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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Stealing from the Hodge Podge

1. It's National Waffle Day (August 24th)...what decision are you currently 'waffling over'? (or share one you've recently 'waffled over')

Oh gracious, yes, I have been waffling over a decision that had to be  made and I can't talk about it. Suffice it to say, it was one where my waffling hurt people and where my not waffling will hurt people, yet it must be done. It is one of those damned if you do and damned if you don't situations. 

2. It's the middle of August, but I'm already seeing lots of autumn-related posts. Do you think we rush the seasons?  Yes

If so, does that bother you? 

No, to each her own. Our perspectives are all different. If I lived in some truly hot place, I'd be eager for fall myself. 

I saw (here) an end of summer bucket list that included-

make s'mores, read a new (or favorite) book in the park, eat something delicious and bad for you at a state fair, be a tourist for the day, have a pot luck picnic, book a last minute summer getaway, relax by or in the pool, take a hike to watch the sunset, have a day on the lake, try a new summer recipe

Which activities on the list might you squeeze in before summer officially comes to a close? 

A last minute summer getaway to the ocean sounds great!

3. Your favorite summertime 'art' found in nature?

I saw geese swimming on a still like glass pond yesterday and it was such a pretty scene that I pointed it out to my traveling companion... a simple moment in time.

4. Stephen R. Covey is quoted as saying 'We judge ourselves by our intentions, and others by their actions.' Agree or no? Do you define yourself based on your intentions, your actions, or something else? 

Sure. I can be too easy on myself and too hard with others. I try to judge myself as God sees me. Life is easier when I do.

5. Are you useful in a crisis? Elaborate. 

No. My emotions run off with me. I doubt that anyone would want me around in a crisis, though my sister has sometimes told me that I do better than I feel that I am doing.

6. What's been your go-to dish this summer? Is it something you'll continue making as the seasons change?

A bowl of Cheerios. I am just now starting to think about "real" meals.

7. Adult coloring books are a thing now. Have you jumped on the bandwagon? If not is this something you think you might enjoy?

I was given The Word in Color this summer and I have done some coloring. It is a pleasant pastime that allows the mind to rest.

I don't color as well as I did when I was six. ☺

 8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

No Random thoughts today other than The Ponderosa, my summer's work. (And autumn's too.)

You can find Joyce and participants right *here.* I wish that I had time to join in the fun, but since I don't, I won't party up. 

A good day to you and thank you for stopping by... 


  1. I enjoyed your Hodgepodge, Vee...and oh oh on the waffling...I waffled and decided not to do the HP today...just didn't feel up to it, I guess. I think your coloring looks just fine...

    Have a beautiful day friend and I left you a message at my blog about the back to school photo, LOLOL.

  2. Thought provoking questions, I enjoyed your answers. Yes, we rush every season it seems to me. I have to take a firm hold of each day and enjoy it as it unfolds or I tend to live in the future, which is incorrect because we can really only live right now can't we? I'm good in a crisis because I tend to turn off emotions and get down to business. I am afraid that may make people think I am cold and unfeeling but it is just the way I am wired. I do tend to waffle, I have been waffling on something all summer and still haven't decided what to do. I think we usually really know what we want but feel guilty making the decision. Best of luck with your tough choice whatever it is.

  3. I enjoyed your hodgepodge. I'm finding I have to keep blogging but stop joining memes these days because I always feel guilty about not getting around to people. My days at the beach are going to be postponed until January when we head to Santa Barbara for a family wedding. I love California beaches in the winter. May God lead and help you with your waffling decision and then help you in the aftermath of the decision by standing firm and moving ahead. We've been doing a lot more waffling since Dear is unemployed right now and we don't know if there will be more employment or retirement in our future.

  4. I'll be praying about your waffling decision. I find that I usually do know what I'm supposed to do, but the dread of it paralyzes me. Maybe a little maple syrup to help the medicine go down?

  5. I stopped to pray for your "waffle" situation, for the right answers, and the confidence to carry out whatever must be done.

    The coloring book from Abby looks wonderful. Great rest for your spirit these days. May the Lord continue to help you through this time.

  6. I hope for the best with your waffling decision ♥


  7. I'm lifting your waffling decision to the One who hears and sees, and pray for wisdom for you and receptive hearts for others.
    I hope that late summer getaway to the ocean happens for you, Vee. Time watching the waves, smelling the fresh air, and taking time just to be will be healing, I hope.

  8. Wishing you the best in your waffling decision. Those times come. Prayers with you sista.

  9. I have more than one thing I'm waffling on! I'll pray for you and hope you will pray for me! I like your coloring. That's a lovely coloring book you have. Be well! I am so happy that you posted two days this week! Let your light shine!

  10. You can't please everyone all the time. There have been times in my life where I'm quite sure I didn't please anyone any of the time. It's hard. We can pray and that makes all the difference. Lots of sweet hugs, Diane

  11. I find myself in the waffling situation a lot, Vee...somehow there must be a way to sweeten up the bad end of the deal. And intentions and actions, I really like that quote. I kick myself anytime I feel I'm being judgmental and I'm my own worst critic so it's ever present.

    I agree on the way too early decor changes. I think a lot of bloggers want to be The First to show their new and improved decor. Others simply like to fiddle with their seasonal treasures, I know many who would do it whether they blogged or not. Seeing the stores filled with this stuff in August is a bit startling but again, some people are happy moving along like that.

    We really have a lot of work ahead at the lake. Being there has really been tops on my list for the past two summers so I can say that just sitting on the dock to catch my breath a few times a day, watching the ducks and swans float by, wave to new and old neighbors...that's going to fill my summer bucket quite nicely!!



  12. Thinking of you with your waffling decision, never easy when you are in a situation like that. Take care.

  13. The pond scene you describe sounds beautiful. So sorry about the tough decisions ahead for you. Remembering you in prayer each morning, Vee.
    It's been a long time since I visited the ocean. I could sit and stare at that view for hours!

  14. I'm a waffler. Constantly thinking things over and wanting to please everyone. Trying to do all and be all. It never works. I usually have to center myself and then 'do the next right thing' and then the next. That's all that's required. Do the next right thing. Works for me. The Spirit will always let us know what that thing is. Once we know, it's easier to do it.
    Love and prayers from Texas.....

  15. Vee, your moment at the lake with the geese sounds divine to me. I find I need to focus on the simple things in life these days. I hope your waffling decision comes soon with a clarity that is best for you. Your coloring looks lovely. I've not tried this new activity. Sending you wishes for a restful afternoon. ♥

  16. I waffle on small decisions, and have no trouble on big ones. Now figure that out. The adult coloring books caught my eye. Short story: My 95 year old very clear minded mom is doing coloring books. Due to bad arthritis, she sits alot. She watches Royals Baseball, and KU basketball, and while she does that she does crossword puzzles, and coloring books. SO some games, she is coloring 2-3 hours straight. Other times she is on her Ipad or computer. SHe has now developed carpal tunnel syndrome.Tests yesterday showed she is in the moderate to severe range. So she will have a 15 minute carpal tunnel surgery. SOOOO the news is Adult coloring books aren't always for adults!!! LOL

  17. I'm not usually a waffler. I tend to make my mind up pretty quick.
    I think most people rush all the seasons. It doesn't bother me. I tend to enjoy each one but
    near the end of winter I am ready for spring!!
    Living up here I really feel like I'm living a vacation. : )
    I love to color and always have. Loving the new adult coloring books. Somehow that doesn't sound right. : )

  18. Your waffling situation sounds like a tough spot to be in. I do hope it works out for the best in the end.
    I haven't jumped on the coloring book bandwagon, but I can see how it could become addictive. Yours look very neat.

  19. Enjoyed your hodge podges. The coloring book looks like a good one. Coloring words of the Word will certainly imprint it in your mind.

  20. I hope you can find a good solution to your "waffling" dilemma, Vee. It's hard to please everyone and you have to do what's best for you.

    We had snow in the high country today--above 12,000 feet--so it's easy for me to think summer is coming to an end and autumn is coming quickly!

    Your glass pond image sounds so lovely! I was fortunate to see a beautiful glass like lake in Glacier NP last week, reflecting the mountains. It was breathtaking!

    I color with my granddaughter sometimes, in coloring books, but we both prefer free style watercolor painting ;)

  21. I always enjoy these questionnaires. I read through it yesterday and today, trying to think of how I would answer. Not there, yet. I think the person who wrote this, must live up north. Today we're not to get out of the 60's ~ already feeling like autumn. Leaves are turning and falling. We've had lots of rain this summer so the shorter days are telling the trees to prepare.

  22. I hope to get in a bonfire complete with s'mores soon! And a feed of lobster! I like your colouring book. I've never got on that hobby yet. Fall and the weather it brings can stay away for 6 more months for me! I like the colours and all but not the cooler weather and shorter days. The cycle of life goes on though doesn't it. Have a delightful day and weekend. Take care.

  23. I can sense fall in our early mornings and late evenings..It's much cooler here..rainy and I love it. I am hungry for a killer beef stew and a white cake with a real fudge icing...my mama could make the best and I am very lonely for her this cloudy day. Missing a mama turns one back into a little, tiny girl and I am very tiny today....needing sunshine, I suppose...so...think I'll go putter in my potted plants and eat some coffee ice cream.....love and hugs to you this day....xo

  24. Coloring is one of those activities you can do while your mind goes somewhere else, or nowhere at all, depending on the mood. Therapeutic for whatever's going on. Your coloring is lovely. ~ Abby

  25. Hi Vee,

    I really enjoyed reading this and seeing your answers to the questions!! Many of your answers were so similar to what I would say. I like the end-of-summer bucket list -- don't know if I would manage to do any of those this year. :)

    Thanks so much for your visit today and have a good weekend, my friend.

    Love and hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  26. I, too, pray that the decision you make will be guided by His grace and that the path is clear before you. Oh, it's so hard to do the "right" thing when it hurts someone either way.

    Hope you are able to have your ocean getaway...with rest for the body and soul. {{{hugs}}}

  27. Enjoyed reading your thoughts, Vee! May God bless you as you make your hard decision. It is quite unpleasant when there is no "good" decision, but a decision has to be made. The ocean getaway sounds like a very pleasant idea. And the geese on the pond scene sounds lovely. I smiled at your mention of Cheerios as your go-to meal. My family and I generally eat lunch/dinner together, and then for supper I almost always have a bowl of cereal. Usually I choose frosted shredded wheat. :)

  28. Oh your quote in #1, heard it all my life and it still runs through my head. Blessings on what needs to be done. The ocean!, I agree. I just live too far from any ocean, so I might do the lake. Your coloring is wonderful. I have two books and haven't done them as much as I thought I would. Blessings!!

  29. The geese on the pond sounds beautiful. I've enjoyed some coloring but the fact that I want it perfect puts a lot a pressure on me.


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