Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Odd and Sundry: Episode?

We had some errands to run yesterday taking advantage of the freedom that comes from Molly's being at the Groomer's for the morning. We usually start such mornings with breakfast out at our favorite haunt. What a treat it was to watch the gals decorate for Christmas! It's very quiet in there early on a Tuesday morning so we had the place nearly to ourselves.

Then it was off to find a new light for the kitchen. The former one used those whacky little bulbs that are incredibly expensive. It would have cost more to replace the bulbs than to switch out the light. I've been chipping, nagging, sweetly reminding that something had to be done about the growing dark. First one bulb blown, then the next, it was just a matter of time before the third and final bulb left us in the dark. Now John has that chore done and someday, when my kitchen is sparkling, I'll show you.

I did a little practice baking recently. This is *a recipe from MGCC for refrigerator potato rolls* and I learned a few valuable things while practicing. I should have kneaded it more and baked it less. I'm adding those points to the recipe. I am guilty of trying something new for the holiday table without giving it a trial run first. We had no trouble eating these rolls, believe me, and the joy is that the remaining dough can wait in the fridge for up to four days. Do you serve homemade rolls?  Do you remember to practice new recipes first? (Edited to Add: Here's the next *potato roll recipe* I'm trying at Podso's.)

A couple of tidying up points: 1. Has anyone had trouble viewing my blog in recent weeks? One of my dear friends has been... 2. November's Note Card Party was cancelled so that it did not squeeze December's. It was originally scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving...not good timing. 3. Please check out The Giveaway referenced at the top of my's a great one and there will be three winners.

All of you getting a winter storm, stay safe and cozy!

Love Vee


  1. Thanks for the plug about the giveaway! We do have wonderful things to give!

    We have a favorite breakfast place too. I nearly always get the same thing!

    We want to do more homemade bread...seems we go in spurts. I'll check this recipe out and see if I can get Rachel to try making them. She makes our bread each month for communion.

    Can't wait to see your new light!

    Wish we could share a cup of tea in your cozy home, or mine...


  2. One should pretest new recipes? This is the first time Ive heard such craziness!

    No problems viewing your blog, if she still has trouble have her try viewing it through google's browser chrome. That seems to always be the fix when Im having blog viewing issues.

  3. Trouble viewing your blog, nope...

    Do I serve homemade rolls? -chuckle- Are you kidding??????

    I love your; "someday show you my sparkling....."... -gigggles- As to my "sparkling", I admit, I have a secret.

    Remember how I was talking about early Christmas decorating? Well, that jinxed it. I have the stuff down, but have not "distributed" it. -pout-

  4. Blog looks fine here on Firefox! I just tweaked mine again after I decided I didn't like the colors chosen over the weekend.

    My mother worked in the diner section of a drugstore when I was a child so I have a real fondness for diners. The customers were like a second family to her.

    Oh, yes... I learned my lesson long ago to pretest recipes. Even those that LOOK perfect when reading the recipe the first time!

  5. I have had no trouble viewing your blog. (I like your new festive background, by the way.)

    I must try the recipe you referenced. I am thinking about making bread my recipe feature for the winter season ( à la "Soup on Tuesdays" last winter, and "Salad on Tuesdays" over the summer), so I am on the lookout for some new recipes to try.

    Do I practice new recipes first? Sometimes. ;)

  6. What a wonderful way to start your Tuesday...watching Christmas decorations going up. Sort of increases the holiday spirit, doesn't it?

    I haven't had any trouble viewing your blog.

    The upside-down pear cake was my new recipe for Thanksgiving. Fortunately, it was easy, although, my pears were not as uniform and elegant as the picture in the magazine. Imagine that!!

  7. LOL so we both posted about our potato rolls. I, at your encouragement. I do like a bread recipe that keeps in the frig for a few days. Some day I'll post (again) my cool rise French bread that rises in the frig overnight. Or do a word search on my blog and it will come up. It is SOOOO good.

    I probably would try a recipe out first if I'm serving it to guests that I don't know well. If they are like family, no, I'll try it on them! Love your breakfast place. Just what we like. (no surprise there, huh?)

  8. The rolls look super. I got your card yesterday, thanks tons. Hugs, Marty

  9. I will confess that I do not bake my own rolls or bread. I really should get that into my repertoire, though. I'm not having a problem viewing your blog. Your rolls look great.

  10. I spotted those rolls in Podso's mosaic and wanted to pop one in my mouth right then! But, alas, my baking skills are limited to cookies and brownies (from a box). I live vicariously through you Vee (**

  11. I have never had good luck with bread making, don't know why, but I am never happy with the way it turns out! Yours look wonderful!

  12. I love making bread, and eating it! But it tends to settle in the wrong places on my aging body, so I try not to eat a lot of it. But potato rolls for Christmas sound wonderful.
    I am guilty of not trying out recipes before an event.
    I see your blog fine, although I think I must have missed a few posts. Don't know how that could have happened.

  13. Those rolls look great! I love making bread, but my husband likes to use the bread machine. It's wonderful to have someone else baking for me, even if he uses a machine.
    I haven't had any problems viewing your website.

  14. Refrigerator potato rolls are the family favorite over here...the recipe I submitted to the MGCC cookbook. They never have trouble disappearing...under-kneaded or over-baked...or any which way!

    Your blog reads just fine. I'm having trouble leaving comments on one particular blog...the comment form is not there. Weird.

  15. When I taught my girls to bake bread and rolls, I had to keep reminding them that having the dough somewhat sticky to touch (see my post on Potato Bread) when you transfer it it to a bread board to knead. And, if you knead it properly about 5 - 10 minutes, you shouldn't have to add any flour when you form it into bread or rolls after it's risen...just a couple of hints.
    Our favorite place seems to be a late afternoon "burger" haunt that makes the best veggie burger I've ever had!
    BTW, I too haven't any any problems viewing your blog, XOXO

  16. I only bake twice a year when the kids wanted cheddar cheese biscuits, and orange-cranberry muffins!

  17. Hi Vee, I love old fashioned home-y places like that for breakfast, or lunch, or even just coffee and....! I am guilty of trying a recipe for the first time on guests. I haven't had trouble viewing your blog, I finally had help changing my font color as I had one follower who couldn't see anything. If reading from an iPad, there may be problems. Your rolls look yummy and I have to check out that recipe. xo

  18. I love going out for breakfast!

    I love potato anything, but I am trying hard to stay away from bread so I haven't been baking much. My niece made mini cornbreads for Thanksgiving instead of rolls and they were a big hit!

    I haven't had any trouble reading your blog, Vee. I do think that some servers were taxed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers and they might have been very slow. ;)

  19. One of our favorite meals out is breakfast. Of course, I'd eat almost every meal out if I could. :)

    I haven't had any trouble with opening your blog. Mine seems a bit slow today, but didn't have any problems here.

  20. Vee
    Those rolls definitely look good enough to eat. Did you use potato flakes or real potato water?
    I've found out the hard way NOT to try a new recipe when companies coming.
    Yes, I have a couple of lights with expensive bulbs-I'm working on Tim for a whole light replacement, but haven't gotten him worn down yet!! Want to share your secret on how one goes about this?

  21. That looks like a delightful spot to enjoy breakfast. I love it when restaurants decorate for Christmas.
    I haven't had any problems with your blog recently.
    Your rolls do look good. I don't always try out my recipes first, especially at the holidays.

  22. Thanks for the heads up on the Note Card Party. I'll have to get mine ready early. I wish I could get my Christmas Cards ready early too. Why do I procrastinate so??!! I should look at Podso's recipe. I love potato rolls. I don't always try a new recipe first. Hubby and I were out to breakfast at 8:00 this am with dear friends to a favourite restaurant which wasn't decorated for Christmas. :( The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting is on NBC tonight. I'm going to my neighbour's to watch. :) Enjoy the evening. Oh. No snow here but we may get a dusting overnight.

  23. I don't usually make dinner rolls. I just use the pop open kind and pop them in the oven. We like the kind with layers to it.

    I've had no trouble reading your blog.

  24. Enjoyed your sundry posting... I like those kind... they are like a letter from home!

    Oh yes, I do love homemade rolls for holiday meals.
    And oh yes, I make brand-new recipes without a practice run.
    Those potato rolls look amazing, even if under kneaded and over-baked.
    I see your blog fine, and it loads quickly.

    Let's see, what else.... got a chuckle from your comment over at my place about being over in a 'New York minute'. I had to think on that a minute...LOL... but I got it... in a New York minute. LOL

    Now I'm off to check out the Giveaway. Yah!


  25. Too funny - I just copied the recipe for Dot too! Can't wait to see the new light. I've got a new one that I've been hinting for Mr OP to hang...

    Enjoy your night!

  26. Baking? Um, that would involve me operating an oven. So I'll pass on that. LOL! I confess that I do make cookies. Annually. Next week or so, as a matter of fact.

    And there is a winter storm a'brewing somewhere? Geesh, I better check out the weather map and see what's happening!

    Happy days on the new light fixture! It sure took you a long time to finally break those other light bulbs...

  27. Oh yes, and your note card party is on my calendar this month! I missed the November one because we were gone. Good thing, actually, since you cancelled it. Ha!

  28. I have never had a problem viewing your blog!! And it is decorated so pretty for Christmas!! I just did my own blog 'decorate' all by myself - for the first time!!

    I think I usually use the old standards I am comfortable with for company/holiday dinners.

    For years I tried to make bread and was successful sometimes and sometimes NOT! Now I just let LD do it all!

  29. The potato rolls look very tempting. I may go and find that recipe. I remember the baking powder biscuits mom used to roll out and cut with a jelly glass. I must get that recipe from her soon.
    No problem viewing from here. Have a great day!

  30. Hey, there - those are some good-looking rolls, Vee. They don't look over-cooked. Slap some butter on those babies, and maybe a little honey or homemade jelly and they'll be perfect!

    I, too, have been guilty of not trying out a new recipe before serving it to company. Sometimes it's worked and sometimes I goof. When will I learn!

    A quiet breakfast sounds so good. We never go out for breakfast... must remedy that.

  31. I just clicked both of those links, and now I'm determined to practice some potato rolls myself. They look delicious. I also found two new recipe sources as a bonus!

  32. I have not had any trouble reading your blog, Vee...Thank goodness! And my what good looking potato rolls. You're ambitious! John is lucky! But then, so are you.

  33. I can't wait to see your new kitchen light!

    I rarely practice a new recipe before serving it to guests, I probably should. I did make 2 new recipes from Trisha Yearwood's Food Network show that I didn't practice, luckily they were really tasty. I'm going to blog about them on Thursday.


  34. Hi Vee, Love to see the pic of your favorite breakfast place. We have one too - where all the employees know us! I have never baked bread before. My great aunt was famous for her rolls, especially at holiday dinners. Her home always smelled so good!


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