Friday, May 26, 2017

No Bundle of Laughs Here

Many of you know what a challenge the month of May has become for me. It feels like one loss after the next these days and if I thought that things would settle down soon I was wrong. The incessant clouds, rain, and cold perfectly matches the mood. Sometimes it's tough to remember the good things. Very.

🌷Tulips are gracing my mother's grave this Memorial Day. They were a precious gift from Rosella whom you can find HERE. She does a beautiful job of explaining the engineering behind these special flowers and the purpose for it. Hint: Does it look like a red maple leaf? ☺

My sister and I have decided that my father will be laid to rest beside my mother. It feels right. It is something that he told my sister that he wanted. That he told me he wanted something else is a moot issue since we would prefer to have him nearer to us. 

His obituary is in the newspapers today...always a surreal reading. I now sit in his chair and have many of his things around me...more weirdness.

If anyone is interested, I have added an interview done with my father back in 2008 as the featured post. I think it is quite interesting, especially on this Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday will mark the first anniversary of my husband John's passing. It has been a rugged year for me and for his family. Missing someone never really goes away. One gets on with life, but never over the loss. I hope to write about some of the things that I have learned about John this year that I did not know before. Perhaps I can make that insightful and happy reading, but you should know that I am feeling very blue these days indeed so I appreciate your prayers. 

And on that less than cheery note, you have a blessed and meaningful Memorial Day weekend. 🌷
My apologies, but I am keeping comments closed. How does one chat with such a person as myself in times like these? Better days are coming!