'm going to ask my neighbours if they get that station and join them. :) I have Karen Kingsbury's new book, The Bridge, to read, as well as others in my library.

  21. I have most of these on my list, too. I am working around PACKED BOXES so my Christmas might not be as pretty this year....OOO, but just wait til NEXT year...in our new place, can't wait.

    We've already been watching quality, lovely Christmas movies....I have about 3 batches of cookies in the freezer with more recipes lined up...I have clear bags and red and white bakers twine on their way to me to put those cookies in for family and friends. I have a new Christmas tree cloth coming..should be here about Thursday....not all gifts bought yet...we drew names this year, first time to do it. Will be a wonderous thing, not spending too much money. :)
    Happy day, bj

  22. What a great list... I just may borrow it... love the Christmas music!

  23. I'm actually going to wrap some gifts tonight!!!

  24. This is such a good idea. It helps you decide what is most important so that you are sure to make time for those things. I'm going to try to finish my decorating early so that I can do some of the crafting and sewing that I like to do. Our list is pretty short and simple. Sweet hugs!

  25. Oh Vee! It sounds like a wonderful Christmas. Just perfect and so focused on the season. What a great idea to put it all into a list. A list always seems to make things so much more focused and doable. We finished up most of our decorating over the weekend. It's such a fun time of the year!

  26. Your link to Brenda's post is timely. I'm having a hard time facing the fact that it's already Christmas again. It honestly seems as though we just did Christmas a couple of months ago! Love your list. I just need to pare down my list of must-dos so I can enjoy the season, too! Thanks for the inspiration.


  27. I need to click to that link.
    I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how Christmas just seems to SNEAK up on people these days. It's so full of stuff that we "have" to do that too often we don't get to the stuff we really want to do.

    I am a listy person. I like the things on your list.

  28. I LOVE this Christmas list of yours. And your blog :)

  29. Great list, Vee. Many of these will be on mine. Christmas music is always at the top of my list, too. It wouldn't be Christmas without it. Love your new blog look!

  30. Sounds wonderful! I've not been to see Brenda in a while - I'll have to pop over.

    Enjoy all of it!

  31. A list is a great idea Vee, it would help one to remain focused on what is important to an individual. You have inspired me to creat my own list!

  32. Ahhhh yes, we are both trying to spread the idea of a Simpler Christmas, across our swath of Pretty Blog Land! Yessssssssssss! :-)

    I've been doing-Christmas-simple, for years, I'm happy to report. After years of not-doing-Christmas-simple. So I can appreciate 'the now,' even more.

    IF your Christmas "must-be-what-sounds-complicated", to others.... And it makes you happy, without stress, then that's fine. Keep doing it! :-)

    But as your children grow to adulthood, please make way for them to develop their own Christmas Traditions, too. Please... :-)

    Let's hope this "Wish-For-A-Simpler-Christmas" resonates across Pretty Blog Land!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think of the lessening of STRESS, it could result in! :-)

  33. My Christmas will be different this year as all my decorations, music, etc are packed away for our move. I do have some holiday candles available as we can't pack them. We usually go to Denver pre-Christmas to celebrate my grandson's BD but we won't be doing that either -- which I'll miss terribly! I'm so busy sorting and packing but I hope to go into Manhattan and enjoy all the decorations there as much as possible. I am writing up a Christmas letter to share with far away family and friends, I have a few invitations for holiday parties at places I volunteer. Of course I will enjoy going to my church's festivities and devotions this time of the year. I will still keep Christma sin my heart even if the outside trappings aren't there!

  34. I love this list idea Vee! After you and my Auntie Dee, I decided to post a list too. I have never done it but I am a list girl so this is right up my alley. Lots of Christmas music, love that! I too love music.


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