Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lost in Middle Maine

As Christians, we are never on a more troubled path than when we are following our own lead.
~ Pastor Bill

When I was a younger woman, okay, much younger woman, I liked nothing better than to take a drive (usually with my sister) turning down a road that we had never traveled before just to see where it took us. It was an adventure. Fun. Exciting. And long before the days of GPS and gas prices over $2 a gallon.

Last week, I had the joy of meeting with Pastor Bill and his darling wife Abby. That I would have to take an hour's journey on my own was going to be just the adventure I could handle. I don't go far these days. I have, over time, become a Nervous Nellie among other constraints of mind and body.

Before I had been on the road half an hour, I had two disasters adventures. One was an open driver's side door whilst going through the car wash and the second was a flat tire that needed replacing. Oh joy unspeakable!  *I would later be very grateful for that flat tire as you will see. 

~new tire time~

We all arrived at our destination on schedule and had lunch and fellowship together. I received some much-needed, wise counsel. We ended our time together with prayer in the parking lot and then we parted ways. Bill and Abby would be traveling southeast and I would be should have been traveling southwest. 

And that's where my adventure really began for, in an effort to avoid traveling on I-95 for just a few miles, I struck off not knowing where I was going believing that I could take a turn at any point in time and find my way to the correct highway.

The short story is that I wound up arriving home well over three hours later when I should have been there within an hour. I was lost in middle Maine. Instead of going southwest, I was going northwest and actually went much farther from home than I had been at our meeting place. 

~Vienna, Maine? Where is that?! (GPS thinks Vienna, Austria)~

There was anxiety, there was fear, there were tears, frustration, and even panic. I remember pulling over to the side of the road and screaming where am I? I didn't trust the GPS because I was laboring under my own wrong ideas of where I was when I had not one clue. Talk about Stupid. Okay, if you don't mind, let's not. 

~where am I?!~

The point of this little story is to say that one never really knows where he/she is on this journey called Life. We get lost, take a wrong road, think we know best, and on and on. 

The good news is that Christians who have trusted Jesus Christ and all He did for us on the cross know that He knows exactly where we are. If we lean on Him, He will see us safely through and ultimately safely home...all the way home. Ahhhh... What a glorious thought! 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding...

Proverbs 3: 5 and 6

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*So grateful that I was not lost in the boonies with a flat tire.

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