Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update on Sam

Thank you so very much for all your good thoughts and prayers for Sam. He spent an extra night in the hospital this time because of pain levels, though he is waking in his own bed this morning as did his mom who spent those three nights in the hospital with him.

We were there last evening when he suggested that we all play a game of Old Maid. Let's just say that he and I should never attempt Poker. He's so cute and funny: "I have a very nice card right there on the left." "No, no, not that one." "I don't have the Old Maid. Really I don't." Doesn't it just seem wrong to break a leg and then get stuck with the Old Maid, too?

Closing comments today so that you may read and scoot. You've done so much already.

A reminder to keep visiting at Sand Flat Farm to see where Vickie and Tony went after they left us. You'll love the photography and the beauty of a New England autumn.

Love Vee