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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

Changed my mind about blogging again in 2015 as is a woman's prerogative. I'll explain why in a bit... 

Only one post in January with no great photos so I'll begin in February. Besides, I'm going to cheat in August.







 ~Two for August above and below~

The August photos were taken in the final week of August and shared in September.


By next September, this view will be lost to us as a garage and home will be built on that empty lot. I will miss the little shed and being able to see across the other road.




So the old year is within hours of slipping away. John and I are spending a perfectly quiet evening at home. We went out for lunch today and that ended our celebration. He is watching Justice and I am working on this last post of 2015. We are living exciting lives.

 I changed my mind about posting a review perhaps after visiting your blog where you did it so well. Mia at Mia's Country Living has been faithfully documenting every year for nine! Today, she said goodbye for now as she has decided not to blog in 2016. She hints that she may see us again and I certainly hope that that is true for I will miss visiting her beautiful blog. Don't you get any ideas now and I'll try not to either. 

A Happy New Year's Eve to you!


  1. Love the vibrant colors in your photos! Hope 2016 is a good year for us all!
    Happy New Year!
    We are watching season 7 of Doc Martin tonight and will be in bed by 9:00!

  2. Vee, since I am writing this comment to you now, you know we're not the party folks. I may or may not stay awake for the next few hours to ring in the new year. I love visiting with you and certainly hope you will continue to blog! It's nice to see your snow and lovely photos of the year. ♥

  3. Your singular monthly photos are superb. I like this method. And the first one is spectacular. You should have some interesting scenery watching a house being built. We too are exciting people, nodding off here at home.

  4. All the photos are pretty. It's been a nice year, for the most part.
    My hands ache so much now from arthritis, I've given serious consideration to "retiring" from blogging too. (Yeah, like that's gonna happen!)
    I guess you know that the new Downton Abbey's is this Sunday. I. am. so. excited. Been picking up bits and pieces of hints about the new season. I think we're all going to be pleasantly pleased with the ending.
    Happy New Year Vee! ~:)

  5. One picture for each month, even adding one extra, makes for a year that went by so fast! Your March photo is priceless: that bunny has the most knowing expression and I am trying to figure out exactly what he is telling us.

    May 2016 be full of excellent gifts. God bless you!

  6. Oh my...your first photo with the beautiful red house/barn(?) contrasting with the crisp white snow is fabulous!! I am glad that you decided to do a year's end post. You have so many wonderful photos! Each one represents its month well!

    Happy New Year to you and yours! With much love...

  7. I third or fourth the beauty of that first photo.

    Tim and I are away for a few days - a real treat and gifted to us by Lindsay and Joseph. It is an amazing location and I'll try to post tomorrow.

    Blessings on the New Year to you and John!


  8. Hi Vee~

    Happy New Year - although as I blog, it's only 10:55...:0)

    My husband and I did the same thing! We went to lunch at, Red Robin, came home and watched all the, Sackett series . . . I crocheted, and blogged while he mostly watched. We also live exciting lives!

    Your photos are just beautiful, and made me a little anxious for summer. Currently, it is -10, in my neck of the woods. Can I just tell you how much I love, March and April!

    I don't think I will quit blogging in 2016, in fact, my goal is to be better at keeping my blog/journal.

    Hope your new year is filled with peace and love!


  9. Happy New Year to you and your spouse. Pretty photos. I especially love the door with just a bunch of autumn leaves. xoxo Su

  10. Happy New Year, Vee! It's been a quiet evening at home here on the west coast. We did watch a movie together, and I lit a few candles. We live wild lives.
    I was sad to see Mia's announcement today. Don't you get any ideas! I'm hoping to carry on with blogging and hopefully this next year will be more upbeat. We'll see. God is good, always and forever, in spite of life's twists and turns.
    I didn't do a year in review. No heart for it. But I've thoroughly enjoyed reading yours. Too bad about losing the view. The February photo with the red buildings in the snow is striking.

  11. I always love your posts and your photos, Vee. Many Happy New Year Blessings to you and John. I don't follow Mia's blog, but to not blog all year??? Wow..kudos.{{Big, Big Smiles}}

  12. Beautiful photo review of 2015! You always make me smile with your quick witty comments and your views on this life! May you and John and your loved ones have a most blessed New Year!!! Hugs....

  13. It's always nice to visit your corner of the world VEE. Sorry to hear that you will lose your view and the empty lot closeby. Do hope the new neighbours are nice! HappyNew Year!

  14. Oh how I enjoyed this Vee....such lovely photos of each month. Words were not necessary! Happy 2016 love!

  15. Oh Vee I love your pictures and review! This is what I was trying to do...lol. But then to pull this off I'd have to take spectacular pics in the first place. Wishing you and John a very happy, healthy, and blessed New Year!

  16. Love your year review photos! Stay happy and warm in your cozy cottage this winter. We have a little more work going on in our old house this month that should keep me from going into a winter stupor.

  17. Life was good at your home, thanks for being a blogger I have enjoyed your post each time. And look forward to 2016 with you as my blogging friend.

  18. Your year in review with pictures is such a good idea! (wish I'd though of that) And not only that, but you take great photos. Sorry about your loss of view with the new house going in. I know all about that kind of thing.... Anyway, Happy New Year!

  19. Happy New Year to you too! !
    Ryoma Good luck of many friends.

  20. I LOVE your review in photos they are always so pretty and I love looking at them. Sorry your view will be changing due to progress! lol Love the look at that lobster!

  21. Happy New Year! Your review is a good reason we love to visit, beautiful photos and a cup of coffee with you as we read :) We went to a friends party last night but desperately wanted to be home in our jammies. Maybe next year. Keep on keepin' on Vee!

  22. A lovely review of the year! Happy New Year! xx

  23. Thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the year along with you. August was very worthy of (at least) two photos. They both shout "Maine" to me. Incidentally, I finished reading Jan Karon's book on Christmas Eve. So glad you did your post when you did. Absolutely loved it and the timing was perfect.
    So sorry to hear about Mia's decision on blogging. Sad to see more and more bloggers deciding to call it quits. Glad to know you aren't one of them, however :D.

  24. Loved you sharing memories of 2015, Vee,so sad Mia is leaving but glad you will be continuing! I simply can't seem to get back to posting, I guess one would call it writers block! Oh well maybe soon!Our New Years eve was quiet as well!!
    Happy New Year!!!!
    Hugs from me to you!

  25. I like your photo a month for a review, and remember most of them. Too bad you will lose the view from your window but perhaps gain a new friend?
    So many bloggers are slowing down or quitting and it's understandable when it takes up so much of our time. Hosting a meme adds to the fray but my solution has worked so far - put up the link page and either participate, or not.
    Happy New Year.

  26. Happy New Year, Vee. Looks like you had a good 2015.

  27. And a very Happy New Year to you and John! what lovely photos -- a nice wrap up for 2015. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you in the new year....


  28. It was nice seeing your year in review, Vee. Happy New Year blessings to you and John. Enjoy your time away from your blog this month, and I'll forward to seeing a post pop up from you in February. xo

    1. I'm going to be away from my blog this month? No, I was away from my blog in January of last year.

  29. May your 2016 be filled with good health and unexpected blessings!

  30. So glad you were inspired to post a review of 2015..a lovely wrap-up of the year! As usual, you had me smiling...even in a post with few words. :) Happy New Year to you and John.

  31. Best wishes to you, John and your family in 2016 Vee!
    I've started my post of the year in reflection - after working so much this year has flown by... Just a blur mostly!
    Shane x

  32. Hey Vee, I sure recognized your August photos. Nice to see one for each month. Happy New Year my friend. ~ Abby

  33. Happy New Year's Vee! I loved seeing your year in review. I especially remember that lobster. My husband and I spent a very quiet New Year's Eve, too. We enjoy a quiet time of reflection (and football for my husband!). Do hope you continue to blog as I love my visits here. Blessings, Deborah

  34. welcome back to blogland. :)
    wishing lovely days for you in 2016.

  35. Happy New Year

  36. So enjoyed your beautiful pictures, especially seeing lilacs again. Best wishes for a very happy and healthy 2016.

  37. I'm glad you did a pictorial review of last year Vee. Each photo really speaks of the month/season. I'm sorry you're losing your view. I hope they will be good neighbours! Happy New Year to you and John!

  38. Loved your review photos and reminders!