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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Life's a Beach Hodge Podge

1. The first day of summer rolls in later this week. What are ten things you'd put on your list of quintessential summer activities?

1. beach day at the ocean 
2. beach day at the lake 
3. day trip to the mountains 
4. day trip to the outlet stores 
5. day trip to anywhere 
6. ice cream 
7. picnics 
8. bbqs 
9. eating fresh produce 
10. picking berries 
11. I could go on... 

Will you try to manage all ten this summer?


2. Do you collect seashells when you're at the beach?


What do you do with them once you get them home?

Tuck them into vignettes, baskets, and planters

What's your favorite place to comb for seashells? 

 Reid State Park or Tenants Harbor, Maine

How many of these 'best beaches for hunting seashells' have you visited? 

Calvert Cliffs State Park (Maryland), Jeffrey's Bay (South Africa), Sanibel Island (Florida), Shipwreck Beach (Lanai Hawaii), Ocracoke Island (North Carolina), Galveston Island (Texas) and The Bahamas 


Which one would you most like to visit? 

Calvert Cliffs State Park (Maryland) because I have family and friends in Maryland.

3. At a snail's pace, shell out money, come out of your shell, go back into your shell, drop a bombshell, happy as a clam, clam up...which 'shell' phrase could most recently be applied to some event or circumstance in your life? Explain.

At a snail's pace because I am still moving slowly, but feeling better.

4. What summer activity do you dislike? Why? 

I dislike mowing the lawn because the lawnmower is temperamental and the lawn is uneven and sloped. Mercifully, it is also a postage stamp.

5. What's something you see as quickly becoming obsolete? 

Civility appears to be a thing of the past. 

Does that bother you? 


6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Something has been eating my rosebuds and when I find out what, woe be unto it!

You will find Joyce and participants right here.
Thank you for stopping by! 


  1. Good Morning, Vee. Your list of summer activities is a good one. I would love to pick fresh blueberries and make lemon/blueberry muffins. I also look forward to more peaches and watermelon. As a kid, my family would often drive to FL on vacation and I loved to collect seashells. Sorry about your rosebuds being eaten. Japanese beetles are munching on my plants right now. I hope you will have a very nice day.

  2. Loved your summer list, Vee! The shape of your list (as it is centered) reminds me of an ice cream cone in hand. See it?

    I forgot to add berry picking to my list, but it should definitely be on there.

    And I am SO with you on civility becoming obsolete. I didn't think of that one but it's a biggie.

    1. Yes, I did when you mentioned it, but I assure you with all my formatting issues on this post, I did not plan it that way. ๐Ÿค“

  3. I love your list. Sounds like an ideal summer to me : ) I agree with your answer to #5. It bothers me too. Enjoy your day!

  4. Enjoyed the Hodgepodge, Vee and hmm...something is eating our Hostras...

  5. Sounds like a nice summer list. I admire anyone who can raise roses. Hope you find the critter culprit!

  6. Sure looks like you have lots of fun things planned this summer! Have a great time doing them all!

  7. Loved your answers - as always Vee! You have a great summer list. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better too. Happy First Day of Summa'

  8. I would love to do all of the things on your summer list too! I have been shelling on Sanibel Island, Florida.

  9. I enjoyed your summer list and it reminded me that I didn't include picking berries on mine. Mom just informed the other day that it is looking like a bumper crop of blueberries coming this year!

  10. Sounds like some great summer adventures. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  11. Temperamental lawn mowers are not fun to work with for sure. I have some slops to deal with, too. I'm glad your back is getting better. I've totally missed out of shelling on the East Coast. Hope summer has started good for you.

  12. "Woe be unto it." LOL I do hope you get it!!
    Anything that destroys beauty deserves woes.

  13. Sounds like a nice list of things to do this summer! Wish I had a beach to visit that wasn't so far away. It's been many a year since I've seen one. A beach at the lake doesn't count. :) Happy to hear that you're feeling better!

  14. I enjoyed your list...but for some reason I am surprised you mow your own lawn! Out here almost NO ONE does. Not sure why. We did for several years and were one of the last to give in to a Gardner. We paid our oldest son to do it when he was 13...but by 17 he now longer had the time, lol, and we hired our first gardner. Now I can't imagine it, though a postage stamp describes our grass very well too. Might be smaller then that! Soo glad your back is better!

  15. Loved reading your answers Dear Vee. I have on my list for summer for sure some good old sweet watermelon to eat. I love it! And, a 7 day beach trip with my immediate family which we are a family of 12. Can't wait! So many things I would love to do but If I have the extra money then time is is the issue and vise versa. Hoping you have a good rest of your week. STAY COOL mowing that lawn. Oh, gotta tell you this. I put in to mow one time. My goal was to help my man as much as I could with the yard work. Well, I got real smart and decided to put my headphones on with my music playing and even had me a little water bottle strapped around my neck because I was going to be a Big dog mower and have the luxury with me. Girl, about twice around the yard and me caught up in my music my man stops me. He so sweetly said, Cindy, I love it that you want you to help me mow but I really need for you to put the blade down on the mower so it will actually CUT the grass! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. What a funny story! I'll be sure that the mower is down, but since I push it, I can't miss it!

  16. I have never had a beach day at the ocean! Of course living in Michigan you can't throw a rock without hitting a lake, but still, I would love to try the big pond. I love to mow, but our lawn is flat as a pancake and the riding mower makes it easy, in fact I should be mowing right now....:/
    Sadly, you are right about civility being a thing of the past. How I miss it!

  17. Your summer list sounds nice to me. I hope you will make plans to get to all of them. Rose culprits beware--Vee will get you! ♥

  18. I like your list! I could really enjoy summer if it just didn't get so hot! :)

    Hey, if you come to Maryland, I will come to meet you!! We can go to the ocean or to the outlets or shell hunting or anything your heart desires!

  19. I enjoyed your answers. I dislike mowing in the summer because eventually only the weeds grow and it's hard to know where I've mowed unlike the lush grass of spring. I hope you get to do your ten.

  20. Always enjoy your answers.
    I must admit I'm not much of a beach person except I do like to walk along the beach early in the morning when no one is around.

  21. I would tag along with you on most of your summer adventures...though I have no plans to visit an outlet mall this summer.

    We got a new lawn mower a few years ago, and I have not mowed the lawn since. I think it is now Elmer's job. Not that I mind the mowing...it's the 'bringing the mower over here from the farm and hauling the lawn grass back to the farm' part that I do not like! Hope your fun excursions are plentiful...and your lawn-mowing duties few and far between this summer!

  22. I would enjoy every single summer plan that you listed...well, except for maybe the outlet mall trip. I'm not much of an outlet shopper. I don't mind the heat and humidity much if I am able to get into the water. I have something eating my one and only rose bush too. Looks like it's time to powder it down. :(

  23. I'm right there with you on the beach days, icecream and fresh produce! They are definitely high on my list of summer favourites! I'm lucky to have a hubby who enjoys mowing. I look after all the gardening, both flowerbeds and veg. garden, and he does the grass.
    I don't know what would be eating off your rose buds. Deer? Hungry groundhog? I'll be anxious to hear if you figure it out...

  24. That's a great list. I hope you are able to check off every single thing. We're hoping for a few day trips too. With a sick doggy we won't be venturing too far from home this summer.
    Grrr to that rose bud snatcher. Hope you figure that out and soon.

  25. Hi Vee

    I wish I lived by the beach! When I do get to go, I love to collect sea shell!

    Your summer list sounds perfect, especially the ice cream and watermelon part... :0)

    Happy week-end!


  26. I have switched beach days for mountain days! It was hot in our area today--went up to 97 degrees so we headed up Mt Evens. at 14, 230 feet and it was 55 degrees up there--so delightful! There were lots of baby mountain goats and wildflowers. I was so happy!

    1. Wonderful, Pat! I live in the best of both worlds...almost halfway from the ocean and the White Mountains. They're not as tall as the Rockies, but they'll do. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When a friend from Oklahoma came to visit, she was not as thrilled with the ocean as she was with the mountains. Enjoy those jaunts!

  27. Summer lists are always exciting - and then when Summer's gone we wonder "why didn't I get to do all those things." I have picked up shells at Shipwreck Beach in Lanai, Hawaii- an amazing place - and of course at Ocracoke here in NC. Come Autumn we go to Carolina Beach - after Thanksgiving - and the shells are usually plentiful with the rougher ocean at that time of year.

    The mountains are beautiful - and last weekend we saw them at their best before the southern summertime heat starts to fry everything!

    Mary -

  28. It would be fun to shell seek with you. I ran into the Thrift store yesterday when I was out and about and bought a tee shirt from Maine. I guess I can wear it when we go to the beach! heehee! Hugs!

  29. I always love these because I learn things about my friends in blogland... don't quite know why I've never participated in one myself. Maybe I will... beaches for shells... the only one I have visited is Sanibel and it is indeed shell heaven. Sand dollars for days. I am not a huge beach person, and if I go at all I prefer the fall or late winter. Cool and no crowds.