Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hodge Podge Wednesday

1. The month of July was named for Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. He's quoted as saying, 'Experience is the teacher of all things." 
So what has experience taught you lately?
Experience has taught me, time and again, to keep my mouth shut. Too bad that I'm such a slow learner.

2. Where did you last 'roam'? 

Forty miles south
3. Speaking of 'Rome', pasta, can only pick one, which would you choose? 


4. 'Rome wasn't built in a day', 'All roads lead to Rome', 'When in Rome...' which 'Roman' idiom have you most recently 
encountered? Explain. 

When in Rome... I believe that assimilation is a good thing so this 
phrase comes up from time time in discussions about becoming a citizen, learning English, dressing in Western style, which does not necessarily entail wearing a cowboy hat (though that is very good), getting a job, holding a valid driver's license, understanding the Constitution, registering to vote, etc.
5. What's a movie you've seen or a book you've read, that makes you want to book a trip to Italy? 

Under the Tuscan Sun was 
the first movie that ever made me want to visit Italy. Three Coins in a Fountain just didn't do it. 

6.  Walt's original Disneyland opened almost sixty years ago, on July 17, 1955 


 Have you ever been to the California park? 
How about any of the other Disney parks around the world? What's your favorite amusement park ride or attraction?
No, I have never had the pleasure of visiting any of the Disney parks. I tend not to be a fan of amusement parks, though I am a huge fan of Mickey and all the gang.
My favorite memory of an amusement park ride was a roller coaster ride (years ago) at the Tulsa State Fair in Oklahoma.
7. It's that time of year...when were you last bitten or stung? 

Knocking on wood here...haven't been stung in so many years
that I've forgotten the last time. Now I could regale you with the first time, but the rules don't allow it. (My grandson was recently stung repeatedly by a wasp so I know that stings still happen.)

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
I hope that it's not too hot in the sewing room today. 

Please join Joyce and all her guests *here.* 


  1. Good answers! And #4 gives you a 'fist bump' and a virtual hug from here. ~:)))))

  2. I know why we are friends! I say yes to all the answers from #3 on down! I like Under the Tuscan Sky, and it's because I think they show the beauty of Italy and it made me want to buy and old house and fix it up! ha ha


  3. Morning, Vee. I enjoyed your answers today. Speaking of Mickey, my elderly neighbor, Betty, has the cutest Mickey wrist watch!
    Enjoy you day of sewing.

  4. Since we both don't care for amusement parks, we could not go to them together. :). Don't you wonder when assimilation became a four letter word. And owie for poor grandson! :-(

  5. Fun to read all of your answers, Vee. It is a fun way of learning more about each other and one day soon I plan to join in on the Hodgepodge! Have a productive day in your sewing room...IF it's not too hot!

  6. Great answers!! So glad you joined in! Blessings

  7. Hope you don't mind my following your lead on new blog parties. Forgotten the ones I had and roaming around finding places to visit. Interesting meme. Helps get my mind moving.

  8. I always enjoy these Hodge Podge Wednesdays and the answers you come up with. I've never been to a Disney Park but we'd love to do it with the grands some year. I was on a small roller coaster at Opryland back in the early 90's I think. I don't like rides, roller coasters, ferris wheels or heights so it wasn't fun. My random thought would be I hope the rain stops falling as we've had enough today, along with a spectacular thunder and lightening show early this morning. I think part of the city is without power again. Have a super day in the sewing room Vee.

  9. Three Coins in a Fountain was one of my favorite movies but never made me want to visit Rome. I watch it now and it brings such a chuckle at how cultural rules have changed (or tears for it was a more polite time in many ways).

    I don't care for most amusement parks but there is a small-ish one about a 45 minute drive from here that has been a favorite place for my family since I was a little girl. It brings back such nostalgia even if I stay with the little kiddies and don't ride the big stuff with the rest of the family. I get nauseous just thinking of it. My daughter and husband remember the time I left the park literally green after riding one of the rides.

  10. Yup Tuscany for me to , loved the movie I have it and the scenery ! Been to the Disney park in Florida many years ago . My random thought is save all our nature and wooded areas as well as historical land marks ! Thanks for sharing wonderful post and to see everyone's response ! Have a good day !

  11. Tuscan Sun was an awesome movie...think I'll rent it and watch it again. Believe I did a post on it several yrs ago.
    We are home from our wonderful trip, all snug in our own bed, his favorite chair, my own brand of coffee...all the good things that make it sooo great to get back home.

  12. Enjoyed this post a lot. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. Vee, I love that movie too...still get goose bumps seeing that scorpion. I have only had Gelato at the Warner Brothers Studio gift shop. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. I've forgotten to mention that I love your new header, Vee! The hodgepodge this week made me want to answer the prompts. Agreeing whole heartedly with you on answer number 4! I'm pretty sure even though we were dirt poor we went to Disneyland in their opening year. I would have been 4 years old. The youngest of 4 siblings then. A few years later 4 more siblings came along...
    Happy Wednesday to you, Vee, and I hope that sewing room isn't too hot.

  15. Thanks for sharing your hodgepodge. I have been to Disney World twice with grandkids, enjoyed it, marked it off my bucket list. Also enjoyed the movie Tuscan Sun!
    Off to see what else you have been doing,

  16. So there IS someone else who has never been to a Disney Park!! : )

  17. I still don't want to go to Italy, but southern France almost counts, doesn't it? Under the Tuscan Sun is one I often watch when K is on business trips.

  18. I love your Wednesday hodge podges!! I think I audibly answered some of the questions too as I was reading them. I answered #3 exactly the same - the Gelato in Italy is absolutely out of this world amazing! I hope you get a chance to go to a Disney Park someday - it's not like any other theme park you've ever experienced - no comparison and worth every penny - your grands would live it as much as you would!

  19. These are fun posts to read and make me think about what my answer might have been. Disney in Florida was good, especially watching our girls' excitement when they were young, but I don't need to do it again.

  20. Hodge Podge Wednesday is becoming a favourite for me. Love all your answers. We went to Disney in Floriday just once and I don't want to go again. I think I'd choose pizza over gelato and loved Under the Tuscan Sun. I don't need to go to Italy for the heat just now since we're experiencing a lot of it. But I would love to go and see the sights.

  21. Enjoyed your answers! You have a way with words. I think many of us agree with your lack of enthusiasm over the big amusement parks. The one time we went years ago my husband's little boat got stuck in It's a Small World …the song still drives him crazy.

  22. Not big on amusements parks either. I even get scared on the Ferris wheel! We have Tuscan Sun on our Netflix queue, almost watched it tonight. I'll look forward to seeing it now after the recommendations.

  23. Now that evening is here, I hope you found the sewing room to be a comfortable temperature today.

    I enjoyed reading your Hodge Podge answers and cracked up at the *thud* part. I'm not a huge fan of amusement parks, but I do love Disney World and Epcot too.

    I felt bad to hear about your grandson being stung repeatedly. Poor guy. Hope he has recovered well from that experience.

  24. I LOVE your Hodge Podge Wednesday posts Vee! 1. Experience lately has taught me to be grateful for things we take for granted every day- like electricity! 2. I'm roamin' to Maine next week! Yay! 3. Gelato for me too (double yay!!) I'm with you on #4, 100%. 5. Been to Italy, don't care to return. 6. I've been to Disney World in FL twice- first as a teen when it first opened, and then with my kids when they were 10 and12- the perfect ages. Still young enough to have fun on the "kid's stuff" but old enough to enjoy Epcot too, and mature enough to "go" all day without complaining. You would love Disney Vee, it's NOT like other theme parks. Everyone is a kid at Disney. 7. Bitten? Daily it seems, with mosquitoes. Stung? Never (knocking on wood, here) 8. Random thought- will someone please turn off the rain now...? Please?

  25. Well, it's not Hodgepodge Wednesday anymore --Wednesday was a busy day!-- but I enjoyed reading your post. I am not a big fan of amusement parks anymore. I used to enjoy going, riding a few of the milder rides, and watching everyone else. But amusement parks are usually open in the summer and I can't stand the heat! So if you don't like rides...or heat...what's the point? I do think that we should take Bekah some time, as she was about 17 months old the last time we went. :)

    Oh my...I am sorry to hear that one of those handsome boys was stung repeatedly! I hope that he was not traumatized!!

  26. I think I need to watch Under the Tuscan Sun again. Everyone loves it, but I didn't so I think I must have had my mind on something else during the time it was on. As for Disney parks, I've been to Disney World and I just wasn't that impressed. Everything is animated and therefore "fake" and I'm just not into that stuff. For example, I just don't get excited about seeing a fake alligator rising out of the water while riding those cheesy boats. lol! I did enjoy the food and riding the monorail and the kids, who were young then,
    had a great time.

    1. It started better than it ended. Beautiful scenery!

  27. Love these random thoughts. Under the Tuscan Sun is a fav of mine too. Love me some gelato - mmm.



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