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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Little Yammerings

Penny and I were having a little discussion about those beautiful tables of hers. When she shared the mosaic one that she had done with broken china, I remembered it well. Though it had been nearly a decade ago (Yes, some of us have been around for a while☺), I even remembered what I probably had commented all those years ago. She emailed to say Bingo. Ha! I knew it! Say, do you remember 
that beautiful table?

What's the point? Well, only this: I don't change much. You can see that in my featured post. I'm still a control freak; I'd still like to be able to control things that this world was never designed for some upstart human to control. I'd dispatch all this rainy weather for starters. There! I've said it again. Moving right along...

Glad that I had enough sense to cut flowers for the house because the wee garden is looking smashing this morning. No, really, smashed, smooshed, something. Did I say something about moving right along? That's another thing right there, I tend to get stuck on the same things over and over. I've been around the mountain so many times, it isn't funny. How anyone has put up with reading this blog all these years is beyond me. 

Let's get out of the tall grass, shall we? (One of John's favorite expressions.) 

I remembered something I wanted to put down for memory's sake. It is about the grands' visits last week. Jake arrived the second afternoon with his recorder in tow. I was trying to take photos with my iPhone...always tricky for me as I suffer with the dreaded syndrome  fat fingers

Let me set this up with a comment from Sam about recorders: No matter how well anyone plays a recorder, it never sounds good. He has a point.

~Jake plays the recorder~

This is very short, which is a good thing. You can see that I allowed my normally good Nonni nature to be tarnished. Remember: I have no clue that I am even recording or what's going on at all. They don't call me ditzy for nothing.

And I'll prove it again. When I attended Jake's baseball game last week, I found no parking. My back was acting up and I knew that I couldn't stand at the fence so I left and parked in the churchyard that sits above the ballfield. I had a wonderful "big picture" view, but I knew nothing beyond team colors of what was actually going on. Nevertheless, I determined to pay attention so I could chat with Jake about his game. 

The following late afternoon, the three of us were seated at a restaurant chatting when I mentioned that I had gone to the game. The grands were surprised because they had not seen me there. I asked the final score and heard the dismal news as reported a few posts ago. I said, "Jake, did you see that 
in-the-park homerun first thing? That was amazing!"

Jake's eyes narrowed and he wore the expression of what is this? a cruel joke? 

I kept yammering on just shoving that foot further in when Jake finally stopped me and said firmly: Of course, I saw that. I was the pitcher for the first three innings.

Never one to just shut up, I said, "Oh, well, I noticed that you stopped that runner at third base and scared him right back to base." 

Sam piped in with, "Doesn't matter. Third basemen aren't allowed to steal home anyway." 

Sometimes the truth just bites. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday! See you tomorrow for the Hodge Podge? Perhaps you'd like to check out the questions 


  1. You have me laughing at your comment to Jake as he plays his recorder!! :D (Sam's remark about recorders is on target.)

    You made a noble effort to attend the ball game. Sometimes we just can't win, can we?

  2. I've never been a big fan of recorder music either... have to agree with Sam!!
    Oh dear.. well, your comments WERE well intentioned.. it's true- sometimes ya just can't win...

  3. I am laughing silly here at the video, Vee. We have our limits and recorders grate on the nerves.
    Glad you bought in those pretty iris before the rain had its way with them. ♥

  4. Well I found this whole post most amusing! lol. The recorder music response is just classic, lol. And you did TRY to participate on the discussion of the game, lol. Somehow I can just hear the tone of his voice as he told you HE was the pitcher, lol. Gotta love it. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. Thanks for the mention Vee! You had me giggling this post.

  6. I love your yammerings and John's great old sayings. My kids tease me about mine. Your blog is a breath of fresh air! I've been following Penny since the beginning too and even made a mosaic table following her directions, although, mine was only a side table.

  7. My brother was famous for recording Christmas, birthdays, etc. and nobody knew it. We even sound "Southern" to ourselves on a recording!lol This was a cute post. My John loves ball and sometimes if I get up early, I try to "memorize" some news story about bb. It never really quite works for me either!

  8. Oh my gosh, HILARIOUS! You may not have known what you were doing, but it made for some good viewing.
    Penny's table is amazing!

  9. Very funny blog and don't we all need to smile. (Rhetorical question!)
    I'm so glad you got your flowers inside before they were destroyed. This is one of the first years in decades that my peonies lasted so long and we didn't have an enormous downpour to flatten their beauty.

  10. Oh yes...the days of the recorder...never shall I forget them. Back in the day when I was in school, it was called the "Flutophone". Did you play it too? Your seat at the ball game sounds like the seat I would have chosen too...my back and bleachers don't get along well :D

  11. Haha. Why is it we feel the need to hang in there to redeem ourselves?? Your post made me laugh. Probably too uncomfortably close to home. Anyway, got a kick out of this except for the rain. So sorry. We have puffy clouds after rain this morning and we've got very cool temps. I'm wearing a jacket in the house! Yes, I'll see you at the Hodgepodge tomorrow. Mine, as usual, is way too long and rambling.

  12. Oh Vee, it's hard to keep track of baseball so far away. I hope you never stop yammering. Love the "Let's get out of the tall grass, shall we?" Happy summer to you!

  13. The grands are smarter than we give them credit for and I too have had to eat crow on occasion. You may tell Jake that Miss Judith belonged to a recorder group and we played some mean music. Although it wasn't through school I was in grade school and forgotten about it until now. What a nerd, huh? lol
    As a gardener, I find John's phrase about the tall grass a wise and admirable one to use.
    The rain continues here; today a short burst, sun, another burst, sun....all day long.

  14. Bernie is laughing at the baseball story. Hoo boy.

  15. Aww - I love your little yammerings Vee. I also loved the Father's Day post you did about your dad. Such precious pictures! Your story about the ball game is hilarious. Love it.

  16. Well you certainly had me laughing along.

  17. Giggling, words of babes, lol. Sorry, Vee, had to giggle over the children and their snappiness, smiles...

  18. You certainly know more about baseball than I do. If I have to go to grandkids games some day they will need to be happy with the idea that I am there for them, there will be very little intelligent conversation about the game. The recorder video made me laugh, I had one and it sounded just like that! I'm amazed parents buy the things. Lol

    1. Yes, well, they are required to by the school for music class. It is still at my house for safekeeping as my daughter-in-law was quite sure that she didn't need the serenade.

  19. Such a cute video, Vee! Both my children played the recorder in school in second grade! Such fun memories!

    I loved watching my son play little league baseball as I'm a big baseball fan. Neither of my grandson's want to play baseball as yet --they like soccer and flag football

  20. Never will tire of your 'yammerings' dear Vee - keep 'em coming please!
    Recorders - oh my, guess we've all been through that phase in our kids/grandkids musical education!
    Often quite painful to the ear.
    Mary -