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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tea Towels and Friendship

Thank you for the kind words regarding the sheet music yesterday. As you may imagine, I sat down to play many of those pieces and pulled a few right back out of the pile. Perhaps you'd  be surprised to know which ones. Only White Cliffs of Dover actually made me tear up, though Tennessee Waltz came close just because both my mother and grandmother played it often.  I'll get all Susan Branch-y on you and share this clip sung by Vera Lynn, which you can listen to while you read, if you'd like.

Why does it not just feel like nostalgia, but a longing even for today? One day...

Someone asked about my grandmother playing the piano. Yes, she was an accomplished pianist who took lessons for twelve years. The first six were with a piano teacher and then, when Nan went beyond her first piano teacher,  she was referred to a "maestro" for the final six years. I am told that she had her own weekly radio time in Moncton, NB, when the station was in danger of dead air back in the early days of radio. Fun memories. My mother also played the piano and I play a little. 

ッ ッ ッ

Happy mail, gotta love happy mail, and especially since this week I also booted a lot of tea towels and bath towels and facecloths. 

Deanna must have been paying attention to my kitchen with its blueberry mugs because she sent me this darling blueberry tea towel. It arrived just yesterday! (I used to have a blueberry themed kitchen; blueberries are my favorite berry; and I like the book Blueberries for Sal, too.)

Love this note with its "blueberry" ink. 

Thank you, Deanna! I love it!! (I love her more.) You can see where this story began at Creekside Cottage.

See you tomorrow with some questions about wildflowers. Brush up please. Ha!


  1. Morning, Vee. I enjoyed the video and learning more about your Nan. The tea towel was a thoughtful and pretty gift for your kitchen. Wishing you a nice day.

  2. Sorry I can't watch that video. I know it will have me crying too much. Such a sweet, longing kind of song. Loved all the Robert McCloskey books. Make Way for Ducklings, One Morning in Maine. The illustrations are wonderful. And what a sweet happy gift to come for you in the mail. xo

  3. Vee, I have always loved that song. To play the piano was a huge dream of mine. When my granddaughter started playing I was thrilled but she gave it up after 3 years. I love your tea towel and mug...so sweet. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. That is a beautiful song.
    The towel is very pretty!

  5. What a beautiful surprise to get such a nice gift in the mail. Beautiful. The towel is so bright and pretty. So sweet.

  6. Such a pretty tea towel. I'm partial to blueberries as we have a blue berry farmer in the family.
    And so nutritious!

  7. I love it with the mug! They are a perfect pair! I knew it belonged in your kitchen!

    I like some of these old songs. Such a hard time during the war years, the music though was great!

  8. Such a thoughtful and sweet surprise! Your new towel is very pretty. I remember the Tennessee Waltz and The White Cliffs of Dover. Love the old music of yesteryear.

  9. I don't remember hearing the song, "The White Cliffs of Dover" before. Such pleasantries!

    But I doubt we will see such peace and beauty this side of Heaven.

    Thank you for such a pleasant post!

    1. Perhaps long enough for another revival and a harvest? That would be wonderful.

  10. Popping over to meet you and your blog.
    I love the towel in your kitchen, it would make me happy to see it every time I came in!

  11. That towel is just darling! What a sweet gift to receive and so thoughtful! Hope you have a wonderful day!


  12. What a lovely tea towel! My mother had a small collection of blueberry items and she loved to go blueberry picking. People always thought of her when they saw blueberry things. I think there is a mug similar to yours in her collection.

    The song is beautiful ... a long time since I have heard it so it was lovely to see it with the photos. I have been reading Listening Valley by D.E. Stevenson and just the other night was reading about bombs dropped on London. The courage of the British was quite something.

  13. Awe...love the tea towel. Speaking of blueberries....I think I might just make a blueberry cobbler! Wish I could share with you a cup of tea. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. How thoughtful was Deanna to send to share one of her lovely towel trio with you! And it matches those mugs perfectly. It's nice that you kept those pieces of music...Tennessee Waltz was a favorite of my dad's and we girls sang it frequently accompanied by the brother's guitar and mandolin and Dad's harmonica. Sweet memories!

  15. Hi Vee, I enjoyed your post today. The tea towel is just precious; blueberries are my favorite berry, as well. I bought three pints at the farmer's market on Saturday. :) It was so sweet of Deanna to send you that towel -- so many thoughtful people in blogland.

    That's a pretty rendition of "White Cliffs of Dover." Even though it was before my time, I find all those World War II era songs to be so poignant.

    How wonderful that your grandmother and mom were such accomplished pianists! I took lessons growing up, and I loved playing. Everyone in Hal's family plays, and so does our son.

    Take care, my friend, and have a good day!

    Warm hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  16. Lovely blueberry towel and mug, Vee. The tea towel looks wonderful standing at the ready on your stove.
    What an accomplished grandmother you had. Quite the celebrity! "The White Cliffs of Dover" is a lovely tune that makes me long for world peace. ♥

  17. This is so sweet and special...Deanna is a real love.....I know this must have made you happy...love this in your kitchen....warm and inviting.

  18. Vee, I just posted blueberries, and now this - "great minds ..." and all that! Gorgeous towel and mug! I was so happy to learn about your long line of piano playing women - I don't play, but my mother did (a fact I didn't learn about until I was nearly 30).

  19. The blueberry tea towel looks right at home in your kitchen Vee, and a great compliment to your mug.
    My mother took piano lessons at the same time as me but only for a few years. I went on to complete enough to give me a high school credit and lessen my course load. My fingers are not wanting to tinkle the ivories much any more, too stiff. :-)

  20. A nice gift to come in the mail. How nice that you have the skills to play that sheet music. Come on over in late July/August and you can pick blueberries off my bush.

  21. I did play the song while I read both your post, and the comments... and I feel that very nostalgic feeling you mentioned... tomorrow! Beautiful blueberry towel and mug to match! So precious! What a neat story about your grandmother playing the piano in NB, was she Canadian? Have a lovely wonderful day my friend :)

  22. Oh, I loved the story of your Nan playing music on the radio and how accomplished she was. I am so happy that you plucked some of that sheet music from the discard pile. So wonderful that you can sit down and play these lovely songs! That is such a pretty towel to receive in the mail and it matches your pretty mug.

  23. Music is in your genes!

    Love the tea towel, I collect the oldies. Deanna is a wonderful friend for sending them.

    Have a great weekend, Vee.

    Jane x

  24. Playing the piano can provide great solace, I find. I don't do it enough, but perhaps I'll pull out the old music tomorrow. We picked several containers (small) of blueberries from our bushes today. They are such a wonderful fruit. The towel from Deanna is a wonderful gift from a friend.

  25. A happy package is so delightful . . . love from afar! The towel and mug seem to be made for each other. (Love Blueberries for Sal!)

    A friend of mine has some framed sheet music hanging in her living room and it is lovely and meaningful art. But even better to be able to play the old tunes. I never learned to play the piano, but I am thrilled to have a piano player in the house. She plays everything from hymns to classical to show tunes and I love it!

  26. Such a gift to be able to play the piano, all three of my daughters play and yet neither my husband or I do. Loved the tea towel and mug, such a wonderful pattern. Have a great weekend.

  27. Love your new tea towel. Hope you have a great weekend.

  28. Thanks for getting all Susan Branch-y! So glad you kept some of the sheet music! I love the mug and the towel your dear friend sent!

  29. Good morning dear Vee,

    I DO check in with you often, but leave sometimes without dropping my calling card.

    Love this and wish I could've sung the Tennessee Waltz with you. My Nonie Clarke and I used to sing it together. That song, and "You are My Sunshine," and "Mockingbird Hill" bring her up so clearly in my mind's eye.

    Sending love to my Maine friend,


  30. Oh how lovely! Happy mail can brighten a day can't it? What a sweet friend, and such a fun story about your grandmother!