Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meeting the Sand Flat Farm Folks

One day late last summer, Vickie of Sand Flat Farm wrote to say that she and her husband were going to take a bookend journey to the Northeast after their West coast trip last fall. Would John and I like to meet? Sure we would! And so we did on a foggy day in October. We found ourselves back on Rt. 302 because Vickie and Tony were traveling through Maine to New Hampshire and adventures beyond and I was trying to keep them on a scenic route.

John and I have found that meeting bloggers is a pretty easy thing as it's not as if you have never had a connection before. Vickie and I have been chatting nearly since she began blogging away back in 2008.

Now Vickie is not at all as I expected her to be, other than being beautiful and a sweet soul. It must be all that "Keep yer skirt down" stuff. She was perfectly quiet and demure, dear and charming. I was having trouble reconciling the
snake-killing, golf ball-retrieving, gopher-shooting Texas gal I'd come to know with the lady at our table. =) In fact, when I later reminded John that Vickie was that gal, he was shocked. Wish I had reminded him earlier! We could have really jazzed up the conversation then. Her husband Tony is one of those charming men who seems larger than life and who is an excellent spokesman for Texas and the good old U S of A.  We felt so comfortable talking with them both and felt as if we'd known them a long time.

So what did we talk about?  A bit of everything from children, grandchildren, parents, pets, homes, drilling, other bloggers, cooking, blogging, and anything else we could cram into our time. Vickie tells me that if John and I should ever make it to Texas she can cook us an amazing chicken fried steak with a nice crust and delicious white cream gravy. Oh my! Tempting, very tempting...

I received two gifts...I've actually received many gifts from Vickie that I have shared before *here*, which you see often upon my wall. Vickie is a wonderful artist. My recent gifts are two from Maine and the other from Texas. I've been reading them this week. Nothing is as comforting as reading the Word of God and cookbooks!

After a picture taking session, I pointed out some red chairs that I had taken a photo of a few years ago when we met our first blogger—Karen and her husband Ken.  Vickie was quite convinced that she could get a shot of those chairs even though she'd heard the call to "board the train." Leaving the men chatting, she first walked down closer to the lake, then turned back and headed down the sidewalk for a closer shot. "Vickie, time to go..." She turned and said, "Coming." Then she looked at me and said, "Doesn't that sound just like a kid to say 'coming' all the while walking away?" Made me laugh.

If you want to check out Vickie's story of our time together, you'll find it *here.* She's got me cropped within an inch of my life, which I so appreciate. Thanks, Vickie! You'll enjoy getting to know this charming, snake-killing, golf ball- retrieving, gopher-shooting, keep yer skirt down Texas Gal.

Say, Vickie, I found a sweet little yellow house for ya that day!

Love Vee


  1. What a sweet post! One day I would love to meet some of my blogdom friends like you!! I read your friend's post - sounds like they had a wonderful time with you. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I had already read her post. :-))) And loved it. Now I can love yours too.

    She is a pistol! Well, on her blog, she is anyway. Betcha' if she and "Auntie" were sitting across a table, I'd bring out her (secret self) interesting persona. -gigggles-

    Oh wow! Now I have to hide, because she'll be comin' by my place, and ..... Commenting on this comment. -giggggles-


  3. Btw, it is sooooooo, soooooo, sooooo super, to have you back!!!!!!!!


    We have both figured out, how to continue with Our Joy Of Blogging. Yessss! In our own way. Yesss! But not, not, not giving up our FUN!!! Yessssssssssssssss! :-))))))))

  4. I always love meeting blog friends. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I don't know Vickie, so I am heading over to introduce myself to her!

  5. Vee,
    Yeah! You are back. Next summer for sure. If you can meet bloggers from Texas, certainly we are not far apart!

    Still arranging and straightening with an occasional dusting.
    Take care!


  6. Sounds like a very nice day. I always enjoy reading about when bloggers meet in person.
    How thoughtful of Vickie to bring you cookbooks representing both of your states. A pleasant reminder of your day together.
    I'm off to see what Vickie has to say now and view these well cropped photos.

  7. Good morning! How fun to meet a blogging friend! I have met a couple too, but so far they have been just as I thought they'd be, haha. Glad you got to do this....I am heading over to meet her now! Enjoy your day!

  8. gorgeous. gorgeous, gorgeous house!!! Dang. Im so happy you're back.... you "indefinitely" comment had me worried for a bit. blessings on you and your family vee.


  9. Isn't it fun? It sounds like you has a grand time!

  10. How special to get to meet this wonderful couple! I bet she had a bit of a Texas me! What a lovely day! I'm glad to see you this morning, Vee! Now I'll go visitin'!

  11. Hi Vee! I visited Vickie and enjoyed her post as well as yours. How fun to meet up and enjoy some time together. We (you and I) really have to do that one day!! Great to see your post today. Blessings!

  12. It really is fun to meet bloggy friends. Sounds like you had a great visit. Now I'll click over to see you cropped!

  13. I love meeting blogging friends! Illinois is a good place to meet too!
    ;-) I am glad you all had such a wonderful time.

  14. Oh how sweet it is to meet a blogging friend! Thanks for sharing your visit with all of us. I just visited Vickie and was delighted (but not at all surprised!) to learn that she found you to be the same sweet soul that she knew as the online Vee! I love that!

    (I also love that you are back, dear Vee!)

  15. I have a similar story finally meeting a fellow blogger that was originally a follower of my daughter's blog; such a good time on a little island off Rhode Island (Prudence). I wish I could make a list of all the blogs I follow and visit each one in person. XOXO

  16. So happy you guys had the chance to meet/visit with each other! I've met several blog friends and it is like we have known each other forever. Blog friends are indeed a blessing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Vee.

  17. I don't think I've met another blogger except for one in my town--we discovered we only lived a mile apart! (I began to realize her photos had a familiarity to them.) But it sounds like you have enriched an already wonderful friendship by meeting face to face. Great memories. Hope you are doing OK !

  18. What a blessing! I love that you were actually able to wrap your arms around a blog friend... they really are flesh and bones? I just knew it!

    Blessings, Debbie

  19. Texas men and women are gracious, charming, soft spoken and well mannered while still having backbones of steel, feisty outlook and true grit. Don't mess with them!
    One of my favorite Texas women quotes: the only time a Texas woman is truly helpless is while her nail polish is drying and she can't pull a trigger.
    You should go visit her in TX as soon as possible. Texas is recommending closing their northern borders and they don't mean Canada...Maine residents be warned!

  20. I know just how she felt meeting you! You are a a dear friend!

    I am glad to see you back on line and I really enjoyed seeing your photos and Vickie's too! I really must get back to Maine....


  21. Hi Vee! Thanks for the lovely post. I am glad to see you are you doing? Have a blessed week!


  22. I love meeting people I've only known online! They have never been other than wonderful! And I'm so glad you had a great experience.

    And I LOVE, "Nothing is as comforting as reading the Word of God and cookbooks!"

    So glad you are back, dear Vee.

  23. Wonderful, what fun and what a blessing to finally meet each other. I have a few dear online friends I'd love to meet someday. ~ Abby

  24. So glad you're back. I missed you! Love the post and I'm off to read what Vickie wrote.

  25. It's so great to "click" so easily when we meet our blogger friends. I've been so lucky to meet a few. I have to go check out your other post. Hope you are having a great day...thunderstorms here!


  26. How wonderful to see you posting again, Vee. I'm glad "indefinitely" wasn't too long.
    I have not yet visited Vicky, but will be right after commenting here. She sounds lovely, demure but strong and adventurous.
    Wouldn't it be fun to have a blogging tour - traveling around meeting all the bloggers we connect with via the internet?
    I loved your line about the comfort of reading God's word and cookbooks.

  27. So good to see you posting!! Loved reading about your visit with another blogger. I will be going to check out her post now. Take care!

  28. Vickie is wonderful. I'm glad to see you back blogging!
    How exciting to meet other bloggers IRL.

  29. Hi Vee!

    Wow, what lucky ladies you both are!! I love Vickie and her blog - she is such a go-getter with all of her chickens, huge garden, and a wonderful artist to boot!! I'm so glad you got to spend time with each other! Doesn't it just make this crazy old world seem a little smaller?

    Beautiful post!


  30. Sounds like a wonderful day and it is great meeting fellow bloggers.

    We had such a good time the day we met. I am so happy that we are friends!! : )

    Glad you're back to blogging. I missed you!!!

  31. I read Vickie's post and I was like, oh no and Vee is not around Blogland.....and here you are! Welcome back!!! Great posts, both of them. I love when bloggers meet. I think meeting one at a time is good, too, more quality time spent. xo

  32. So fun to read both posts about your visit. Vickie's pictures of your neck of the woods are absolutely beautiful, as is the one of you two together.

    Good to see you back!


  33. i love that you and vicky met! but, i'm
    a tiny bit disappointed she didn't bring
    her gun! :)

    i have had such a kick out of her gopher
    hunting (or is it voles?)

  34. Oh My Goodness, Vee - who in the world is that person that you're talking about in such eloquent terms????? Awwww, p'shaw...

    =) You're very sweet, dear friend. I sure did have a wonderful visit with you - just wish you didn't live so far away! Thanks for all the new visitors, too! Hugs!

  35. Oh, yeah - Vee, that little yellow house is very cute! Glad you got that picture - it's got lots of little doo-dads on it (embellishments) I love it!

  36. One more thing - "Thoughts On Life & Millinery" made such a sweet and thoughtful post - I think I'm now their new biggest fan...

  37. Im still disappointed my husband's co-workers in NH took us around when we were there and I didn't get a chance to meet you and John, Vee! I hope we get to take a trip to your area again, someday soon. My husband has had to work from home since the hurricane -- the building their compnay is in, in Lower Manhattan, was severly damaged by flooding. They are very thankful that the new online program he helped developed is working so well off premises as they can continue to do business till temporary arrangements for a new office location can be made.

    I've been volunteering quite a bit in any way I can to help the hurricane victims the past two weeks, but now I have to concentrate all my efforts on packing...I cleared out my whole attic this weekend and whatever we are taking from it are in bins in the garage. So glad to get that job done! Now I'm waiting for a couple that are scheduled to see our house -- wish is luck!

  38. Hi Vee

    First so glad to see you back! What a fun time the 4 of your must have had. I've not connected with Vickie yet so I'm off to introduce myself!

    Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday!


  39. This is just great...from this Texas girl I know she represented our state well..besides she is from East Texas

    What fun!!! Funny she wasn't as you expected...LOL

    So glad you had the joy of visiting and she had the joy of seeing your side of the country!

  40. How fun! Meeting bloggers is always such a treat and it sounds as if y'all had a wonderful day!

    Hope all is well with you,

  41. Looks like you had a delightful visit. I love the pictures!

  42. Blogging has been such a blessing to me. I love each and everyone I correspond with, but I've never met any in person. Hopefully, some day!

    You and Vickie are very special ladies..... I'm so happy to read about your meeting.

  43. Vee
    It does sound like fun, getting to finally meet a blogger friend you've corresponded with for so long.
    I'll just have to pop over and meet this Texan gal myself now.
    Glad you're back!

  44. Oh how meet Vickie of Sand Flat Farm! I love Lorrie's idea...of having a blogging tour...where we travel around and meet all our virtual friends.

    Now it's your turn to head to Texas, Vee. It's a great place to visit!

  45. Loved reading Vickie's review of her meeting with you. you obviously made a great impression as I guess you would. Such great fun meeting bloggers that we have blogged with for some time. Have never met anyone yet who has disappointed.


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